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"Автоматизация' 2021"

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Секция 1. Автоматизация технологических процессов
    8926Yu. S. Petrov, Yu. V. Sakhanskiy, S. P. Maskov
    Electrical Firing System Optimization at High Frequency Ignition for Industrial Explosives
    10005A. G. Soshinov, O. S. Atrashenko, T. V. Kopeikina
    The Feasibility Assessment for the Introduction of 20 kV Voltage Class to Power Distribution Networks
    10007A. F. Burkov, V. V. Mikhanoshin, V. K. Nguyen
    The Impact of Nonlinear Converters on the Quality of Electrical Energy
    10009Yakov M. Kashin, Lev E. Kopelevich, Alexandr V. Samorodov
    Generator Set for Hybrid Power Systems
    10010Alexander V. Starikov Viktor I. Domanov Abbas A. Karim Altakher
    Mathematical Model of Electrical Complex Single Drum Belt Conveyor with Asynchronous Executive Motor
    10020E. Merzlikina, Hoang Van Va, G. Farafonov
    Automatic Control System with an Autotuning Module and a Predictive PID-Algorithm for Thermal Processes
    10023K. Smirnov, A. Nazarov, A. Ulyahin
    Automation of Interface Boards Design Based on VLSI Functional Control Tests
    10031Oleg S. Malakhov, Dmitriy Y. Usatiy, Natalja V Dyorina
    The Engine Control Unit Improvement for Air-Mixture Control and Engine Power Development
    10043S. S. Shovkoplyas, L. A. Zhlobitsky
    Innovative Control of the High-Voltage Thyristor Arm of the Ice Melting Plant with Rectified Current on the Wires of Overhead Transmission Lines
    10048V.R. Gasiyarov, B.M. Loginov, M.A. Zinchenko, A.Yu. Semitko
    Improving the Load Balancing System of the Rolling Mill Stand Drives
    10161Svetlana V. Kuznetsova, Alexander L. Simakov
    Part Position Correction During Assembly According to Force and Torque Sensor Signals
    10164Isroil I. Jumanov, Olimjon I. Djumanov, Rustam A. Safarov
    Methodology of Optimization of Identification of the Contour and Brightness-Color Picture of Images of Micro-Objects
    10172Dmitrii V. Efanov, German V. Osadchy, Valerii V. Khóroshev
    Digital Train Traffic Control System with Perfect Level of Diagnostics and Monitoring: Virtual and Radio Interlocking
    10183Pavel V. Ilyushin, Sergey P. Filippov
    Static Devices to Prevent Unnecessary Disconnections of Gas-Piston Units in Transients
    10185Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov
    Towards More Efficient Emergency Power Systems in Low- and Medium-Voltage Distribution Grids
    10189Yu.V. Bebikhov, Yu.A. Podkamenniy, A.S. Semenov
    Development of an automatic process control system for biological wastewater treatment
    10206Andrey V. Smolyaninov, Irina V. Pocebneva, Antonina R. Deniskina
    Fuzzy Control of the Polymerizer Start Process in the Production of Bottle-Making
    10220Viktor.P. Lapshin, Ilia. A. Turkin, V. U. Omelechko
    Automation the Processes of Wood Processing by Drilling, Due to the Development a Mathematical Apparatus for Accounting the Interrelated Feed Drive and Drive of Cutting
    10226Vladimir Trofimov, Yana Neudakhina
    About Designing an Intelligent System for Slag Detection in Oxygen Converter Steelmaking
    10309M. Sidorova, L. Gorbushin, N. Koneva
    Analytical review of electronic devices of modern supercomputing systems
    10375R. F. Gibadullin, V. V. Nikonorov
    Development of the System for Automated Incident Management Based on Open-Source Software
    10376M. A. Urakseev, K. V. Vazhdaev, A. R.Sagadeev
    Analysis of Error Sources for Acousto-Optic Displacement Sensors
    10380Anton V. Volkov, Anatolij D. Semenov, Boris A. Staroverov
    The Reiterated Neural Network Parametric Identification ofNonlinear Dynamic Models of Objects
    10398Konstantin A. Kuzmin, Nikolay A. Grekov
    Developing Algorithmic Software for Automated Monitoring of Aquatic Environment
    10410Aleksandr Prasolov, Sergey Andreev
    Time Adjustment of the Hot-Blast Stoves Unit Using Fuzzy Logic
    10414Ksenia Kotova, Eugeny Dudorov, Vladimir Kudyukin
    Manipulator Control System for Railroad Transport Coupling and Braking System Maintenance
    10418L.O. Fedosova, A.M. Mukletsov, A.V. Zolotov
    The automated method of metrological inspection of parts manufactured according to additive technology using the 3D scanning method
    10434V. I. Nagay, S. V. Sarry, I. V. Nagay
    Estimation of Sensitivity of the Optical arc Relay Protection of High-Voltage Electrical Installation-Wok of Case Structure
    10436Alexy Poletikin, Vitaly Promyslov, Kirill Semenkov
    Digital Twins as a Key Technology for Ensuring Effective Modernization of Complex Industrial Systems
    10449Nataliya Trufanova, Irina Kukharchuk
    Features of Determining the Long-Term Permissible Current of Cable Lines in a Cable Channel
    10450Anton Bashirov, Dmitry Balovnev
    Phantom Electroencephalogram Simulator for Automated Tests and Validation: Signals Repeatability
    10474E. Sosnina, A. Shalukho, N. Erdili
    Multi-agent approach to efficient management of virtual power plants with distributed generation
    10499Valerii Drobotun, Andrei Rozov
    A Unified Microcontroller Node Architecture for Process-Oriented Distributed Control Systems
    10502Rustam R. Gaynutdinov, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev
    Metaelement Parameters Optimization for Creation Metamaterial with Given Electromagnetic Properties
    10512A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, P.G. Tulupov, I.A. Lozhkin
    An Improved Algorithm for Arc Furnace Mode Control with Dynamic Arc Length Correction at Metal Refining Period
    10525A. Bozhko
    Mathematical modelling of mechanical structures and assembly processes of complex technical systems
    10527Aleksandr Parygin
    Control Software for Formation of Heterogeneous Structures in Optical Fiber
    10531Ruslan Zhilov
    Building an Intelligent Testing System for Robotic Systems Based on Sigma-Pi Neural Networks
    10532Aleksandr Voevoda, Victor Shipagin
    Synthesis of a Multichannel Controller for Plant with Two Input and Two Output Channels Using Polynomial Matrix Fraction
    10542Elena Jharko
    Digital Twin of NPPs: Simulation Systems and Verification
    10550Ramil Nezmetdinov, Pavel Melikov, Ramazan Utarbaev
    Development of the Industrial Room Automation System on the Basis of a Single Computer
    10557Sergey V. Oskin, Nikolai S. Barakin, Andrey A. Kumeyko
    Asynchronous Generator Automated Control System for Supplying Electricity to Sprinkling Machine
    10565D. P. Dimitrichenko
    A Method for Diagnosing a Robotic Complex Using Logical Neural Networks Apparatus
    10586Elena Merzlikina, Georgiy Sviridov, Hoang Van Va
    Control System with a Predictive PID-Controller with a First-Order Filter: Estimation of the Efficiency for Thermal Proceses
    10600I. V. Suzdaltsev, V. A. Suzdaltsev, N. Yu. Bogula
    Modified Ant Colony Algorithm for Placement of Electronic Elements on the Printed Circuit Board
    10608I. F. Astachova, E. I. Kiseleva
    Intelligent Support for Medical Decision Making
    Секция 2. Математическое моделирование технологических процессов и технических систем
    10001I. A. Khudonogov, Е. Yu. Puzina, A. G. Tuigunova
    Analysis of Methods of Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Drying Insulation by Thermal Radiation
    10006A. Rakhaev
    Development of a Model for Accounting and Assessment of Reducing Electricity Losses in High-Voltage Electrical Networks
    10012A. G. Vaskov, N. Y. Mozder, A. F. Narynbaev
    Modelling of Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant
    10013A. F. Narynbaev, A. G. Vaskov
    Day-Ahead Solar Irradiance Forecasting Model
    10024A. Bozhko
    Mathematical Modelling of Mechanical Structures and Assembly Processes of Complex Technical Systems
    10025A. V. Skatkov, A. A. Bryukhovetskiy, D. V. Moiseev
    Cluster Dynamic Model for Detecting Anomalous States of Natural and Technical Systems
    10026Elena A. Saltanaeva, Andrey V. Maister
    Random Convex Polygon Construction Algorithm
    10029Vladimir Salnikov, Yulia Frantsuzova
    Monitoring the Consumption of Energy Resources in Cyberphysical Production Systems
    10044V.V. Dyadichev, S.S. Stoyanchenko, A.V. Dyadichev, S.Ye. Chornobay
    Mathematical model for evaluation of the parameters influence on the productivity of the flexible production site
    10167Vladimir Telezhkin, Andrey Ragozin, Behruz Saidov
    Prediction of Signals in Automated Control Systems of Technological Processes Using Autoregressive and Moving Average Models
    10176Vladimir Tetter, Alexandr Tetter, Sergey Ovcharenko
    Methods of the Virtual Vibration Test Signals Modeling
    10180Sergey Vasyukov, Alexander Maсovey, Alexander Tronnikov
    Impulsive Noise from the Optional Equipment on In-Vehicle Power Lines
    10182V. Tetter, А. Tetter, I. Denisova
    The dynamic defect models for rotor mechanical assemblies of rolling stock
    10198Karam Charafeddine, Yelena Ryzhkova, Sergey Tsyruk
    Analysis of a Wind Turbine with Wound Rotor Asynchronous Machine
    10204M.A. Novoseltseva, S.G. Gutova, E.S. Kagan
    Modeling spiral dispenser operation based on structural transformations
    10205Karam Charafeddine, Yelena Ryzhkova, Sergey Tsyruk
    Rotor Resistance Control of a Wound Induction Generator for Wind Turbine with Blade Actuator
    10208Roman Voronov, Anton Shabaev, Fedor Vasilyev
    A Method of Triangulated Irregular Network-Based Linear Interpolation of Phase Diagrams
    10215Maxim O. Tanygin, Mikhail A. Efremov, Elena A. Tanyginа
    The Computational Complexity of the Algorithm for Identifying the Source of Data Transmitted by Limited Length Blocks
    10219D. M. Shprekher, A. V. Zelenkov, D. S. Ovsyannikov
    Universal Computer Model for Studying the Dynamics of a Two-Motor Scraper Conveyor
    10244Sergey Yu. Sakovich, Yuri L. Siek
    Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Forming Video Frames by the Computer Vision System of an Underwater Vehicle
    10248Nikolay Mestnikov, Ahmad Alzakkar, Ilgiz Valeev, Victor V. Maksimov
    Assessment of the Performance of the Solar Power Plant with a Capacity 150W
    10251A. Chernenkii
    Study of gas giant satellites system
    10257Edward R. Rzaev, Aleksandr Yu. Romanov
    The New Promising Network-on-Chip Topologies Development Using Product Operation
    10258A. R. Zalyaeva, E. S. Belashova
    Better Stopping Criterion for Stochastic Colored Petri Nets Simulations
    10265 Shakhnoza R. Ubaydullayeva, Rano T. Gaziyeva, Odil J. Pirimov
    Graph Models and Algorithm for Studying the Dynamics of a Linear Stationary System with Variable Delay
    10293Alexander P. Dimitriev, Ruslan I. Bazhenov, Larisa V. Alekseeva
    Maximizing Power Factor for Controlling the Load of an Electricity Consumers’ Group by the Second Chance Algorithm
    10324S. Podvalny, E, Kutsova, E. Vasiljev
    Mathematical model of accidental gas leakage from underwater pipelines
    10325A. Kuznetsov, D. Rebrovskaya
    Models for determining the cost of services for the reduction of power losses in a network organization with reactive power compensation in a consumer network
    10329Alexey Vasin, Anton Kocherov, Andrey Okunev
    Thermal Analysis of Power MOSFETS in Boost DC/DC Converter
    10350Mikhail M. Khrustalev, Dmitry S. Rumyantsev
    Optimal Control for Multimachine Power System with Stochastic Disturbances
    10360I. A. Khudonogov, Е. Yu. Puzina
    Assessment of the Repair Modes Impact on the System of External Power Supply System on Throughput Capacity of Traction Power Supply System
    10364Maslov, G. Maslova, M. Novoselova
    Comparison of a vapor compression unit with an absorption chiller
    10371A. Sayenko, S. Malyukov, A. Palii
    Influence of perovskite layer parameters and back contact material on characteristics of solar cells
    10373V. Kureichik, D. Zaruba, Vladimir Kureichik Jr.
    Integrated approach to combinatorial and logic graph problems
    10389S. Larin, R. Bildanov, A. Smagin
    Ontological tools for modeling the quality of radiopharmaceuticals production
    10396Vladislav Ziryukin, Roman Solopov, Roman Shatalov
    The Program for Finding the Optimal Power Transit Separation Place of a Ring Electric Power Grid Based on Artificial Neural Networks
    10400Yu. N. Slesarev, A. A. Vorontsov
    Investigation and Simulation in Magnetostrictive Transducers of the Displacements Dynamic Parameters of the Solenoid Used for Reading the Output Signal and as a Device for Fixing the Magnetic Flux
    10405O. Kryukov, A. Voloshko
    Structural analysis of the process based on extended petri nets with semantic relations
    10406Elena N. Sosnina, Andrey V. Shalukho, Leonid E. Veselov
    The Mathematical Modeling and Efficiency Research of a Power Supply System with Biogas-powered SOFC’s
    10407Larisa Ginis, Larisa Gordienko, Vadim Kudryakhin
    Development of a Geoinformation Project as a Tool for Support Decision Making in the Subject Area
    10409Sergey V. Oskin, Alexei V. Miroshnikov, Dmitry S. Tsokur
    Investigation of the Aerodynamic Characteristics of Electric Motors when Regulating their Speed in the Comsol Package
    10411 Mussa G. Bashirov, Azat S. Khismatullin, Dina N. Bilalova
    Modeling and Improvement of the Cathode Protection System of Pipelines of Gas Distribution Networks
    10419Ivan Kalienko, Andrey Kostoglotov, Sergey Lazarenko
    Algorithm for Compensating Systematic Errors of Radar Measurements Based on Solving Cubic Equation
    10428A. I. Andriyanov
    Special Aspects of The Use of Parallel Computing in Modeling the Nonlinear Dynamics of Switching Voltage Converters
    10438V. Tynchenko, S. Kurashkin
    Software for modeling the electron-beam welding in steady state
    10448A. V. Kazakov
    Modeling the Cooling System of a Small Electric Motor
    10451Alexandr Poltavsky, Gurami Akhobadze
    Development of Computer Simulation Algorithm for Trajectory Analysis of Objective Function of Dynamic Object Models for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    10453D. Zolin, E. Ryzhkova
    Approaches to energy systems digital twins development and application
    10459I. Gurin, N. Spirin, V. Lavrov
    Automated information system for control and diagnostics of the blast furnace slag mode
    10460A. A. Amerikanov, A. S. Ponomarev
    Universal On-Chip Network Simulator for Networks on Chip Development
    10465R.V. Sharapov
    Adaptive weather forecasting based on local characteristics of the territory
    10466Evgeniya A. Panova, Regina R. Sabirova
    The Longitudinal Impedance of Two-Chain Power Lines without a Lightning Cable in Phase Coordinates in the Problem of Remote Fault Location
    10468V.I. Bekhmetyev , V.A. Tereshonkov, V. Lepeshkin
    Vertical CAD in the design of efficient technologies for making aircraft glider parts
    10473Vladislav Ziryukin, Roman Solopov, Andrey Usanov
    The 0.4 kV Automatic Balancing Device Model
    10476Vladimir Taran, Aleksey Shandybin, Evgeniy Kislovskiy
    Intellectualization of Methods for Reducing Electromagnetic Influences in Transport Systems
    10484A. V. Varganova, A. S. Irikhov, V. I. Kosmatov
    Automated Estimate of the Reliability of Distribution Devices of External Sources of Power Supply Systems
    10496O. V. Panchenko, I. A. Ramazanov
    Investigation of the Method of Interpolation of Movement to Video Frames
    10500V. S. Romanov, V. G. Goldstein, A. M. Batishchev
    Mathematical Modeling of Cycles to Failure for Submersible Technical Systems in the Oil Industry
    10511E.V. Lezhnev
    Development of Automation System for HDL Modeling of the Communication Subsystem for Networks-on-Chip
    10538Vladimir Mokshin, Dinar Yakupov, Zuhra Yakhina
    Comparison of Spectral Clustering Methods for Graph Models of Pipeline Systems
    10562Nikita Kostarev, Natalia Trufanova
    Numerical Study of the Efficiency of a Heating Cable in the Dewaxing of High-Rate Wells
    10563Valery P. Mochalov, Natalya Yu. Bratchenko, Gennady I. Linets
    A Mathematical Model of Load Distribution for Data Center Server Clusters
    10566Anatoly B. Vinogradov, Kirill K. Ermakov, Aleksey R. Kolganov
    Software Development for Dump Truck EMT Control System Simulation
    10571M. S. Selezneva, K. A. Neusypin, A. L. Maslennikov
    Identification by the Method of Decomposition of Wiener Functionals
    10582Gulshat Galimova, Vasiliy Volkov, Dmitriy Demyanov
    An MPC-Based Path-Following Control Algorithm of the Road Train
    10591A.V. Kirsha, S.F. Chermoshentsev
    Research of the emission of electromagnetic interference from a secondary power supply
    10592S. Dergachev, A. Romanov, R. Solovyev
    Generation of Hardware Modules for Comparison in Residue Numeral Systems
    10602Alexey Mushenko, Alexander Zolkin, Aleksandr Yatsumira
    Steganography Analysis of Chaotic Carrier Signal Transmission with Non-linear Parametric Modulation
    10603O. D. Kreerenko
    Synthesis of Control Algorithms for Aircrafts Separation with Simultaneous Breaking of Bonds
    10605Oleg V. Zakharov, K. G. Pugin, D.N. Pryanishnikov, L.V. Seliverstova
    A Mathematical Model of the Assembly Error for Flat Surfaces
    Секция 3. Теория управления
    10002E. L. Eremin, L. V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
    Combined Nonlinear Control Algorithm for Structural Undefined Non-Affine Input Delayed Plant
    10004A. R. Deniskina, I. V. Pocebneva, A. V. Smolyaninov
    Multidimensional Object Management
    10008E. L. Eremin, L. V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
    Discrete-Continuous Combined Output Control System for Non-Affine Plant with Unknown State Delay
    10018Ivan Kalienko, Andrey Kostoglotov, Sergey Lazarenko
    Algorithm for Compensating Systematic Errors of Radar Measurements Based on Solving Cubic Equation
    10192S.V. Razumnikov
    Building an aggregate rating of popular SaaS services based on organization of customer support channels
    10223Vanya Barseghyan, Svetlana Solodusha
    On One Problem in Optimal Boundary Control for String Vibrations with a Given Velocity of Points at an Intermediate Moment of Time
    10231Alexey V. Lapin, Nikolay E. Zubov
    Software and Mathematic Alternative to Infrared Vertical Sensor During Orbital Motion of a Spacecraft
    10243B. Skorohod
    Covariance Analysis of the Receding Horizon Optimal FIR Filter
    10253G.T. Pipiay, L.V. Chernenkaya, V.E. Mager
    Method of forming an updated list of technical products fuzzy quality indicators based on fuzzy clustering
    10276Dmitriy V. Krasnov, Anton V. Utkin
    Position Сontrol of a One-Link Manipulator without Measuring the Controlled Variabler
    10295Irina Rasina, Olga Danilenko
    Discrete-Continuous Systems with Intermediate Criteria on Non-Fixed Time Interval
    10362V. A. Zhmud, L. V. Dimitrov, O. V. Stukach
    Damping of Oscillations by Weak Nonlinear Regulator with Extended Range of Quality Control
    10368Aleksey A. Kabanov, Vadim A. Kramar
    Cooperative Control of Underwater Manipulators Based on the SDRE Method
    10377E. S. Belashova, D. A. Gashigullin
    Analysis of Associative Protected Spatio-Temporal Data
    10388Sagit Valeev, Natalya Kondratyeva
    Model-Based Architecture for Control System Design with Application of SIMO Neural Network
    10417V.N. Trofimenko, A.A. Volkova
    Combined control of angular velocities of an aircraft based on a predictive model
    10429Aleksandr Voevoda, Dmitry Romannikov
    An Example of Synthesis on the Neural Networks for the Linear Objects with Multiple Inputs
    10536Yulia G. Kokunko, Svetlana A. Krasnova
    Reduced Differentiators Design to Estimate Derivatives of Given Actions in the UAV Control System
    10553Vladimir Filaretov, Dmitry Yukhimets
    Formation Control of AUV on the Base of Visual Tracking of AUV-Leader
    10555Alexander Sobol, Sergey Gayvoronskiy, Tatiana Ezangina
    Synthesis of a Two-Parameter Controller for the Maximum Response Rate of a Control System with an Interval Characteristic Polynom
    10570Alexander Voevoda, Vladislav Filiushov, Kurbonmurod Bobobekov
    Polynomial Matrix and Multiloop Control Methods Synthesis Comparation for a DC Drive
    10577Kirill Chernyshov
    A Non-Linear MIMO System Identification Approach Based on the Multiple Maximal Correlation Technique
    10580Victor Utkin, Svetlana Gulyukina
    Synthesis of Invariant Systems of a Given Accuracy Based on the Sliding Modes Theory
    Секция 4. Интеллектуальные системы
    10015Andrey B. Semenov, Evgeny V. Kandziouba, Nadezhda A. Shishova
    Methods of Calculating the Maximum Length of a Twisted Pair Channel at the Physical Level of an Industrial Ethernet-Based Distributed Control System
    10016A. G. Lopatin, B. A. Brykov, D. P. Vent
    An Adaptive Control System of a Polymerizer Based on Fuzzy Supervisor
    10021Darya Chkalova
    Development of On-Board Electronic Communication Devices for Intelligent Transportation Systems
    10030M. Yu. Mikheev, Yu. S. Gusynina, T. A. Shornikova
    Data Classification for Neural Network Training
    10173Nikolai V. Smirnov, Aleksey S. Trifonov
    Deep Learning Methods for Solving Scrap Metal Classification Task
    10175Aleksey G. Marakhtanov, Evgeny O. Parenchenkov, Nikolai V. Smirnov
    Detection of Fictitious Accounts Registration
    10178M. Gliznitsa, N. Silkina
    Using decision trees to determine the important characteristics of ice hockey players
    10213O.Yu. Maryasin, A.I. Lukashov
    Optimizing the daily energy consumption of an enterprise
    10217Rimma Safina
    Intelligent System for Predicting the State of the Human Body
    10222Olga M. Poleshchuk
    A Predictive Nonlinear Regression Model under Initial Z-Information
    10229Olga M. Poleshchuk, Sergey V. Tumor
    The Analysis of Student Performance During Face-to-Face and Distance Learning under Z-Information
    10242M. Yu. Mikheev, Yu. S. Gusynina, T. A. Shornikova
    Research on the Development of Recurring Neural Networks
    10256O. V. Panchenko
    Data Flow Analysis Using Matrix Calculations
    10273N. Serzhantova, M. Sidorova, A. Syomin
    A tool to automate the assessment of patient dynamics in intensive care units, based on a specialized methodology
    10277Vasily Desnitsky
    IoTaaS Based Approach to Design of a WSN for Secure Smart City Monitoring
    10297Tatiana Brovko, Alexander Chugunov, Alexander Malyshev
    Positioning Algorithm for Smartphone Based Staff Tracking
    10346Natalia Aizenberg, Elena Stashkevich, Ilya Ilyukhin
    A Microgrid Model with an Integrated Forecasting and Intelligent Load Management Module
    10353Alexander Tyutyunnik, Alexey Lazarev
    Intelligent System for Preventing Rubber Ducky Attacks Using Deep Learning Neural Networks
    10498Andrey Shilkov, Sergey Ivanov, Maxim Sipatov, Valentin Golodov
    Automatic Prosody Markup Based on Fundamental Frequency
    10516Roman K. Klassen, Igor A. Kazantsev
    Automatic Translator of SQL-Query to Regular Plan for Clusterix-Like DBMS
    10528Venera Mustafina, Sergey Ivanov
    Identity Document Recognition: Neural Network Approach
    10539V.V. Zunin
    Intel OpenVINO Toolkit for Computer Vision: Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
    10552Ilya Kovalev, Ramil Nezhmetdinov, Denis Kvashnin
    Development of a Mobile Application for Training Operators to Work with Machine Tools with CNC Systems Using Augmented Reality
    10554A.I. Martyshkin
    On the Issue of Assessing the Possible Vulnerability of Users Personal Data in Social Networks
    10575Alexander Cherevko, Yury Morgachev
    Analysis of the Radiation Pattern Stability of Flexible, Eco-Friendly Microstrip and Folded Dipole Antennas in Graphene Design
    10583Alexander Cherevko, Yury Morgachev
    Comparative Analysis of Graphene Deposition Technologies for Antennas of Millimeter and Submillimeter Parts of the Spectrum (5-6G)
    10584A. I. Martyshkin, D. V. Pashchenko
    A Method for Identifying Potential Internal Violators Based on the Analysis of the Tone of Messages from Users of Social Networks
    10587M. Makarov, A. Astafiev
    Astafiev Researching the fundamentals of decision synthesis into technical systems of intelligent data processing
    10604Irina Bolodurina, Denis Parfenov, Lyubov Grishina
    Investigation of Feature Engineering Methods for Identifying Attacks in the VANET
    10635A. V. Astafiev, A. A. Demidov, A. L. Zhiznyakov, I. A. Kondrushin
    Development of an Algorithm for Positioning a Mobile Device Based on Sensor Networks from BLE Beacons for Building Autonomous Navigation Systems
    Секция 6. Промышленная робототехника и мехатроника
    10003Yury P. Filushov, Boris V. Palagushkin, Vladislav YU. Filushov
    Efficient AC Machine Control
    10011Yaroslava K. Starostina
    The Application of Volt-Booster Transformer as a Part of Asynchronous Motors Control Devices
    10014A. Davydov, B. Bochenkov, V. Anosov
    Compact Inverter for Single-Phase Induction Motor
    10331D. V. Topolsky, I. G. Topolskaya, I. G. Plaksina
    Mining Explorer Robot
    10442Aleksey A. Kabanov, Oleg A. Kramar, Vadim A. Kramar
    Collision Avoidance Control of Multi-link Robotic Manipulators with a Copy-type Master Device
    10470Vladislav V. Bataev, Aleksei V. Makarov, Tatiana V. Makarova
    Optimal Control of The Three-Link Manipulator According to the Energy Saving Criterion
    10556Dmitry Yukhimets, Anton Gubankov, Eduard Mursalimov
    Development of Method for Generating Trajectories of Movement of end Effectors and Control Programs for Industrial Robots in an Uncertain Working Environment
    10574V. L. Kodkin, A. S. Anikin, A. A. Baldenkov
    Experimental Research of a Doubly Fed Induction Machine Controlled by a Rotor Side Converter
    10607Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Abramenkov
    Extra Steering for ROV Control System by Tracking the Gamepad Orientation
    10631Peter Mikhailov
    Development of Design Solutions for Improving the Characteristics of Capacitive Sensitive Elements of Sensors of Physical Quantities
    Секция 7. Системы технического зрения
    10017I. Burnashev
    Calculation of Risk Parameters of Threats for Protected Information System
    10191Maya M. Lyasheva, Stella A. Lyasheva, Mikhail P. Shleymovich
    Image Weight Models Based on Discrete Wavelet Transforms
    10216Mikhail V. Kharinov
    Superpixel Clustering
    10233Valentyn N. Sichkar, Andrey V. Lyamin
    Design of Deep CNN Model for Effective Traffic Signs Recognition
    10234K. V. Mortin, D. G. Privezentsev, A. L. Zhiznyakov
    A System for Detecting and Detecting Defects in Sheet Metal on Grayscale Images
    10240Ivan Fomin, Andrey Arhipov
    Selection of Neural Network Algorithms for the Semantic Analysis of Local Industrial Area
    10252Liudmila V. Chernenkaya, Elena N. Desyatirikova, Alexander V. Rechinskii
    Realization of Computer Vision System for Biometric Identification of Personality
    10292Maya M. Lyasheva, Stella A. Lyasheva, Mikhail P. Shleymovich
    Application of the Weight Model to Detect the State Registration Number of the Vehicle in the Image
    10393Iurii E. Shishkin, Aleksandr N. Grekov
    Development of Image Analysis Methods for Detecting Nonhomogeneity and Anomalies in the Marine Environment
    10440Egor Churaev, Andrey V. Savchenko
    Touching the Limits of a Dataset in Video-Based Facial Expression Recognition
    10472Rinat M. Shakirzyanov, Alina A. Shakirzyanova
    Object Detection Using Color Segmentation, Radial Symmetry Detector, and Hough Method
    10572Anastasiya Yu. Strueva, Eleva V. Ivanova
    Student Attendance Control System with Face Recognition Based on Neural Network
    10588Ilya Kovalev, Nadezhda Chervonnova, Ramilya Nezhmetdinova
    Development of a Module for Analyzing Milling Defects Using Computer Vision
    10597Daria Snegireva, Anastasiia Perkova
    Traffic Sign Recognition Application Using YOLOv5 Architecture
    10599Daria Snegireva, Georgiy Kataev
    Vehicle Classification Application on Video Using YOLOv5 Architecture
    Секция 8. Информационная безопасность промышленных систем автоматизации
    10027E. R. Zakharov, V. O. Zakharova, A. I. Vlasov
    Methods and Algorithms for Generating a Storage Key Based on Biometric Parameters
    10042K. I. Kostromitin, B. N. Dokuchaev, D. A. Kozlov
    Implementation of a System for Protecting a Computational Algorithm Using a Local Network of Personal Computers
    10168Vladimir Telezhkin, Behruz Saidov, Andrey Ragozin
    Recognition and Elimination of Anomalies in Information Leakage Channels in Opto-Ultrasonic Communication Channels in Data Streams of Industrial Automated Systems
    10195Igor Kotenko, Igor Parashchuk
    Evaluation of Information Security of Industrial Automation Systems Using Fuzzy Algorithms and Predicates
    10218Aleksander Salomatin, Andrey Iskhakov, Roman Meshcheryakov
    Formation of a Digital Footprint Based on the Charachteristics of Computer Hardware to Identity APCS Users
    10225M. Tumbinskay, A. Abzalov, I. Davydova
    Software package for training users to respond to information security incidents in industrial automated systems
    10378Oleg Lauta, Igor Saenko, Igor Kotenko
    Increasing the Reliability of Computer Network Protection System by Analyzing Its Controllability Models
    10435D. Chernov
    Application TRIKE methodology when modeling threats to APCs information security
    10452Andrey Barinov, Dmitriy Bukharev, Maxim Ufimtcev
    Method for Selecting Information-dense Parameters at Control Points of ICS to Solve Problem of Effective Detection of Anomalies due to Cyber-Attacks on Information Processes of Industrial Systems
    10454A.A. Baybulatov, V.G. Promyslov
    Industrial control system cybersecurity assessment handling delay estimation
    10477O. Yu. Nazarova, Alexey Sklyarov, A. N. Shilina
    Methods for Determining a Quantitative Indicator of Threats to Information Security in Telecommunications and Industrial Automation Systems
    10485Maria S. Tigina
    Features of Ensuring Information Security of the Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS)
    10508V. Kryukov, V. Tarasov
    Readiness assessment of the enterprise information security supporting system for the digital transformation
    10569M. Babenko, A. Redvanov, A. Djurabaev
    Efficient application of the residue number system in elliptic cryptography
    Секция 9. Диагностика и надежность систем автоматического управления
    10019M. S. Razumov, A. N. Shevtsov
    The Concept of Determining the Energy Balance of Radio Links
    10022S. O. Gaponenko, R. Z. Shakurova, A. E. Kondratiev
    Identification of Diagnostic Information for Assessing the Technical Condition of Power Equipment
    10047N. N. Druzhinin, A. A. Sarlybaev, O. I. Karandaeva, E.A. Khramshina
    Development of a Stationary System for Monitoring and Localization of Transformer Faults
    10171Dmitrii V. Efanov, Valerii V. Khóroshev
    Decision Support Level in Monitoring Systems for Railway Automation Based on Questionnaire Theory
    10209A. A. Nekrasov
    Integrated Method for Operational Diagnostics of Functional Status of Electric Motors in Agriculture
    10210A. A. Nekrasov, P. N. Podobedov, P. A. Maslennikov
    Provision of Guaranteedand Failure Free Power Supply of Industrial Enterprises
    10221Anton Zarubin, Vadim Moshkin, Albina Koval
    Features of Software Development for Data Mining of Storage System State
    10246Ahmad Alzakkar, Ildar Ilyasov, Luu Quoc Cuong, Ilgiz Valeev
    An Impact of Use the Artificial Neural Networks in Analysis of Electrical Power Stability at Meharde Plant (Hama-Syria)
    10298S.N. Fedorov, A.N. Krasnov, M. Yu. Prakhova
    Automatic diagnostics system for well tubing wax cleaning devices
    10299A.N. Krasnov, M.Yu. Prakhova, Yu.V. Novikova
    Predicting the decrease in the metrological reliability of ultrasonic flow meters in conditions of wax deposition
    10313Sergej Efimov, VitalijTerskov, Konstantin Yarkov
    Improving the Reliability of Real-Time Hardware and Software Systems
    10431Alexandr Dvinianin, Tatiana Liakh
    Debugging Reflex-programs on Digital Plant Models
    10446D. S. Iakovlev
    Collision Risk Analysis to Ensure the Safety of Autonomous Vehicle Motion Control
    10461I. S. Vershinin, A. R. Mustafina
    Performance Analysis of PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server Systems Based on TPC-H Tests
    10462Andrey Kostoglotov, Vladimir Zehcer
    Application of Parallel-Sequential Identification Algorithms in Diagnostic Tasks
    10469Antonio J. Marques Cardoso, Evgenij Koptjaev
    The Impact of Current Distortions on the Measurement Accuracy of Insulation Control Systems for Galvanically Coupled Loads
    10501N. I. Pikuleva, A. Sh. Khafizova, D. A. Gashigullin
    Hardware Graphics Driver Based on FPGA
    10526А. А. Sychugov
    A Model of a Distributed Information System with the Possibility of Dynamic Distribution of the Functions Performed
    10529Anvar Valeev
    Computer Modeling of the Defect Detecting in Pumping Units Using Continuous Strain Gauge Data Analysis
    10537Clara Tagirova, Alexey Vulfin, Adel Arslanova
    Data Mining of the Dynamometry of Oil Production Sucker Rod Pumping Unit
    10573Vasiliy Volkov, Gulshat Galimova, Dmitriy Demyanov
    Road Train Sideslip and Jackknifing Angle Estimation using Functional Observer
    10590Alexey V. Kozov, Tamara M. Volosatova, Alexander A. Tachkov
    Method of the Dynamic Reconfiguration of a Group Control System for Mobile Robots
    10639Igor V. Bochkarev, Ivan V. Bryakin, Vadim R. Khramshin
    Probing Inductive Hypersensitive Installation