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Секция 3. Теория управления
Control Theory

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    11259A.V. Lapin, N.E. Zubov
    Autonomous Stabilization of a Spacecraft Orbital Orientation at the Lack of Angular Velocity Measurements
    11260N. T. Pesoshina, J. I. Yoqubjonov
    The Voice Control System Implementation
    11263S.V. Astanin, N.K. Zhukovskaya
    Definition of the Nested Metagraph
    11273Y. Hu, K.A. Neusypin, K. Shen
    Quantifying Controllability for Nonlinear State-Dependent Riccati Equation Control
    11280E. L. Eremin, L. V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
    Adaptive Repetitive Control of Nonlinear Undefined Plant with Input Saturation and Delay
    11305N. Karabutov
    Identifiability and Detectability of Lyapunov Exponents
    11308J. Zheng, M.S. Selezneva
    Asymptotic Adaptive Roll Tracking Control for Single Moving-mass Controlled Reentry Vehicle
    11317K. Chernyshov
    Identification of Systems Based on Minimax Entropy-Information Criteria
    11324O. Nazarova, A. Prygunov
    Solving the Synchronization Problem Using a Photonic Frequency Locked Loop System for Control Systems in Technological Processes
    11351R. Zhilov
    Application of the Neural Network Approach when Tuning the PID Controller
    11354A. Sobol, S. Gayvoronskiy, T. Ezangina
    Maximum Stability Controller Synthesis for a System with an Interval Characteristic Polynomial Using Critical Root Diagrams
    11357A. I. Andriyanov
    Investigating the Frequency Characteristics of Pulse-Width DC/DC Converters with the Target-Oriented Control
    11363I. Zaitceva, N.V. Kuznetsov, B. Andrievsky
    Random Search Optimization Approach for Human-Robot Systems Modeling
    11375J. Yi, M.S. Selezneva, K.A. Neusypin
    Lidar Odometry and Mapping Optimized by the Theory of Functional Systems in the Parking Lot
    11395A.Yu. Kustov, A.V. Yurchenkov
    On the Relation between Anisotropy-based Theory and Covariance Control Theory
    11524Yu. Danik, M. Dmitriev
    Pade Approximations and the SDRE Technique in the Design of Parametric Families of Feedback Laws
    11543V.N. Trofimenko
    Аlgorithm for a Dynamic Object State Estimation From Indirect Observa-tions
    11613A.A. Kabanov
    Modified SDRE Method for Finite-time Nonlinear Optimal Control Problem
    11620S. Jatsun, A. Knyazev, A. Fedorov
    Control of the Active-Passive Ankle Mechanotherapy Device
    11634D. Lusenko
    Waste Heat Boiler Control System Based on Neural network Technology and Fuzzy Logic
    11699A.B. Filimonov, N.B. Filimonov
    Numerical Solution of Linear Time-Optimal Control Problem Using of Genetic Algorithm
    41047G.V. Redreev, V.D. Chervenchuk, P.V. Kiyko
    Modeling and Study of Maintenance Service System