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Секция 4. Интеллектуальные системы
Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    11250A. Zaenchkovski, A. Lazarev, S. Masyutin
    Multi-Factor Authentication in Innovative Business Systems of Industrial Clusters
    11323L. Legashev, L. Grishina
    Development of an Intrusion Detection System Prototype in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Based on Machine Learning Methods
    11332V. Olonichev, B. Staroverov
    Dynamic Object Parametric Identification with the Decompositional Neural Network
    11355D.P. Dimitrichenko
    Optimization of The Structure of Variable-Valued Logical Functions When Adding New Production Rules
    11358O.Yu. Maryasin, A.I. Lukashov
    Optimal Energy Consumption Scheduling for Enterprises with Local Energy Sources
    11364M. Khachumov, V. Khachumov
    Optimization Models of UAV Route Planning For Forest Fire Monitoring
    11374L.A. Lyutikova
    Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Neural Network Decision-Making
    11416M. Kazakov
    Clustering Algorithm Based on Feature Space Partitioning
    11421V. Moshkin, V. Kalachev, A. Zarubin
    Automation of Program Code Analysis Using Machine Learning Methods
    11449A.N. Grekov, A.A. Kabanov
    Machine Learning Boosting Algorithms for Determining Euler Angles in an Inertial Navigation System
    11471D. Perepelkin, K. Anisimov
    Fuzzy Approach of Metrics Control of Communication Links in the Software Defined Network of Internet of Things
    11472D. Perepelkin, T. Nguyen
    Research of Multipath Routing Processes in Software Defined Networks Based on Firefly Algorithm
    11482G. Dagldiyan, D. Shvalov
    Modeling and Quality Analysis of Algorithms for Formation of Panoramic Images for Different
    11504M.S. Pestin, A.S. Novikov
    Protocol for Multipath Routing of Traffic in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Based on the Status of Channels and Network Nodes
    11536R.E. Semenov
    Processing of Analyzed Textual Information to a Meaningful Structure
    11552I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Ya. Lvovich
    Modeling and Optimization of Integrated Internet of Things System
    11553I. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhenskiy, Ya. Lvovich
    Modeling of Integrated Internet of Things System on the Base of Semi-Markov Processes
    11669V.V. Zunin, A.Yu. Romanov, R.A. Solovyev
    Developing Methods for Combinational Circuit Generation
    11685D. Korobkin, M. Saveliev, G. Vereschak, S. Fomenkov
    The Building a Patent Landscape for Technological Forecasting Tasks
    11687А.N. Varnavsky, K.A. Karmanova, R.A. Kurochkin, D.A. Popov
    Developing E-Learning Courses in a Gaming Environment with an Integrated Assistant Bot for Secondary School Students
    11697V.V. Antonov, Y.S. Voyakovskaya, V.A. Suvorova
    Method for Determinig the Digital Twin Structure of Distributed Open Sources
    11711A. Rogachev, E. Melikhova
    Automation of Architecture Justification and Parameters Selection of Artificial Neural Networks for Intelligent Detection of Cyber-Physical Threats
    46050L. Haritonova
    On the Interpretability of the Deep Learning Models Including in the Process of Neural Network Modeling of Dangerous Hydrometeorological Events to Provide a Stable Operation in Industry
    70012Yu. Soluyanov, A. Akhmetshin, V. Soluyanov
    Updating the Electrical Loads of Residential Buildings by Introducing a Correction Factor