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Секция 1. Автоматизация технологических процессов
Process Automation

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    10207L.A. Khaliullina, I.I. Bikmullina
    A Way of Exploring the Real World Using Virtuality with the Example of Creating Animation in the Unity Environment
    11194L. Martinova, G. Martinov
    An Approach to The Implementation of the Machine Safety Function Using an Integrated in the CNC System Softplc and an External Safety Controller Made According to the SoftPlC
    11216S.A. Mantserov, L.O. Fedosova, L. S. Lomakina
    Classification of States of Multidimensional Objects Using a Soft Calculations Model
    11243X. Zhang, M.S. Seleznev, K.A. Neusypin
    Implementation Method of Rendezvous Process of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing on the Mobile Unmanned Vehicle
    11247N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova, E.L. Gimalov
    Development of an Automated Medical Information System for the Analysis of Fluorograms
    11271S. Podvalny, A. Kaltyrina, E. Vasiljev
    Robust Sway Prevention of Suspended Loads
    11278A.S. Semenov, Yu.A. Podkamenniy, Yu.V. Bebikhov
    Automation of Crude Oil Distillation in a Rectification Column
    11289S.V. Razumnikov
    Mathematical and Software for Building the Rating of the Largest Iaas Suppliers by the Threshold Aggregation Method
    11292Yu.N. Bulatov, E.K. Shumansky
    Multiagent Voltage Control System in Mains with Small-Scale Distributed Generation Plants
    11360A.A. Belov, A.A. Kolpakov, A.Y. Proskuryakov
    Methods for Minimizing Computational Costs in Monitoring and Loud-Speaking Notification Systems
    11406D. Suslov, G. Pikina
    The Influence of the Object Model Choice on the Automatic Control System Efficiency
    11423A. Valeev, B. Kharrasov, R. Karimov
    Locating a Defect in a Rotary Machine Using Analysis of Signal Phase Spectrums at Specified Points
    11459E.A. Titenko, O.G. Dobroserdov, A.N. Schitov
    The Functional Scheme of Hardware Semafore for Parallel Computing
    11469G. Martinov, R. Pushkov, S. Evstafieva
    Collecting Data from Variable Kinematic Machine Tools with OPC UA Protocol
    11499Yu. Zatsarinnaya, G. Kovalev, R. Gainullin
    An Automated Software Package Creation for Energy Consumption Accounting
    11500I. Kuptsov, Yu. Zatsarinnaya, R. Gainullin
    Demand Side Management in the Smart Electricity Industry
    11502A. Kabirova, I. Kulagin, L. Emaletdinova
    Development and Software Implementation of the Design Documentation Verification Model Based on Association Rules
    11516P.A. Nikishechkin, A.A. Akimov
    Control and Remote Monitoring of a CNC Lathe Using a Software-Based Controller
    11523G. Martinov, L. Martinova, A. Nikich
    Allocation of Network Levels and Organization of Data Transmission in the Workshop Information Space of Digital Production
    11554A. Lorens, G. Petukhov, I. Romanova
    FPGA-Based Asynchronous Remote Laboratory for Online Learning
    11559D.Yu. Stepanov
    The Theory of Corporate Information Systems
    11563E. Jharko
    Critical Information Infrastructure Objects: Operator Support Systems
    11576J.P. Perova, D.O. Zhukov, V.N. Kalinin
    Modeling the Dynamics of User`S Mood Based on the Fokker-Planck Equation and Changes in the Parameters of Network Graphs of Their Comments
    11590S.I. Timakov, Yu.V. Frantzuzova, A.V. Demidova
    Algorithm for Selecting a Priority Task When Planning the Movement of an Autonomous Transport Platform
    11601I.S. Anureev, V.E. Zyubin, N.O. Garanina, S.M. Staroletov
    Developing Distributed Control Software with the Reflex Language: Bottle-filling System Case Study
    11606K. Aksyonov, P. Ziomkovskaya, E. Aksyonova
    Development of a Chatbot for the Subject Area Train Schedule for Telegram
    11609S.N. Medvedev, O.P. Aksyonova, E.K. Aksyonova
    Using an Information System for Distributing Orders at an Industrial Enterprise for Efficient Capacity Utilization
    11637D. Gryazin, O. Belova
    The Method for Estimating the Dynamic Error of Sensors and Modules under Their Operating Conditions and Its Application
    11639A.A. Ukhanova, J.V. Frantsuzova
    Development of a Decision Support System for the Diagnosis of Clinical Diseases
    11644L. Tuktamysheva, I. Kovalev, R. Nezmetdinov
    Development of Methods for Analyzing the Process of Operator Training When Working with a CNC System Using Components of Analytical Systems
    11645J.V. Doronina, D. V. Moiseev
    An Approach to Modeling the Interrelations Variability at Elements of Production Systems with a Variable Structure
    11646I.I. Jumanov, R.A. Safarov, O.I. Djumanov
    Detection of Distorted Points on Images of Micro- Objects Based on The Properties and Peculiarities of The Wavelet - Transformation
    11667E. Sosnina, A. Shalukho, N. Erdili
    Multi-agent Control of Distributed Generation Sources Based on the Environmental Friendliness Rating
    33021A.A. Berestinov, D.V. Korobatov, A.Z. Kulganatov
    Monitoring of Parameters of Power Plants Based on Renewable Energy Sources
    41044G. Pipiay, L. Chernenkaya
    Modern Methods of Searching for the Optimal Assessment of Product Quality
    70007E. Muravyova, A. Nikolaeva
    Development of a Neural Network for Controlling the Polymerization of Isoprene in an Isopentane Solution Using a Virtual Analyzer