The List of Accepted Reports
(on 12 Aug 2022)

Authors Name, Paper Title
Chapter 1. Process Automation
10207L.A. Khaliullina, I.I. Bikmullina
A Way of Exploring the Real World Using Virtuality with the Example of Creating Animation in the Unity Environment
11194L. Martinova, G. Martinov
An Approach to The Implementation of the Machine Safety Function Using an Integrated in the CNC System Softplc and an External Safety Controller Made According to the SoftPlC
11216S.A. Mantserov, L.O. Fedosova, L. S. Lomakina
Classification of States of Multidimensional Objects Using a Soft Calculations Model
11247N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova, E.L. Gimalov
Development of an Automated Medical Information System for the Analysis of Fluorograms
11271S. Podvalny, A. Kaltyrina, E. Vasiljev
Robust Sway Prevention of Suspended Loads
11278A.S. Semenov, Yu.A. Podkamenniy, Yu.V. Bebikhov
Automation of Crude Oil Distillation in a Rectification Column
11289S.V. Razumnikov
Mathematical and Software for Building the Rating of the Largest Iaas Suppliers by the Threshold Aggregation Method
11292Yu.N. Bulatov, E.K. Shumansky
Multiagent Voltage Control System in Mains with Small-Scale Distributed Generation Plants
11360A.A. Belov, A.A. Kolpakov, A.Y. Proskuryakov
Methods for Minimizing Computational Costs in Monitoring and Loud-Speaking Notification Systems
11406D. Suslov, G. Pikina
The Influence of the Object Model Choice on the Automatic Control System Efficiency
11423A. Valeev, B. Kharrasov, R. Karimov
Locating a Defect in a Rotary Machine Using Analysis of Signal Phase Spectrums at Specified Points
11469G. Martinov, R. Pushkov, S. Evstafieva
Collecting Data from Variable Kinematic Machine Tools with OPC UA Protocol
11502A. Kabirova, I. Kulagin, L. Emaletdinova
Development and Software Implementation of the Design Documentation Verification Model Based on Association Rules
11516P.A. Nikishechkin, A.A. Akimov
Control and Remote Monitoring of a CNC Lathe Using a Software-Based Controller
11523G. Martinov, L. Martinova, A. Nikich
Allocation of Network Levels and Organization of Data Transmission in the Workshop Information Space of Digital Production
11554A. Lorens, G. Petukhov, I. Romanova
FPGA-Based Asynchronous Remote Laboratory for Online Learning
11559D.Yu. Stepanov
The Theory of Corporate Information Systems
11563E. Jharko
Critical Information Infrastructure Objects: Operator Support Systems
11576J.P. Perova, D.O. Zhukov, V.N. Kalinin
Modeling the Dynamics of User`S Mood Based on the Fokker-Planck Equation and Changes in the Parameters of Network Graphs of Their Comments
11590S.I. Timakov, Yu.V. Frantzuzova, A.V. Demidova
Algorithm for Selecting a Priority Task When Planning the Movement of an Autonomous Transport Platform
11601I.S. Anureev, V.E. Zyubin, N.O. Garanina, S.M. Staroletov
Developing Distributed Control Software with the Reflex Language: Bottle-filling System Case Study
11606K. Aksyonov, P. Ziomkovskaya, E. Aksyonova
Development of a Chatbot for the Subject Area Train Schedule for Telegram
11609S.N. Medvedev, O.P. Aksyonova, E.K. Aksyonova
Using an Information System for Distributing Orders at an Industrial Enterprise for Efficient Capacity Utilization
11637D. Gryazin, O. Belova
The Method for Estimating the Dynamic Error of Sensors and Modules under Their Operating Conditions and Its Application
11639A.A. Ukhanova, J.V. Frantsuzova
Development of a Decision Support System for the Diagnosis of Clinical Diseases
11644L. Tuktamysheva, I. Kovalev, R. Nezmetdinov
Development of Methods for Analyzing the Process of Operator Training When Working with a CNC System Using Components of Analytical Systems
11667E. Sosnina, A. Shalukho, N. Erdili
Multi-agent Control of Distributed Generation Sources Based on the Environmental Friendliness Rating
33021A.A. Berestinov, D.V. Korobatov, A.Z. Kulganatov
Monitoring of Parameters of Power Plants Based on Renewable Energy Sources
41044G. Pipiay, L. Chernenkaya
Modern Methods of Searching for the Optimal Assessment of Product Quality
70007E. Muravyova, A. Nikolaeva
Development of a Neural Network for Controlling the Polymerization of Isoprene in an Isopentane Solution Using a Virtual Analyzer
Chapter 2. Modeling and Simulation
11244O.V. Zakharov, A.S. Yakovishin, A.V. Zhukov
Robustness Analysis of Gaussian Filters for Surface Texture of Additive Manufacturing Products
11248Oleg V. Zakharov, Konstantin G. Pugin, Ludmila V. Seliverstova
Mathematical Model of Cylindrical Parts Assembly using Digital Twins
11272V. A. Gerasimov, M. G. Nuriev, D. A. Gashigullin
The Fiber-Optic Communication System in the Enterprise
11287S.V. Razumnikov
Model for Determining the Cloud Computing Services Vulnerability Level
11320Y.K. Starostina
Energy Effective Protection Circuits of the Start-Up Device Against Switching Overvoltage
11330I. Vasyukov, A. Pavlenko, D. Shchuchkin
Component Model of a Switch Mode Power Supply Transformer with Magnetic Hysteresis Taken into Account
11334A. Konoplin, N. Krasavin
Automatic Speed Control System for Manipulator Mounted on Underwater Vehicle
11338S. Sokolov, A. Sukhanov, M. Polyakova
High-Precision Navigation on Analytical Trajectories Using Strapdown Inertial-Satellite Navigation System
11353S. Oskin, A. Kuzneсov, N. Koneva
Simplex Method of Realization of Optimization Problem of Linear Programming
11361N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, Yu. Samofalov
The Impact of Cloudy Weather on the Operation of Photovoltaic Power Plant in the Northern Part of the Russian Far East
11362V.S. Bykova, A.I. Mashoshin
Simulation of the Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Control System
11364M. Khachumov, V. Khachumov
Optimization Models of UAV Route Planning For Forest Fire Monitoring
11379V. Vakhnina, A. Chernenko, D. Kretov
Modeling the Operation of the Synchronous Generator of an Autonomous Electric Power System During the Test Input of Quasi-Direct Current
11383N. Vetrova, A. Filyaev, K. Pchelintsev
A Neural Network Model for Simulation the Electrical Characteristics of Heterostructural Nanodevices Accounting the Technology Process Instabilities
11389A. Vasin, A. Kocherov, P. Anisimov
Selection and Optimization of Main Components and Parameters of Secondary Power Supplies for Intelligent Vehicles
11394S. Efimov, O. Emelyanova, S. Jatsun
Simulation of the Interaction of a Flapping Wing With Air
11409Yu.V. Bebikhov, D.V. Kazazaeva, I.A. Yakushev
Designing and Developing Mathematical Models for the Electric Power Systems of Industrial Companies
11415K.A. Palaguta, N.V. Grunenkov, E.V. Pikalov
Simulation of Joint Operation of Subsystems for Stabilizing the Oscillation Amplitude and Ensuring the Resonant Mode of Installation for Carrying out Fatigue Vibration Tests of Gas Turbine Engine Blades
11426S. Gaponenko
Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Various Defects on the Parameters of Natural Vibrations of the Pipeline under Operating Conditions
11435A.F. Fatullaev, E.R. Rzaev, A.Yu. Romanov
Usage of Clustering of Paley Graphs in Polar Coordinates for the Development of New Network on Chip Topologies
11461I.P. Balabanov, V.D. Mogilevets, A.A. Shabaev
Influence of Natural Vibration Frequencies in the Analysis on Vibration Resistance of Steel Supporting Parts of a Car
11468V.O. Groppen, A.A. Berko
Analysis of the Effectiveness of a New Composite Method Joining Features of Implicit and Modular Enumeration Algorithms
11485N.N. Labah, A.S. Saryan, A.N. Guda
Modeling of Complex Transport Processes Taking Into Account the Phenomenon of Hysteresis
11497P. Trefilov
Synthesis of Algorithms for Complex Information Processing of Inertial Navigation System for UV Control in Smart City Model
11547A. Anikeev, I. Chumanov, V. Sedukhin
Analysis of various Aspects in Metals Creation with Given Microheterogeneity Degree
11549M.O. Tanygin, M.A. Efremov, E.A. Tanyginа
The Model of Parallel Processing of Messages Buffered in the Shared Memory
11579A. Kryukov, A. Cherepanov, N.K. Khieu
Reducing Asymmetry and Harmonic Distortion at Substations Connected to 25 kV Power Lines Using Rails As a Live Part
11588A.K. Myo, E.M. Portnov, A.M. Bain
Development of Methods for Dispatching User Renewable Threads in Multi-core Systems
11615E. Goltsov, N. Kostarev, N. Trufanova
Modeling of the Heat and Mass Transfer Process in Assessing the Thermal Effect when Processing an Oil Well with a Hot Coolant through Hollow Rods
11618D. Larionov, R. Voronov
Combinatorial Approach for the Access Points Map Correcting in the Mines Positioning Systems
11628V.P. Mochalov, I.S. Palkanov, G.I. Linets
A Load Balancing Method for a Data Center Computing Cluster
11629V.P. Mochalov, N.Yu. Bratchenko, G.I. Linets
A Dynamic Load Balancing Method for Data Centers with Fractal Properties of Network Traffic
11654K. Aksyonov, A. Antonova, O. Aksyonova
A Method for Planning the Supply of Petroleum Products to Filling Stations Based on Multi-Agent Resource Conversion Processes
11661Yu.N. Slesarev, A.A. Vorontsov
On the Issue of Studying the Output Signal Amplifier in Magnetostrictive Linear and Angular Displacement Transducers
11678A.Ya. Krasinskiy
On the Possibility of Different Accuracy of Mathematical Modeling of a Mechanical Component and a Control Loop in Mechatronic Systems with Electric Drives
11695O. Filipovich, M. Maistrishin, V. Filipovich
Model of Information-Control System Used for One-Parameter Selective Assembly of Three Elements
11705A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, I.G. Gilemov, S.A. Linkov
Development of a Comprehensive Simulation Model of the Power Supply and Drive System Based on AFE-FC for Power Quality Research
41051M. Derevyanov, Yu. Pleshivtseva, A. Afinogentov
Multi-Factorial Analysis of Environmental Safety and Optimization of Oily Waste Recycling System
46058A.I. Martyshkin, R.A. Biktashev
Research and Analysis of Computing Cluster Configuration Management Systems
46059A.I. Martyshkin
The Possibility of Using the Any Logic Simulation System in the Study of Models of Embedded Reconfigurable Computing Systems Based on Queuing Theory
46061А.N. Varnavsky
Agent-Based Model Assessing the Quality of the Cyber-Physical System
46062V. Pupin, D. Safonov, O. Fedorov
Mathematical Modeling and Research of Ways to Reduce the Load Factor of the 110/6 Kv Main Substation
70003S.V. Oskin, Z.H. Naguchev, D.M. Taranov
Investigation of the Temperature Condition of Electric Motors Using the Comsol Package
70008O. Safaryan, I. Alferova
Background and Theoretical Foundations Increasing the Stability of The Signal Frequency in Radio Engineering Systems
Chapter 3. Control Theory
11259A.V. Lapin, N.E. Zubov
Autonomous Stabilization of a Spacecraft Orbital Orientation at the Lack of Angular Velocity Measurements
11260N. T. Pesoshina, J. I. Yoqubjonov
The Voice Control System Implementation
11263S.V. Astanin, N.K. Zhukovskaya
Definition of the Nested Metagraph
11273Y. Hu, K.A. Neusypin, K. Shen
Quantifying Controllability for Nonlinear State-Dependent Riccati Equation Control
11280E. L. Eremin, L. V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
Adaptive Repetitive Control of Nonlinear Undefined Plant with Input Saturation and Delay
11305N. Karabutov
Identifiability and Detectability of Lyapunov Exponents
11308J. Zheng, M.S. Selezneva
Asymptotic Adaptive Roll Tracking Control for Single Moving-mass Controlled Reentry Vehicle
11317K. Chernyshov
Identification of Systems Based on Minimax Entropy-Information Criteria
11351R. Zhilov
Application of the Neural Network Approach when Tuning the PID Controller
11354A. Sobol, S. Gayvoronskiy, T. Ezangina
Maximum Stability Controller Synthesis for a System with an Interval Characteristic Polynomial Using Critical Root Diagrams
11357A. I. Andriyanov
Investigating the Frequency Characteristics of Pulse-Width DC/DC Converters with the Target-Oriented Control
11363I. Zaitceva, N.V. Kuznetsov, B. Andrievsky
Random Search Optimization Approach for Human-Robot Systems Modeling
11375J. Yi, M.S. Selezneva, K.A. Neusypin
Lidar Odometry and Mapping Optimized by the Theory of Functional Systems in the Parking Lot
11395A.Yu. Kustov, A.V. Yurchenkov
On the Relation between Anisotropy-based Theory and Covariance Control Theory
11524Yu. Danik, M. Dmitriev
Pad? Approximations and the SDRE Technique in the Design of Parametric Families of Feedback Laws
11543V.N. Trofimenko
Аlgorithm for a Dynamic Object State Estimation From Indirect Observa-tions
11613A.A. Kabanov
Modified SDRE Method for Finite-time Nonlinear Optimal Control Problem
11634D. Lusenko
Waste Heat Boiler Control System Based on Neural network Technology and Fuzzy Logic
11699A.B. Filimonov, N.B. Filimonov
Numerical Solution of Linear Time-Optimal Control Problem Using of Genetic Algorithm
41047G.V. Redreev, V.D. Chervenchuk, P.V. Kiyko
Modeling and Study of Maintenance Service System
Chapter 4. Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things
11250A. Zaenchkovski, A. Lazarev, S. Masyutin
Multi-Factor Authentication in Innovative Business Systems of Industrial Clusters
11323L. Legashev, L. Grishina
Development of an Intrusion Detection System Prototype in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based on Machine Learning Methods
11332V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov
Dynamic Object Parametric Identification with the Decompositional Neural Network
11355D.P. Dimitrichenko
Optimization of The Structure of Variable-Valued Logical Functions When Adding New Production Rules
11358O.Yu. Maryasin, A.I. Lukashov
Optimal Energy Consumption Scheduling for Enterprises with Local Energy Sources
11374L.A. Lyutikova
Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Neural Network Decision-Making
11416M. Kazakov
Clustering Algorithm Based on Feature Space Partitioning
11421V. Moshkin, V. Kalachev, A. Zarubin
Automation of Program Code Analysis Using Machine Learning Methods
11449A.N. Grekov, A.A. Kabanov
Machine Learning Boosting Algorithms for Determining Euler Angles in an Inertial Navigation System
11471D. Perepelkin, K. Anisimov
Fuzzy Approach of Metrics Control of Communication Links in the Software Defined Network of Internet of Things
11472D. Perepelkin, T. Nguyen
Research of Multipath Routing Processes in Software Defined Networks Based on Firefly Algorithm
11504M.S. Pestin, A.S. Novikov
Protocol for Multipath Routing of Traffic in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Based on the Status of Channels and Network Nodes
11536R.E. Semenov
Processing of Analyzed Textual Information to a Meaningful Structure
11552I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Ya. Lvovich
Modeling and Optimization of Integrated Internet of Things System
11553I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Ya. Lvovich
Modeling of Integrated Internet of Things System on the Base of Semi-Markov Processes
11669V.V. Zunin, A.Yu. Romanov, R.A. Solovyev
Developing Methods for Combinational Circuit Generation
11687А.N. Varnavsky, K.A. Karmanova, R.A. Kurochkin, D.A. Popov
Developing E-Learning Courses in a Gaming Environment with an Integrated Assistant Bot for Secondary School Students
46050L. Haritonova
On the Interpretability of the Deep Learning Models Including in the Process of Neural Network Modeling of Dangerous Hydrometeorological Events to Provide a Stable Operation in Industry
Chapter 5. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
There are no accepted papers in this chapter
Chapter 6. Industrial Robotics and Mechatronic Systems
11321D. Yukhimets
Tool Path Planning Method for Industrial Manipulators Based on 3D-Model Obtained From Computer Vision Systems
11325I. Shardyko, V. Kopylov, V. Titov
Control Design for a Differential-Drive Elastic Actuator Based on Active Damping Injection
11517S. Jatsun, A. Malchikov, A.Yatsun
Simulation of the Exoskeletons Group Work During Load Lifting Process
11569A.A. Nikolaev, S.S. Ryzhevol, P.G. Tulupov, S.A. Linkov
Development of an Automatic Control Algorithm for the Combined RCB-Burners and Carbon Material Injectors of the Flexible Modular Furnace
11599E. Cherskikh, A. Saveliev
An Approach to the Dynamic Functioning of a Robotic Complex in Case of Failures and Restoration of Connected Functional Parts
11605P. Kozyr’, Yu. Vasunina, A. Saveliev
Algorithm for Replacing the Battery of a Robotic Tool Using Serving Mobile Robots
11622V.V. Arzhanov, K.V. Arzhanov, A.A. Solovyev
Microprocessor Control of the Sonar Electric Drive
Chapter 7. Computer Vision
11283L.G. Gagarina, A.V. Chirkov
Development of a Method for Plant Disease Detection and Recognition Using Cascade Classifiers
11300N.V. Smirnov, A.S. Chernyshov
Emotion recognition from facial images
11348A. Arhipov, I. Fomin
Investigation of The Influence of Data Acquisition Conditions on the Quality of the CNN-Based Vision System
11370M. Shleymovich, R. Safina
Image Denoising Using Weight Model
11372K. Palagut, E. Pikalov, A. Kuzneсov
Research of the Influence of Internal Parameters of a Vision System on Its Accuracy
11377R.R. Akhmetzyanova, I. I. Bikmullina
The Types of Filtering Images with Cloudy Weather
11384E. Nikolaev, A. Konyrkhanova, V. Zakharov
Smart City Management System Based on Multi-purpose Deep Neural Network
11403A. Iusupova, V. Titov
Empirical Analysis of Visual Localization Accuracy
11404B. Skorohod, S. Fateev, P. Zhilyakov
Preprocessing and Future Extraction for Visual Underwater Odometry
11405V. Bykova, A. Mashoshin, A. Smirnov
One Approach to the Recognition of Bottom Objects Using Monitoring Systems Installed on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
11457A. Abdrahimov, A.V. Savchenko
Summarization of Videos from Online Events Based on Multimodal Emotion Recognition
11596P. Demochkina, A. Savchenko
Efficient Algorithms for Video-Based Engagement Prediction for a MOOC Course
70006I. Burnashev
Characteristics of the Risks of Threats to the Information System with a Limited Number of Information Sources
Chapter 8. Industrial Automation Systems Cybersecurity
11184I. V. Zimakov, E. S. Belashova, D. A. Gashigullin
The Secure Information Transfer Dynamic System Based on Associative Data Protection Mechanism
11253I. Kotenko, I. Parashchuk
Description of Information Security Events of Production and Technological Systems Using Fuzzy Graphs
11367A. Gorbenko, V. Popov
Zero-Day Attacks Detection Using an Analysis of Mobile Robot Motor Primitives
11390M. Grekov, A. Sychugov
Distributed Detection of Anomalies in the Network Flow Using Generative Adversarial Networks
11399D. Bogacheva, O. Lukinova
The Issues of Providing Secure Information Systems Interaction Based on the Open System Environment Reference Model
11407E. Aleksandrova, A. Fedichev, A. Yarmak
Lattice-Based Ordered Multisignature for Industrial IoT
11414A.V. Plugatarev, M.O. Tanygin
Model for Determining the Message Source by Analyzing Their Arrival Time
11490V. Zubkov, E. Ryazanova, K. Anoshkin
Proposals for the Development of the Road Information Logistics System (RILS )
11595A.I. Martyshkin, R.A. Biktashev, E.G. Bershadskaya
Review and Analysis of Information Security Issues in Data Exchange and Management of a Virtualized Environment of Remote Data Processing Centers
11625A.A. Baybulatov, V.G. Promyslov
A Metric for the IACS Availability Risk Assessment
11636D. Chernov, A. Sychugov, A. Sovgir
Applying a System of Automatic Threat Modeling for Apcs at Information Infrastructure Facilities
11656L. Vitkova, M. Kolomeec, A. Chechulin
Taxonomy and Bot Threats in Social Networks
11666A. Salomatin, A. Iskhakov, R. Meshcheryakov
Proactive Detection of Attacks on APCS Accounts Based on Analysis of User Identification Graphical Attributes
46049R. Sharipov, O. Panchenko
Problems of Developing User Identification Systems by Keyboard Handwriting
46056N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova, A.F. Sultanov
Corporate Network for Organizing PDM and PLM Systems Using Wireless Technologies
Chapter 9. Diagnostics and Reliability of Automatic Control Systems
11269A.N. Khusnutdinov, M.G. Nuriev
The Sound Pressure Level Meter
11277A. Tvardovskii, N. Yevtushenko
Using Homing Traces for Simplifying Passive Testing of Discrete Event Systems
11307L. Samoylov, N. Prokopenko, D. Denisenko
Dynamic Errors of Butterworth Band-Pass Filters in Analog-digital Control and Monitoring Systems
11309Z. Gizatullin, S. Lyasheva
Research the Radiated Electromagnetic Interference from Power Converters under Operating Conditions
11310Z. Gizatullin, R. Mubarakov
Technique for Research of Conducted Interference from Power Converters in Operating Conditions
11346I. Sokolov, Yu. Stepchenkov, Yu. Diachenko
Comparison of Synchronous and Self-Timed Pipeline’s Soft Error Tolerance
11368D. Topolsky, I. Topolskaya, Yu. Plaksina
Power Losses Quadratic Approximation for the Electric Drive Load Condition Monitoring
11386A. Sitskaya, V. Selifanov, M. Purgina
Development of Weighting Coefficients for Assessing the Quality of Security Measures Implementation for Significant Objects of Critical Information Infrastructure
11424V.A. Bogatyrev, Anh Tu Le, E.A. Abramova
Structural Reliability of a Multipath Routing Network with Reconfigurations when Switching Routes
11453A. Zhirabok, A. Zuev, A. Shumsky
Robust Virtual Sensors Design
11465L. Samoylov, D. Denisenko, V. Chumakov
Assessment of Dynamic Errors of Input Circuits in Measuring Systems when Setting Line Interference Filters
11494S. Levoniuk, L. Ginis, L. Gordienko
Real-time Acquisition and Processing of Measurement Information in the Complex Technical Systems Diagnosis
11555I. Muraviov, G. Kovalenko, A. Bogomolov
Method for Improving the Reliability of an Ergatic Control System for an Automated Aircraft
11564E. Lukoyanov, N. Kolesov, A. Gruzlikov
Diagnostics of Onboard Information Processing and Control Systems of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
11571T.H. Nguyen, B.Yu. Vasilev
Analysis of the impact of Autonomous Inverter Control Algorithms on the Battery and Motor
11688S.M. Staroletov
Grammar-Based Testing a Process-Oriented Extension of the IEC 61131-3 Structured Text Language
70005A.A. Tikhomirov, N.V. Sobolev, E.E. Fomin
Study of the Accuracy of Signal Phase Estimation by Piecewise Overlay Method in the Emergency Mode
70011S.N. Verzunov, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
Intelligent Monitoring System of Underground Cable Network Faults