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Перечень принятых докладов
(по состоянию на 14 июля 2024 г.)

Фамилии авторов, название доклада
Секция 1. Автоматизация технологических процессов
13492K. Svyatov
Architecture of the Computer-Aided Design Toolchain for the Highly-Automated Vehicles
13553K. Zmeu, A. Sych
Implementation of a Robotic Cell for the Fish Processing Purposes
13600М. А. Блохин, И. И. Дымчаков, Д. Д. Емельянов
Автоматизированное управление перепозиционированием пильных модулей в станке с круговым вращательно-поступательным движением полотен
13686A. Filippov, A. Romanov
Integration with Existing Information Systems to Develop a Control System for a Highly Autonomous Vehicle
63001A. Ebraheem, I. Ivanov
OptIoT: A Domain-Specific Language for Optimizing IoT and IIoT Infrastructure
63017S. Strygin, N. Pustovarov, V. Konkina
Study of the Structural and Technological Parameters of the Seeding Machine Operation Affecting the Quality of Sowing
63021Iu. Golovko, S. Golovko, N. Romanenko
Data to Objects with Highly Uncertain Behavior
63022P.V. Boslovyak, A.A. Balashov
The Automated Control System of the Ferris Wheel Attraction
63023V.V. Evstafiev, N.V. Rudenko
Optimization of Technological Processes Based on the Directed Search Method Using Difference Coefficients
63030J.F. Kurbanov, N.V. Yaronova, N.N. Irgashev
Development of a Microprocessor System for Automatic Temperature Control Heating of Axle Boxes of Train Cars
63031J.F. Kurbanov, N.V. Yaronova, E.I. Khidirov
Microprocessor-Based System for Identifying Oversizes in Railway Transport
63032L. Martynova, A. Pavlov
Algorithm for Controlling an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle when Avoiding a Complex Obstacle
63033S.T. Boltayev, E.Sh. Joniqulov, I.A. Yoldashev
Improvement of the Method of Automatic Determination of the Condition of the Railway Crossing
63034I.I. Jumanov, S.M. Xolmonov, O.I. Djumanov
Identification of non-Stationary Objects Based on Multi-Parameter Optimization Tools
Секция 2. Математическое моделирование технологических процессов и технических систем
13478M.O. Tanygin, E.A. Tanyginа
The Model for the Formation of Time Intervals for Receiving Messages in Distributed Information Systems
13479S. Mosin
A Model for Univariant and Multivariant Simulating the Battery Lifetime of UE NB-IoT
13481S. Solodusha, E. Markova, Yu. Kokonova
Volterra Series Models for Nonlinear Automatic Control Systems
13482A. Bozhenyuk, O. Kosenko, M. Knyazeva
Determination of Production Process Rhythmicity Based on Periodic Fuzzy Graphs
13485I.A. Kalmykov, A.A. Olenev, N.K. Chistousov
Mathematical Model of the OFDM System that Fends Off the Consequences of Failures Using Modular Codes
13505R. Gorbunov, R. Dolgih, G. Palkin
Simulation of a Heating System Cascade Proportional–Integral Controller
13507G. Vasilyev, D. Surzkik, O. Kuzichkin
Methodology for Analyzing Transient Regimes of Constituent Units of Nonlinear Thermoelectric Systems
13508M. Bakirci, A. Demiray
Enhancing Attitude Control in Space Stations through Integrated Robotic Systems
13514A. Gaiduk, D. Denisenko, N. Prokopenko
Combined Filters Design, using the Principle of Internal Models
13517I.A. Khudonogov, M.I. Krapivin, E.Yu. Puzina
Directions for Removing Restrictions on the Future Throughput Capacity of the Traction Power Supply System
13518G. Vasilyev, O. Kuzichkin, D. Surzkik
Modeling of Frequency Characteristics of Automatic Control Systems of Peltier Thermoelectric Modules
13520D. Surzkik, G. Vasilyev, O. Kuzichkin
Methodology for Analyzing Transient Regimes of Thermoelectric Systems with Several Nonlinear Links
13550V.E. Vavilov, E.I. Mustaev, M.V. Ivanov
Numerical Study of the Influence of the Geometry of the Housing Element on the Strength and Vibration Stability of the Electric Motor Rotor for UAVs
13558V.E. Vavilov, E.I. Mustaev, R.R. Urazbakhtin
Numerical Study of the Thermal Resistances Calculation Influence on the Thermal State of an Electric Motor
13564V.P. Mochalov, N.Yu. Bratchenko, D.V. Gosteva
Algorithm for Load Balancing of a Data Processing Center Based on a Nonlinear Forecast Model
13626N. Malysheva, P. Sorokin, A. Zhitinskaya
Modeling of Symmetrical Component Filters in the Logic of Current Directional Zero-Sequence Protection
13660M.V. Mamchenko, S.B. Galina
Modified Algorithm and Simulation Tool for Task Allocation and Work Distribution in Collaborative Robotic Systems for Technological Processes
13680S. Lygdenov
Efficiency in Multi-Channel Data Transmission Systems with Priority Service under High Load
13693I. Bzhikhatlov, D. Kotov
Bond-Graph Simulation Toolbox
63002A. Kryukov, K. Suslov, A. Cherepanov, Nguyen Quoc Hieu
Modeling of Modes of Electric Power Systems Feeding DC and AC Traction Substations
63018B. Dolgovesov, V. Roganov, M. Chetvergova
Developing Hardware and Software Systems for Synthesis of Visual 3D-Model of External Environment
63019B. Dolgovesov, V. Roganov, K. Gudkova
Simulators Synthesizing Visual 3D-Models of the External Environment
63026A. Fetisov, Yifan Liu, M. Litovchenko
Frequency Response of a Rigid Rotor on Magnetorheological Fluid Squeeze Dampers
63027I. Nekrasov, V. Bukhtoyarov, G. Gorovaya
Classification of Technical Condition of Pumping Unit Using Intelligent Fault Identification
63028A.Ya. Krasinskiy, V.Gr. Aitov
On Methods for Modeling Controlled Dynamics in Stabilization Problems
63029A.Ya. Krasinskiy
On Methods for Taking into Account Drive Dynamics when Modeling Mechatronic Systems
63035N. Kiselev
Creating a Model of a Class of Hybrid Streaming Systems
63036V. Ryabchenko, M. Lankin, A. Lankin
Principal Component Method as Detection of Defects in an Electronic Unit
63040И.П. Малашин, И.С. Масич
Оптимизация нейронных сетей для прогнозирования механических свойств текстильных полимерных композитных материалов
Секция 3. Теория управления
13421K. Chernyshov
Using Consistent Measures of Dependence and Symmetric R?nyi Divergence in the Statistical Linearization
13491V.A. Kramar, V.A. Karapetyan
The Representation of the Solution of the Cauchy Problem for Linear Discrete-Continuous Systems
13493S.V. Lazarenko
Efficiency Analysis of Quasi-Optimal Control Laws Using Fuzzy Logic in Transport Systems Intellectualization
13494A. Grishko
Structural-Parametric Synthesis of Complex Technical Systems under Conditions of Uncertainty Based on Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data
13495S. Gayvoronskiy, T. Ezangina, A. Sobol
Solving the Problem of an Interval System Placing Poles in Real Segments
13496I.V. Reshetnikova, D.V. Marshakov, S.V. Sokolov
Solution of Robust Stochastic Discrete Filtering Problem Based on Minimax Functional Criterion
13513A. Margun, V.H. Bui, A. Bobtsov
Finite-Time Sensors Diagnosis Based on Unknown Input Observers
13516A. Kostoglotov, M. Nakonechnaya, V. Zekhtser
Effectiveness Analysis of Fuzzy Quasi-Optimal Control Laws for UAV Orientation in a Turbulent Atmosphere
13528D.G. Gryazin, T.V. Paderina, O.O. Belova
Magnetic Compass with the Correction System in the Circuit of Ship?s Autopilot
13580A.V. Lapin, N.E. Zubov, E.Yu. Zybin
A Reduced Method of Partial Pole Placement and its Application to Controlling the Lateral Motion of a Maneuverable Aircraft
13653V.A. Gorin, A.S. Gubankov, D.A. Yukhimets
Development of an Information-Control System for Precision Landing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle on Movable Platform
63041В.И. Смолин, И.Г. Топольская
Фазовое управление электромагнитным состоянием синхронных машин тягового электропривода
Секция 4. Интеллектуальные системы
13490Zitoune Ihcene, M.K. Arabov, V.V. Banderov
Comparative Analysis of Ensemble and Linear Machine Learning Models in the Task of House Price Prediction
13497A. Amirouche , V.V. Banderov, M.K. Arabov
Comparative Analysis of FCN and U-Net for Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation: A Performance Evaluation
13498M. Bakirci, I. Bayraktar
Harnessing UAV Technology and YOLOv9 Algorithm for Real-Time Forest Fire Detection
13501M. Sakka, M.R. Bahrami
Bridging the Gap: Decision-Making Challenges in Smart Parking Systems
13509M. Bakirci, I. Bayraktar
Refining Transportation Automation with Convolutional Neural Network-Based Vehicle Detection via UAVs
13521K. Zhernova
Touchless Gesture Recognition for Smart Mirrors
13523V. Desnitsky, A. Meleshko
Modeling and Analysis of Secure Blockchain-Driven Self-Organized Decentralized Wireless Sensor Networks for Attack Detection
13534A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina, E. Favorskaya
Development of an Approach to Preprocessing of Black-and-White Images for Electrical Equipment Diagnostics
13551I.V. Ushenina, E.A. Danilov
Implementation of the Sigmoid Function on Current FPGAs Using the Bit-Level Mapping Method
13554A. Akhmedova, I. Zhazhneva, G. Galimov
System for News Summarizing Using a Neural Network Algorithm
13565N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, Yu. Samofalov
Assessment of the Applicability of Manual Tracker Units in Photovoltaic Micro-Power Plants under Conditions of the Russian Far North
13575N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, Yu. Samofalov
Study of the Applicability of Flat Reflectors in Photovoltaic Plants under Conditions of the Russian Far North
13717E. Jharko, M. Mamchenko
Method, Algorithm and Scenarios of Using a Group of UAVs as Base Stations for a Group of Ground Mobile Agents
13725E. Melnik, I. Safronenkova
A Method Based on a Combination of Ontological Data Analysis and Cognitive Modeling Tools for Organizing the Computational Process in Peer-to-Peer Networks
13817E. Jharko, E. Abdulova
Algorithm for Determining the Safety Functions of a Dynamic Technical System and the Concept of their Presentation on the Safety Monitor
63042Д.В. Топольский, Н.Д. Топольский, В.А. Белякова, А.Е. Беляков, Н.И. Юмагулов
Применение технологии цифровых двойников в разработке интеллектуального промышленного оборудования
Секция 5. Гибкие производственные системы
13489D.D. Issabekov, V.P. Markovskiy, A.P. Kislov
Alternative Power Transformer Protections
13588P. Ilyushin, I. Georgievskiy, E. Boyko
Application Methods of Efficient Electricity Storage Systems to Improve Flexibility of Power Systems
13607V. Volnyi, P. Ilyushin, E. Boyko
Approaches to Construction of Active Distribution Networks with Distributed Power Sources Based on Solid-State Transformers
13666Guo Wu, M.A. Shereuzhev, V.V. Serebrenny
Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation and Task Implementation in Collaborative Robotic Cells for Drilling and Riveting on Aircraft Fuselages
Секция 6. Промышленная робототехника и мехатроника
13503A. Zotov, A. Valeev, A. Tokarev
Gravity Compensator for Exoskeleton Based on Elastic Hinges with a Given Characteristic
13560D.V. Goncharov, O.A. Ivashchuk, E.V. Kaliuzhnaya
Development of a Mobile Robotic Complex for Automated Monitoring and Harvesting of Agricultural Crops
63003Tianci Gao
Enhancing Robotic Adaptability: Integrating Unsupervised Trajectory Segmentation and Conditional ProMPs for Dynamic Learning Environments
63025K.V. Gritsenko
Determination of Local Mobility in Parallel Manipulators with Higher and Lower Order Constraints with Singular Configurations
Секция 7. Системы технического зрения
13525A. Vladimirov, D. Sedov, Y. Prokhorova
To the Development of a High-Cycle Fatigue Sensors and Vision Systems
13557A. Saenko, A. Mironov, E. Fomina
Methods of Introducing Reference Objects into Images Obtained Using Hydroacoustic Systems of Computer Vision
13571A. Arhipov, I. Fomin
Research on Self-Supervised Learning as a Potential Alternative to Transfer Learning
13601A.V. Zinkevich, A.S. Mironov, V.S. Gabov
Multisensory System for Solving Problems of Reverse Engineering of Buildings
13631V.V. Prutyanov, M.A. Ternov, D.S. Kostrov
Analysis of Deep Feature Matching Algorithms in UAV Visual Localization
63024B. Saidov, P. Shonazarov, J. Karimzoda
Development of a System of Reception and Transmission of Biomedical Signals Based on Ultrasound Technology
Секция 8. Информационная безопасность промышленных систем автоматизации
13480E.A. Kuleshova, M.O. Tanygin, A.L. Marukhlenko
Method for Parallel Processing of Message Authentication Codes Based on Cellular Automata
13530I. Kotenko, I. Parashchuk
Identifying the Signs of Malicious Activity in the Infrastructure of Industrial Automation Systems Using the Dominance Relation of Elements of Fuzzy Sets
13540M. Kalinin, A. Busygin, A. Konoplev
Enforcing the Security and Usability of Blockchain for a Smart City Cyberinfrastructures
13556V. Avramenko, I. Saenko, I. Kotenko
Forecasting Information Security in Information and Communication Systems Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
13562D. Dukhovnyj, I. Kalmykov, N. Kalmykova
Zero-Knowledge Authentication Protocol Based on Polynomial Residue Number System Error-Correction Code for Satellite Communication Systems
13568V. Krundyshev, M. Kalinin, A. Busygin
Application of Distributed Ledger Technology to Protect Smart Cities: Challenges and Solutions
13818K. Zhernova
Visual Malware Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks
63010А.О. Комаров
Реализация квантового сверхплотного кодирования на языке Q#
Секция 9. Диагностика и надежность систем автоматического управления
13502S.M. Staroletov
Arduino Meets Raspberry Pi in Automation: An Implementation of State-Based Distributed Control with Round-Robin Scheduling
13506S. Polesskiy, P. Korolev, V. Tsvetkov
The Dependability Assessment Method for Electronic Modules Considering Updated Quality Management Principles
13589Yu. Stepchenkov, Yu. Diachenko, S. Tyurin
Self-Timed Circuit Emulation on FPGA
13627A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina, E. Osipova
Development of an Approach to Issuing a List of Measures for Assessing the Technical Condition of Electrical Equipment
63020E. Gasparov, L. Gasparova
Diagnostic Criteria Selection for Determining the Bearings Preload Using Functional Diagnostic Methods