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Секция 2. Математическое моделирование технологических процессов и технических систем
Modeling and Simulation

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    11244O.V. Zakharov, A.S. Yakovishin, A.V. Zhukov
    Robustness Analysis of Gaussian Filters for Surface Texture of Additive Manufacturing Products
    11248Oleg V. Zakharov, Konstantin G. Pugin, Ludmila V. Seliverstova
    Mathematical Model of Cylindrical Parts Assembly using Digital Twins
    11272V. A. Gerasimov, M. G. Nuriev, D. A. Gashigullin
    The Fiber-Optic Communication System in the Enterprise
    11287S.V. Razumnikov
    Model for Determining the Cloud Computing Services Vulnerability Level
    11320Y.K. Starostina
    Energy Effective Protection Circuits of the Start-Up Device Against Switching Overvoltage
    11329N. Voit, S. Bochkov
    Verification Method for Diagrammatic Workflow Specifications in Computer-Aided Design
    11330I. Vasyukov, A. Pavlenko, D. Shchuchkin
    Component Model of a Switch Mode Power Supply Transformer with Magnetic Hysteresis Taken into Account
    11334A. Konoplin, N. Krasavin
    Automatic Speed Control System for Manipulator Mounted on Underwater Vehicle
    11338S. Sokolov, A. Sukhanov, M. Polyakova
    High-Precision Navigation on Analytical Trajectories Using Strapdown Inertial-Satellite Navigation System
    11353S. Oskin, A. Kuzneсov, N. Koneva
    Simplex Method of Realization of Optimization Problem of Linear Programming
    11361N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, Yu. Samofalov
    The Impact of Cloudy Weather on the Operation of Photovoltaic Power Plant in the Northern Part of the Russian Far East
    11362V.S. Bykova, A.I. Mashoshin
    Simulation of the Autonomous Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Control System
    11379V. Vakhnina, A. Chernenko, D. Kretov
    Modeling the Operation of the Synchronous Generator of an Autonomous Electric Power System During the Test Input of Quasi-Direct Current
    11383N. Vetrova, A. Filyaev, K. Pchelintsev
    A Neural Network Model for Simulation the Electrical Characteristics of Heterostructural Nanodevices Accounting the Technology Process Instabilities
    11389A. Vasin, A. Kocherov, P. Anisimov
    Selection and Optimization of Main Components and Parameters of Secondary Power Supplies for Intelligent Vehicles
    11394S. Efimov, O. Emelyanova, S. Jatsun
    Simulation of the Interaction of a Flapping Wing With Air
    11408Yu. Sineshchuk, A. Vostrykh, I. Saenko
    Designing a Human-Machine Interface Based on the Cognitive Model of Information Systems Users
    11409Yu.V. Bebikhov, D.V. Kazazaeva, I.A. Yakushev
    Designing and Developing Mathematical Models for the Electric Power Systems of Industrial Companies
    11415K.A. Palaguta, N.V. Grunenkov, E.V. Pikalov
    Simulation of Joint Operation of Subsystems for Stabilizing the Oscillation Amplitude and Ensuring the Resonant Mode of Installation for Carrying out Fatigue Vibration Tests of Gas Turbine Engine Blades
    11426S. Gaponenko
    Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of Various Defects on the Parameters of Natural Vibrations of the Pipeline under Operating Conditions
    11435A.F. Fatullaev, E.R. Rzaev, A.Yu. Romanov
    Usage of Clustering of Paley Graphs in Polar Coordinates for the Development of New Network on Chip Topologies
    11461I.P. Balabanov, V.D. Mogilevets, A.A. Shabaev
    Influence of Natural Vibration Frequencies in the Analysis on Vibration Resistance of Steel Supporting Parts of a Car
    11468V.O. Groppen, A.A. Berko
    Analysis of the Effectiveness of a New Composite Method Joining Features of Implicit and Modular Enumeration Algorithms
    11478B. Alibekov, A. Guda, E. Mamaev
    Determinal Model Resource Distribution for Objects of the Logistics System
    11485N.N. Labah, A.S. Saryan, A.N. Guda
    Modeling of Complex Transport Processes Taking Into Account the Phenomenon of Hysteresis
    11497P. Trefilov
    Synthesis of Algorithms for Complex Information Processing of Inertial Navigation System for UV Control in Smart City Model
    11510A.A. Kostoglotov, A.A. Agapov, S.V. Lazarenko
    Analysis of the Efficiency of Quasioptimal Nonlinear Control Laws with Adaptation of the Switching Hypersurface under Uncertainty of External Influences
    11511A.A. Kostoglotov, A.S. Penkov, S.V. Lazarenko
    Method of Synthesis of Adaptive Estimation Algorithms Based on the Condition of Generalized Power Maximum and the Shaping Filter Method
    11525N. Voit, S. Bochkov
    Method to Create Virtual Mock-Ups of Complex Technical Objects
    11535N. Trufanova, I. Kukharchuk
    Algorithms for Determining the Optimal Load Mode of the Cable Block
    11547A. Anikeev, I. Chumanov, V. Sedukhin
    Analysis of various Aspects in Metals Creation with Given Microheterogeneity Degree
    11549M.O. Tanygin, M.A. Efremov, E.A. Tanyginа
    The Model of Parallel Processing of Messages Buffered in the Shared Memory
    11579A. Kryukov, A. Cherepanov, N.K. Khieu
    Reducing Asymmetry and Harmonic Distortion at Substations Connected to 25 kV Power Lines Using Rails As a Live Part
    11588A.K. Myo, E.M. Portnov, A.M. Bain
    Development of Methods for Dispatching User Renewable Threads in Multi-core Systems
    11608K.Y. Ganshin, O.S. Mezentceva, Y.S. Agаkhanova
    The Constructing UAV Trajectories Method Using Bezier Curves and Pythagorean Hodograph
    11610A.I. Martyshkin, R.A. Biktashev
    Investigation of the Non-Stationarity Process in Virtualized Systems
    11612O.D. Kreerenko
    Synthesis of UAV Motion Control Algorithms along a Given Trajectory
    11615E. Goltsov, N. Kostarev, N. Trufanova
    Modeling of the Heat and Mass Transfer Process in Assessing the Thermal Effect when Processing an Oil Well with a Hot Coolant through Hollow Rods
    11618D. Larionov, R. Voronov
    Combinatorial Approach for the Access Points Map Correcting in the Mines Positioning Systems
    11628V.P. Mochalov, I.S. Palkanov, G.I. Linets
    A Load Balancing Method for a Data Center Computing Cluster
    11629V.P. Mochalov, N.Yu. Bratchenko, G.I. Linets
    A Dynamic Load Balancing Method for Data Centers with Fractal Properties of Network Traffic
    11630E.A. Panova, R.R. Sabirova, I.V. Novikov
    Specified Model of a Double-Circuit Transmission Line with Two Ground Wires for Calculating a Single-Phase Short Circuit Current in a Network with an Effectively Grounded Neutral
    11642R.R. Gaynutdinov, S.F. Chermoshentsev
    Study of the Static Electricity Discharges Impact in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    11650T.A. Kuznetsova, P.V. Repp, V.O. Fofanov
    Comparative Analysis of the Mathematical Methods Accuracy of the Parametric Identification of an Aeroengine Gas Path
    11654K. Aksyonov, A. Antonova, O. Aksyonova
    A Method for Planning the Supply of Petroleum Products to Filling Stations Based on Multi-Agent Resource Conversion Processes
    11659I. Lipko
    |Identification of the Horizontal Movement of the Underwater Vehicle MiddleAUV
    11661Yu.N. Slesarev, A.A. Vorontsov
    On the Issue of Studying the Output Signal Amplifier in Magnetostrictive Linear and Angular Displacement Transducers
    11678A.Ya. Krasinskiy
    On the Possibility of Different Accuracy of Mathematical Modeling of a Mechanical Component and a Control Loop in Mechatronic Systems with Electric Drives
    11686A.V. Skatkov, A.A. Bryukhovetskiy, D.V. Moiseev
    Cluster Dynamic Model for Detecting Anomalous States of Natural and Technical Systems
    11695O. Filipovich, M. Maistrishin, V. Filipovich
    Model of Information-Control System Used for One-Parameter Selective Assembly of Three Elements
    11704U. Sopuev, A. Abdirasulov, Yu. Goltsov
    On the Interior Crisis in a Pulse Modulated Control System
    11705A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, I.G. Gilemov, S.A. Linkov
    Development of a Comprehensive Simulation Model of the Power Supply and Drive System Based on AFE-FC for Power Quality Research
    40744I. Kalienko, A. Kostoglotov, S. Lazarenko
    Algorithm for Compensating Systematic Errors of Radar Measurements Based on Solving Cubic Equation
    41051M. Derevyanov, Yu. Pleshivtseva, A. Afinogentov
    Multi-Factorial Analysis of Environmental Safety and Optimization of Oily Waste Recycling System
    46058A.I. Martyshkin, R.A. Biktashev
    Research and Analysis of Computing Cluster Configuration Management Systems
    46059A.I. Martyshkin
    The Possibility of Using the Any Logic Simulation System in the Study of Models of Embedded Reconfigurable Computing Systems Based on Queuing Theory
    46061А.N. Varnavsky
    Agent-Based Model Assessing the Quality of the Cyber-Physical System
    46062V. Pupin, D. Safonov, O. Fedorov
    Mathematical Modeling and Research of Ways to Reduce the Load Factor of the 110/6 Kv Main Substation
    70003S.V. Oskin, Z.H. Naguchev, D.M. Taranov
    Investigation of the Temperature Condition of Electric Motors Using the Comsol Package
    70008O. Safaryan, I. Alferova
    Background and Theoretical Foundations Increasing the Stability of The Signal Frequency in Radio Engineering Systems
    70013G. Marin, B. Osipov, A. Akhmetshin
    Analysis of the Operation of a Gas Turbine Plant When Burning Hydrogen Fuel