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RusAutoCon-2018 PROGRAMM

    ¹ Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Process Automation
    5245Mikhail Vasilyev, Ivan Vasilyev
    Design of Automatic Optimization Control of Methanol and Diethylene Glycol Recovery Units
    5246Mikhail Vasilyev, Ivan Vasilyev
    Energy-Saving Method of Fuzzy Control Combustion Process in Thermal Plants
    5269Volodymyr Sokolov, Oleg Krol, Oksana Stepanova
    Automatic Control System for Electrohydraulic Drive of Production Equipment
    5291Kyaw Myo Aung, Evgeni M. Portnov, Vitaliy V. Kokin
    Development of Theoretical Aspects of Training Systems Construction for the Basics of Management and Control over Distributed Power Facilities
    5292V.V. Lavrov, N.A. Spirin, I.A. Gurin
    Regression Testing of Information-Modeling Systems for Solving Technological Problems in Blast-Furnace Production
    5329G.N. Akhobadze
    Invariant Measurement of Deformation by Microwave Radiation
    5332Evgeny Krylov, Mikhail Kukhtik, Nadezhda Kozlovtseva
    Use of Thermoelectrical Phenomena for Hard-Alloy Cutting Plates Control in the Cutting Zone
    5334Evgeny Krylov, Natalia Fedorova, Nadezhda Kozlovtseva
    Development of Multicriteria Approach to Cutting Tools Selection for Automated Manufacturing Systems
    5358V.S. Shvidkiy, A.R. Fatkhutdinov, N.A. Spirin
    Automatic Control System Thermal Operation of Mine Fuel Furnace
    5365Alexandr Nagorny, Vladimir Nagorny, Victor Tisenko
    Improved-Accruacy Innovative Comensatory Flowmeters Of Variable Pressure Differential Applied In Oil & Gas Industry
    5369B.K. Chostkovskiy, V.N. Mitroshin
    System Approach to the Control and Monitoring Automation Problems in Communication Cables Production Processes
    5371V.V. Muller, V.N. Mitroshin
    Automatic System of Shape Weld Stabilization with Manual and Mechanized Argon-Arc Welding by Non-Consumable Electrode
    5387Vadim S. Tynchenko, Anton V. Milov, Alexander V. Murygin
    Automated Induction Heating System for Diffusion Welding
    5393V.P. Lapshin, I.A. Turkin, V.V. Khristoforova
    Synthesis of Electromechanical Position Control System by Means of Maximum Principle
    5442T.V. Zhertunova, E.S. Yanakova, L.G. Gagarina
    Adaptive Denoising Algorithm Based on Nonlocal Means in Image Processing
    5498Ksenia Gavarieva, Larisa Simonova
    Control of Technological Parameters of Precision Stamping Process Based on Fuzzy Logic
    5500Valeriia V. Tishkina, Aleksandr N. Pylkin, Aleksandr V. Kroshilin
    Application of Fuzzy Logic in Decision Support System for Analysis of Condition Enterprises
    5557Evgeniy Frolov, Dmitriy Krainev, Zhanna Tikhonova
    Cyber-Physical Machining Systems Based on Commercial CNC Equipment
    5560V.A. Hakulov, V.A. Shapovalov, M.V. Ignatov
    To Issue of Open-Pit Mining Robotization
    5562V.A. Hakulov, A.T. Karyakin, V.A .Shapovalov
    Automated System for Forming Quality of Ores at Stage of Mining
    5564A.A. Filimonova, E.P. Zatsepin, V.I. Zatsepina
    Multilevel Control of Power Consumption at Metallurgical Plants
    5565D.A. Shnayder, A.A. Filimonova, S.K. Panda
    Intelligent Distributed Monitoring and Control System for Lighting Networks Based on Smart Grid Concept
    5570Maria Kh. Artur, Yuliya E. Pleshivtseva
    Synthesis of Feed-Back System of Optimal Control for Numerical Model of Induction Heating Process of Steel Cylindrical Billets
    5577K.M. Vinogradov, V.D.Konstantinov
    Automation of Strip Preparation Section of Furnace Welding Tube Sets
    5588D.G. Privezentsev, A.L. Zhiznyakov
    Automated Information System for Quality Control of Products Using Fractal Signs of Images
    5595Vera Veber, Valery Dilman, Alexandr Veber
    Detection of Change Point in Process Signals by Cascade Classification
    5620Alan K. Alimuradov, Alexander Yu. Tychkov, Yuri S. Kvitka
    Automation of Empirical Mode Decomposition to Increase Efficiency of Speech Signal Processing
    5635Igor Krasilnikov, Ilya Putintsev
    Designing and Implementing Library Parallel Processing of Large Data
    5641Vera L. Kuleshova, Ekaterina V. Panfilova, Evgeniy P. Prohorov
    Automated Device for Vertical Deposition of Colloidal Opal Films
    5645Vladimir Belov, Daniil Abramov, Rushdie Ahmed
    Technological Prerequisites for Designing Automated Control System for Technological Process of Production of High-Strength Fine-Grained Concrete on Local Fibrous Basalt Wool Wastes
    5682Elena Ph. Jharko
    Towards Quality Assurance under Developing Safety Important Systems Software for Nuclear Power Plants
    5704Roman Pushko, Liliya Martinova, Svetlana Evstafieva
    Extending Functionality of Control System by Adding Engraving Capabilities
    5710Victor N. Meshcheryakov, Alexei M. Evseev, Evgeny E. Didenko
    Joint Ñontrol of Looper Electric Drive of Finishing Mill Group and Active Energy Filter
    5711A.V. Astafiev, D.G. Privezentsev
    Development of Automated Identification Technology Objects During Their Movement Along Not Typed Routes Using Multi-Code Labeling
    5712Roman E. Shilov, Oksana S. Logunova, Anatoly V. Lednov
    Methods and Algorithms for Segmentation of the Image in Control Flotation Process
    5733Svetlana V. Sidorova, Mikhail A. Pronin, Anastasia A. Isaeva
    Automated Unit for Control of Initial Stages of Metal Islands Thin Films and Nanostructures Growth
    5762Lev S. Kazarinov, Olga V. Kolesnikova, Anastasia D. Tsypkaikina
    Automated Control of Steelworks Power Plant Energy Efficiency
    5776Sergey Dmitriev, Andrey Daryenkov, Alexander Plekhov
    Generating Modular Electrical Power Plant Complex Control Using Renewable Energy Sources
    5854Maksim V. Bobyr, Marina Y. Luneva, Nolivos Sarmiento Cristian Alejandro
    Fuzzy Digital Filter Algorithm
    5881A.L. Rutkowski, I.I. Bolotaeva, M.A. Kovaleva
    Modeling of Static Modes of Mass Transfer Processes in Rotary Kilns of Drum Type
    5888M.S. Trofimova, A.Yu. Panov, S.V. Kuznetsov
    Automated System of Analysis of Reasons and Consequences of Defects of Mechanical Engineering Products
    5921Violetta Grigorenko, Viktoriya Mikshina, Nina Nazina
    Process Automation of Statistical Uncontrollability Prediction for Parameters of Dynamic Biomedical Systems
    5940Leonid L. Myagkov, Vladislav M. Sivachev
    Modeling of Subcooled Boiling Heat Transfer in Internal Combustion Engine Water Jacket
    5943Sergey Povorov, Ivan Semenov
    Method for Calculating of Cross-Sectional Dimensions of Sheet Blank at Intermediate Stages of Roller Forming Process
    6001Irina Cherunova, Salikh Tashpulatov, Alla Merkulova
    Development of Automation Algorithm for Step of Designing Technology of Static Electricity Protection Clothing
    6064Irina Cherunova, Salikh Tashpulatov, Svetlana Kolesnik
    Automation of Deformed Fibrous Materials Thermal Characteristics Accounting Process in Garments Production
    6134Yuri A. Shurygin
    Technologies of Organizational Energy Saving at Metallurgical Enterprises
    6246Yury Serdobintsev, Valery Shmelev, Alexey Makarov
    Technology of Enhanced Oil Recovery by Means of Electromagnetic Exposure on the Difficult Oil Reservoir
    6259Georgi Martinov, Ilya Kovalev, Akram Al Khoury
    Construction of a Specialized CNC System for Thread Grinding Machines
    6274Ramil A. Nezhmetdinov, Petr A. Nikishechkin, Anatolii N. Nikich
    Approach to the Construction of Logical Control Systems for Technological Equipment for the Implementation of Industry 4.0 Concept
    6463A.A. Radionov, S.N. Baskov, V.R. Gasiyarov, O.I. Karandayeva, R.R. Khramshin
    Designing Automated Control System for Profiled Slab Rolling on Plate Mill
    6465S.M. Andreev, B.N. Parsunkin
    Research of Work of Optimizing Control System of Process Conditions in Rolling Mills Reheating Furnaces
    Section 2. Modeling and Simulation
    5251A.M. Kabyshev, V.V. Khmara, M.P. Maslakov
    Developing and modeling the units of a pneumatic conveying system
    5288Vadim A. Zhmud, Lubomir V. Dimitrov, Aleksander V. Liapidevskiy
    Controlling of Second-Order Two-Channel Object with Delay
    5289Vadim A. Zhmud, Lubomir V. Dimitrov, Aleksander V. Liapidevskiy
    Controlling a Second-Oorder Multichannel Object of Dimension 3 ? 2 with Delay
    5294Vadim A. Zhmud, Lubomir V. Dimitrov,Wolfram Hardt, Hubert Roth
    Complex Issues in Regulator Designing
    5301M.A. Novoseltseva, S.G. Gutova, I.A. Kazakevich
    Structural and parametric identification of a multisinusoidal signal model by using continued fractions
    5327A.M. Shmyrin, N.M. Mishachev, E.P. Trofimov
    Neighborhood Systems Priority Identification and Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm
    5337Andrey V. Dologlonyan, Aleksandr N. Grekov
    Improving Autonomous Operation of Profiling Floats
    5354V.S. Merzlov, A.Ch. Khatagov, I.V. Kryzhanovskaya
    Modeling Electronic Processes in the Monotron Gap
    5377Vladislav V. Kukartsev, Andrei A. Boyko, Oleslav A. Antamoshkin
    The Simulation Model of Fixed Assets Reproduction of Mechanical Engineering Enterprises
    5379Oleg Yu. Maryasin, Andrey A. Ogarkhov, Anna S. Kolodkina
    Rule-based Hybrid Building Control System
    5398Ivan Martynovich, Artem Avdeev, Alexey Drobotov
    Magnetohydrodynamic Pump Work Simulation
    5399Ivan Goryunov, Mariya Muraeva
    Mathematical Modeling of In-turbine Isothermal Expansion in the Gas Turbine Engine
    5400Roman Voronov, Alex Moschevikin. Alexey Soloviev
    Algorithm for Smoothed Tracking in Underground Local Positioning System
    5409Ilia Beloglazov, Pavel Petrov, Sergey Martynov
    Application of Production Processes Control Algorithm Using Adaptive Control System
    5411A.V. Yamshchikov, V.A. Poplavskaya
    Imitating Dynamic Input-Output Model of Control Switched-Reluctance Motors
    5414D. Yerezhep, A.F. Minikaev, A.Yu. Baranov
    Numerical Analysis of Full Body Cryotherapy Efficiency with Cryochamber Design Modification
    5423Vladimir N. Krutikov, Oksana N. Indenko, Natalya S. Samoylenko
    Neuron Network Learning Algorithms Based on Small Samples
    5449F. Minikaev, D. Yerezhep, V.A. Pronin
    Using Computer Modeling Methods to Develop the Screw Single-Rotary Compressor Working Bodies Profiles
    5454Vladimir V. Samoylenko, Vladimir V. Fedorenko, Irina V. Samoylenko
    The Mathematical Simulation of Functional Reliability of Pipeline with Redundancy
    5455Vladimir V. Fedorenko, Irina V. Samoylenko, Vladimir V. Samoylenko
    Anti-Fading Method in Wireless Networks in Process Control
    5464Eugene V. Larkin, Alexander N. Privalov
    Relay-races with Rigid Schedules
    5470Nadezhda Davidyuk, Olga Vybornova, Yurij Gostyunin
    Improving Reliability of Electric Power Systems Based on Application of Risk Assessment Model
    5483V.P. Mochalov, N.Yu. Bratchenko, S.V. Yakovlev
    Analytical Model of Integration System for Program Components of Distributed Object Applications
    5486Irina Matveeva, Vitaly Kalmychkov, Anatolii Dorokhov
    Model Design of Quantum Logic Circuits Based on Reed-Muller Expressions
    5487Oleg Krol, Volodymyr Sokolov
    Modeling Carrier System Dynamics for Metal-cutting Machines
    5490Nikolai Korenevskii, Michail Artemenko, Ilya Dobrovollsky
    Synthesis of an Antecedent of the Productional Rule by Logical Neural Networks on a basis of Architecture Similar of Group Method of Data Handling
    5496T.A. Barbasova, Y.V. Lapteva, D.D.Salov
    Application of Recurrent Neural Network and Matrix Pencil Method in Predicting Blast Furnace Thermal State Indicators
    5512Vladimir Vorobiev, Rosa Fatkieva, Elena Evnevich
    Security Assessment of Robotic System with Inter-Machine Interaction
    5513V.P. Tanana
    Optimization of Methods for Solving Inverse Problems
    5514A.I. Sidikova
    Approximate Solution of Inverse Boundary Value Problem for Heat Conduction Equation
    5518A.A. Ershova, A.A. Ershov
    Error Estimate of Method Based on Generalized Residual Principle for Problem of Recovering Spectral Density of Crystals Title
    5521A.M. Shmyrin, A.G. Yartsev
    Effect of Number of Data Tuples on Results of Mixed Control of the Neighborhood Model
    5532Rudolf Neydorf, Viktor Polyakh, Ivan Chernogorov
    Creation of Mathematical Models of Fragmented Data Arrays Using "Cut-Glue" Approximation Method
    5537V.V. Lugovkin, V.A. Goltsev, S.Ya. Zhuravlev
    Simulation of Automatic Control System for Blast-Furnace Stove
    5542Olga M. Poleshchuk
    Creation of Linguistic Scales for Expert Evaluation of Parameters of Complex Objects Based on Semantic Scopes
    5555Andrei V. Ryabov, Ksenia V. Vasiuchkova, Natalya A. Manakova
    Numerical Investigation of Crystallization Process in One Phase-Field Model
    5566Vyacheslav Samoylov, Igor Vasilyuk
    Development of Speech Packet Flow Model in IEEE 802.11 Standard Radio Channel
    5568A.S. Semenov, V.M. Khubieva, Y.S. KharitonovMathematical Modeling of Static and Dynamic Modes DC Motors in Software Package MATLAB
    5603Alexey N. Vasilyev, Alexey A. Vasilyev
    Control of Parameters of Grain Drying Process in Dense Layer
    5612Vladimir E. Gvozdev, Darya V. Blinova, Dinara R. Akhmetova
    Statistical Analysis of Time of Establishing Steady Phases of Functioning of Complex Hardware-Software Systems
    5615Andrey S. Yatsun, Sergey F. Jatsun
    Investigation of Person`s Gait with Lower-Limb Exoskeleton
    5623Yuriy S. Sergeev, Victor M. Sandalov, Georgy E. Karpov
    Modeling of Switched Reluctance Electric Vibration Drive with Adaptive Control
    5626Leonid Belyaev, Ricardo Tellez, Aleksey Zhdanov
    Application of CAD/CFD-technologies to Predict Regions of Thrombus Formation in Pulsatile VAD Systems
    5638Kirill V. Cherkasov, Sergey A. Meshkov , Mstislav O. Makeev
    Application of Computer Statistical Experiment for Studying Resonant-Tunneling Diode Parameter Reproducibility Under Batch Production Conditions
    5642Olga V. Kolesnikova, Anastasia D. Tsypkaikina, Roman A. Prosoedov
    Method of Automation Control of Boiler Steam Temperature
    5644Pavel V. Saraev
    Mathematical Remodeling of Technological Processes Using Factor Space Partitioning
    5650Artem S. Khoroshev, Andrey A. Gummel’, Andrey S. Kosarev
    Estimating Possibility of Applying Magnetic Sensors in Advanced Probing System of Tunneling Shield
    5656Nikolay Goryachev, Nikolay Yurkov, Evgeniya Danilova
    Modelling Thermoshock Influence on Printed Units With Metal Ground
    5659Denis V. Batishchev, Ekaterina V. Khorosheva, Alexandr V. Batyukov
    Thermal State Analysis of Three-Column Disconnector-Switch of Railway Traction Power Network
    5660Viktor V. Medvedev, Vladimir S. Puzin, Irina A. Bolshenko
    Method of Linear Switched Reluctance Motor Control
    5673Aleksey A. Kabanov, Aleksandr N. Grekov, Oleg O. Babenko
    System of Flow Rate Measurements Correction Based on Inertial Navigation Means
    5675Sergey Malyukov, Alexandr Sayenko, Yulia Klunnikova
    Laser Annealing of Perovskite Solar Cells Thin Film Structure
    5678Ivan V. Vasyukov, Andrey V. Zhivodernikov, Denis A. Shchuchkin
    Component Models of Power Electronic Devices in Technical Systems
    5685Sergey Jatsun, Sergei Savin, Andrey Yatsun
    Harmonic Function-Based ZMP Trajectory Generation for Nonlinear Motion of Walking Robots
    5728Dmitry B. Borzov, Ilya I. Masyukov, Evgeny A. Titenko
    Methods of Critical Systems Reconfiguration
    5731V.V. Lugovkin, V.A. Goltsev, S.Ya. Zhuravlev
    Simulation of Automatic Control System for Blast-Furnace Stove
    5732V.V. Lugovkin, S.A. Ermakov, S.Ya. ZhuravlevComputer Simulation of Absorption Gas Cleaning
    5735Yu.S. Petrov, L.V. Rogachev, Yu.V. Sakhanskiy
    Generalized Mathematical Model of Electric Firing Circuits and its Analysis
    5752Alena Dereza
    About the Relational Tool of Technological Process for Checking Properties of Time Petri Model of Scale System with Parallelism
    5783Pavel Yu. Grachev, Aleksey S. Tabachinskiy
    Features of Innovative AC Generator Simulation for Autonomous Power Units
    5817N.V. Klinachev, N.Yu. Kuleva
    Control of Synchronous Motors with a Voltage Lower Than the Counter-EMF
    5836O.O. Pavlovskaya, S.V. Kondakov, A.G. Savinovskich
    Combined Ñontrol System of Wheeled and Caterpillar Vehicle’s movement
    5853Arkady Bozhko
    Theoretic-Lattice Approach To Computer Aided Generation of Assembly Units
    5890Alexander Cherpanov, Anton Kutsiy
    Modeling of Tractive Power Supply Systems for Heavy-Tonnage Trains Operation
    5905V.I. Zatsepina, E.P. Zatsepin, O.Ya. Shachnev
    Ensuring Effective Functioning of Compensating Device STATCOM in Metallurgical Enterprises
    5953Boris A. Gordeev, Sergei N. Okhulkov, Artem I. Ermolaev
    Hysteresis Damping Influence on Characteristics of Magneticoreological Hydromounts
    5962Mikhail Kharitonov
    Optimization of hierarchical structures of production technological processes subsystems
    5974Evgenii V. Kirillov, Galia A. Zakirova
    Numerical Solution of Spectral Problems for the Mathematical Model of Hydrodynamics
    5978Roman Klyuev, Igor Bosikov, Oksana Gavrina
    Development of Mathematical Model for Specific Power Consumption of Resistance Furnaces at Non-Ferrous Metallurgy Enterprises
    5993Valeriya Semenchukova, Yury Grishin, Nikolay Malastowski
    Mathematical Modeling of a Piston Engine Pneumatic Start
    5995Kamil A. Masalimov, Rustem A. Munasypov, Sergey I. Fecak, Yulia V. Idrisova
    Checking-Up Technical Condition of Mechatronic Metal-Cutting Machines Using Intelligent Technologies
    5998Konstantin Yurenko, Evgeniy Fandeev, Pavel Kharchenko
    Investigation of Optimal Train Movement Modes by Means of Simulation Modeling
    6085Veronika Zaporozhko, Denis Parfenov
    Automation of Controlling of Personalization of Learning in Cloud Educational Environment Based on Cluster Approach
    6093Alexander Voronin, Mikhail Kharitonov
    Model for Optimizing the Hierarchical Structure of Artificial Canals in Floodplain Areas
    6099Minzilia Sagadeeva
    On Mathematical Model of Optimal Dynamical Measurement in Presence of Multiplicative and Additive effects
    6110Alexander Galkin, Anton Sysoev
    Forming Set of Factor Values to Remodel Dynamic Objects
    6116Andrey Yatsun, Boris Lushnikov, Oksana Emelyanova
    Motion Control Automation in the Quadcopter Convertiplane in a Transient Mode
    6184Andrey N. Serov, Nikolay A. Serov, Petr K. Makarychev
    Application of Simulink Software for Simulation of Reactive Power Measurement by Integration and Differentiation Technique
    6260Rustam Gaynutdinov, Sergey Chermoshencev
    Virtual Testing of Electronic Systems Susceptibility by Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements
    6468Nikolay Lopatkin
    Computer Modeling of Three-Phase Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter with Nearest Vector Selecting Space Vector Control
    Section 3. Control Theory
    5302Evgeniy A. Kanashev, Elena V. Rozhko
    Experimental Research of Gas Turbine Unit Control Systems Using Simulation Model
    5355Vladislav Rybinskii, Jens Ladisch, Nikolay Zhivotnev
    Sampled-Data Control System Optimization for Linear Periodic Continuous Object by Guaranteed Accuracy Criterion
    5389E. Rosenwasser, T. Jeinsch, W. Drewelow
    Modal Control and Stabilization of Linear Periodic Object with Low Frequency Pulse Controller
    5457Alexander Guda, Marianna Polyakova, Sergey Sokolov
    Application of Acyclic Precise Measurements to the Solution of the Problem of Adaptive Nonlinear Kalman’s Filtration
    5458B. Skorohod
    Finite Impulse Response Filters for State Estimation With Not Completely Known Statistical Information
    5469Bogdan Y. Vasilev, Le Van Tung, Daysons Ilukena
    Research on the Switching Algorithm of Voltage Vectors in the Direct Torque Control System
    5515Veniamin F. Samoseiko, Igor V. Belousov, Aleksandr V. Saushev
    Optimized Single-Phase Pulse-Width Modulation
    5523M.S. Selezneva, K.A. Neusypin, A.V. Babichenko
    Modification of Non-Linear Kalman Filter in Correction Scheme of Navigational Systems of Carrier-Based Aircraft
    5576M.Yu. Petushkov, D.V. Shcherbina, O.S. Belousov, A.S. Sarvarov
    Soft Start of Asynchronous Drives and Problems of It’s Implementation
    5587O.D. Lyantsev, A.I. Abdulnagimov, A.V. Kazantsev
    Method for Identification of Gas Turbine Engine Starting Process
    5600Sergey Gayvoronskiy, Tatiana Ezangina, Ivan Khozhaev
    Modeling Stabilization System of Underwater Charging Station in Conditions of Sea Osñillation
    5610A.K. Takmazian, A.B. Shabunin, V.G. Matyukhin
    Solution of Locomotive Assignment Problem by Network Flow Approach
    5643Natalia Mamedova, Natalia Dneprovskaya
    Enterprise Investments for Transition from Automation to Digitization
    5956Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov
    Emergency Control in Power Supply Systems With Distributed Generation Plants
    5969Natalia A. Manakova, Olga V. Gavrilova
    Numerical Study of the Process of Optimizing the Propagation of a Nerve Impulse in a Membrane for a Three-Component Model
    6049Anna Guseva, Matvey Koptelov, Dmitriy Kovtun
    The Use of Automated Systems for Economic Analysis of NPP Construction Projects in Light of Risk Impact Assessment
    6070Vladimir L. Kodkin, Alexandr S. Anikin, Alexandr A. Baldenkov
    Families of Frequency Characteristics, as a Basis for the Identification of Asynchronous Electric Drives
    6080Kirill Chernyshov
    Identification of Stochastic MIMO Systems:Statistical Linearization and Anisotropic Norm based on Hellinger-Tsallis Divergence
    6092Ivan A. Radionov, Alexey S. Mushenko
    Estimation of Components of Rotor Flux Linkage Vector for Asynchronous Electric Drive
    6163I.E. Kaspirovich, R.G. Mukharlyamov
    Constraint Stabilization Application to Chaplygin Systems
    6173Tagir Z. Muslimov, Rustem A. Munasypov
    UAV Formation Flight Using Non-uniform Vector Field and Fuzzy Self-tuning PD-control
    6466Jing Tao, Stanislav S. Voronin
    Mechatronic Sorting System for Mechanical Products Based on Machine Vision
    Section 4. Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things
    5386Nelly Sedova, Viktor Sedov, Ruslan Bazhenov
    Neural Networks and Fuzzy Sets Theory for Computer Modeling of Ship Collision Avoidance in Heavy Traffic Zone
    5516Vladimir O. Tyrva, Aleksander V. Saushev, Olga V. Shergina
    Automation Elements of Mental Activity and Actions of Human Operator in Ergatic System “Man-Machine”
    5572Ivan Lipko
    Forecasting of Catamaran Roll Threshold Exceeding
    5580Damir A. Murzagulov, Alexander V. Zyamatin, Pavel M. Ostrast
    Àpproach To Detection Of Anomalies Of Process Signals Using Classification And Wavelet Transforms
    5596Sergey Gavrin, Damir Murzagulov, Alexander Zamyatin
    Detection of Change Point in Process Signals by Cascade Classification
    5613Yelena Belova, Irina Mashkina
    Research Results of Artificial Neural Network for User Authentication According to Frequency of Forth Formant of Vowel Sound Phoneme
    5627Ilya V. Germashev, Tatyana P. Mashihina, Vyacheslav E. Derbisher
    Analysis of Fuzzy Data for Polymer Production Quality Management
    5633Sergey V. Skvortsov, Tatiana A. Fetisova, Dmitry V. Fetisov
    Development and Reseach of Parallel Data Search Algorithms for Intelligent Automated Systems
    5665Alexandr A. Burmaka, Olga V. Shatalova, Evgeny N. Korovin
    Impedance Models in AnomalousElectrical Conduction Zones Forming by In-Vivo Experiments for Intelligent Systemsof Socially Important Diseases Diagnostic
    5688Sergei Savin
    Neural Network-Based Reaction Estimator for Walking Robots
    5719Maxim Dli, Olga Bulygina, Pavel Kozlov
    Development of Multimethod Approach to Rubrication of Unstructed Electronic Text Documents in Various Conditions
    5739Tatiana Batura, Elena Bruches
    Combined Approach to Problem of Part-of-Speech Homonymy Resolution in Russian Texts
    5955Petr Smirnov, Daniil Mikhalchenko, Dmitrii Malov
    Neural Network Based Approach to Positioning Task for the End-effector of a Four-joint Manipulator
    5996Yuriy Serdobintsev, Aleksey Makarov, Mikhail Kukhtik
    Automated Decision Support System for Packaging Equipment Selection
    6068Dmitrii Malov, Alexander Edemskii, Anton Saveliev
    Proactive Localization System as a Part of a Cyber-Physical Smart Environment
    Section 5. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    5410R.G. Zakirov, V.G. Nekrutov
    Increasing Flexibility of Automated Hopper Loaders
    5499Andrey B. Semenov
    Cable Design with Extended Range for Use in Flexible Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
    Section 6. Industrial Robotics and Mechatronic Systems
    5351Yu. P. Serdobintsev, A.K. Ivanyuk, V. I. Karlov
    Technical Support for Adaptive-Wheel Movers Simulation in Mobile Robotic Off-Road Capability Systems
    5439A. Klimchik, A. Pashkevich, D. Chablat
    Stiffness analysis of parallel manipulator NaVaRo with dual actuation modes
    5489S.L. Podvalny, E.M. Vasiljev
    Synergetic Control of UAV on the Basis of Multi-Alternative Principles
    5511Alexander Babin, Alexey Rodichev, Valentin Tyurin
    Numerical and Experimental Studies of Axial Stability of Rotors on Thrust Fluid-Film Bearings with Active Control
    5534Anton I. Glushchenko, Vladislav A. Petrov, Konstantin A. Lastochkin
    On Development of Neural Network Controller with Online Training to Control Two-Wheeled Balancing Robot
    5721Fedor V. Grechnikov, Andrei V. Kochetkov, Oleg V. Zakharov
    Mathematical Model for Touching of Spherical Probe and Complex Measured Surface at CMMs
    5946Oleg Fedotov, Alexey Zhdanov, Valentin Morozov
    Experimental Determination of Kinematic Error for Actuators with Roller-Screw Mechanism
    6022Bulat Enikeev, Oleg Akmaev, Rinat Kudoyarov
    Experimental Stiffness Analyses of a 3-DOF Parallel Kinematics Machine-tool
    6132Tatiyana Funk, Nikita Savosteenko, Tatiyana Kazantseva
    Mechatronic System of Single-Column Lift with Improved Accuracy of Positioning and Smoothness of Freight Movement
    6171Fedor V. Grechnikov, Andrei V. Kochetkov, Oleg V. Zakharov
    The Minimax Principle for Estimating the Shape Error in the Measurement of Complex Surfaces
    6467Oleg Khasanov, Zimfir Khasanov
    Self-adapting Control System of Robotechnical Complex of Plasma Coating
    Section 7. Computer Vision
    5361Naing Linn Aung, Victor D. Koldaev
    The Algorithm of Stitching Aerial Images Frames in Video Surveillance Systems
    5384Zaw Win Htet, Victor D. Koldaev
    Computing Images Invariant Characteristics with Chain Coding
    5388V.N. Loginov, K.A. Shchipanov, V.V. Lavrov
    Modern Algorithms of Machine Recognition of Graphic Objects for Image Processing System
    5408Mikhail V. Kharinov, Anton N. Buslavsky
    Object Hierarchy in a Digital Image
    5413Alexey V. Kozov, Tamara M. Volosatova, Andrey Y. Vukolov
    Structural Obstacle Recognition Method and Its Application in Elevated Terrain Objects Search
    5583M.V. Bobyr, A.S. Yakushev, S.A. Kulabukhov, A.E. Arkhipov
    System of Stereovision Based on Fuzzy-Logical Method of Constructing Depth Map
    5608Iurii E. Shishkin, Aleksandr N. Grekov
    Analysis of Image Clusterization Methods for Oceanographical Equipment
    5636Aleksandr N. Kolesenkov, Dmitry V. Fetisov, Tatiana A. Fetisova
    Automatic Scaling Method of Aerospace Images Using Spectral Transformation
    5818Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Abramenkov
    Effective Approach to Calculate Reprojection Error for Motion Estimation
    Section 8. Industrial Automation Systems Cybersecurity
    5575Igor V. Kotenko, Igor B. Parashchuk
    Formation of Indicators for Assessing Technical Reliability of Information Security Systems
    5619Alexey V. Korzhakov, Valery E. Korzhakov, Svetlana A. Korzhakova
    Automatization of Geotermal Water Acoustic and Magnetic Treatment Process in Hydroponic Greenhouse Heating System
    5754Alexey Poletykin
    Cyber Security Risk Assessment Method for SCADA of Industrial Control Systems
    5758Andrey Kalashnikov, Ekaterina Sakrutina
    Towards Risk Potential of Significant Plants of Critical Information Infrastructure
    5797Polina Repp
    Theoretical Aspects of Cyber-atack Modeling
    5798Irina Mashkina, Ildar Garipov
    Development of Protection for Object Model – Industrial Control System Based on System Analysis
    5799Irina Mashkina, Ildar Garipov
    Threats Modeling and Quantitative Risk Analysis in Industrial Control Systems
    6088Viacheslav Belenko, Valery Chernenko, Maxim Kalinin, Vasiliy Krundyshev
    Evaluation Of GAN Applicability for Intrusion Detection in Self-Organizing Networks of Cyber Physical Systems
    Section 9. Diagnostics and Reliability of Automatic Control Systems
    5282K.A. Neusypin, T.Yu. Tsibizova, M.S. Selezneva
    Diagnostics Algorithms for Flight Vehicles Navigation Complex
    5303A.I. Nekrasov, A.A. Nekrasov
    Method for Definition of Required Spare Components Set to Maintain Electric Equipment for Rural Applications
    5423Valerii V. Kho?roshev, Dmitrii V. Efanov, German V. Osadchii
    Ways of Developing Periodical and Continuous Monitoring Means for Automatic Devices on Marshaling Yards
    5425A.S. Volosnikov, E.V. Yurasova
    RTD Error Correction in the Diagnostics of its Parameters State
    5465A.Yu. Tychkov, A.K. Alimuradov, N.V. Goryachev
    Multi-neural Interface as an Automated Device for Recording Medical Signals
    5614Konstantin V. Maskevich, Rinat Sh. Misbakhov, Oleg G. Morozov
    Fiber Optic Technologies for Diagnostic Monitoring of Digital Energy Grids Based on «Smart Grids Plus» Concept
    5616Elena N. Desyatirikova, Liudmila V. Chernenkaya, Vladimir E. Mager
    Method of Calculating A Priori Reliability of Elements of Complex System
    5666Mstislav Makeev, Vladimir Sinyakin, Sergey Meshkov
    Reliability Prediction of Radio Frequency Identification Passive Tags Power Supply Systems Based on A3B5 Resonant-Tunneling Diodes
    5698Ivan V. Bryakin, Igor V. Bochkarev, Vadim R. Khramshin
    Power Cables Quality Diagnostics
    5748V.N. Efanov, S.V. Zhernakov, N.S. Ivanova
    Intelligent Technology of Decision-Making Support in Problem of Assessment of Technical Condition with Use of Causal Cognitive Maps
    5804Mikhail Makarov, Anton Kuryshov
    Method of Controlling and Correcting Variations in Parameters of Elements of Neural Network Decision-Making Components within Robotics Systems
    5825D.I. Popov, A.V. Gapochkin
    Development of Algorithm for Control and Correction of Errors of Digital Signals, Represented in System of Residual Classes
    5914Alexandr Bespalov, Irina Prikhodko
    Diagnostics of States of Technical Systems
    6079Vladimir Gvozdev, Liliya Chernyakhovskaya, Aliya Davlieva
    Decision Support in Management of Hardware-Software Complex Functional Safety on the Basis of Ontological Engineering
    6255T.A. Kuznetsova, V.G. Avgustinovich
    Automatic Control System of Low-Emission Combustion Chamber Based on Neural Network Emission Model
    6464Alexander S. Karandaev, Vladimir I. Panferov, Igor M. Yachikov, Ekaterina A. Khramshina, Rifkhat R. Khramshin
    Application of the Method for Identification of Developing Defects in a High-Voltage Transformer