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Секция 7. Системы технического зрения
Computer Vision

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    11283L.G. Gagarina, A.V. Chirkov
    Development of a Method for Plant Disease Detection and Recognition Using Cascade Classifiers
    11300N.V. Smirnov, A.S. Chernyshov
    Emotion recognition from facial images
    11348A. Arhipov, I. Fomin
    Investigation of The Influence of Data Acquisition Conditions on the Quality of the CNN-Based Vision System
    11370M. Shleymovich, R. Safina
    Image Denoising Using Weight Model
    11372K. Palagut, E. Pikalov, A. Kuzneсov
    Research of the Influence of Internal Parameters of a Vision System on Its Accuracy
    11377R.R. Akhmetzyanova, I. I. Bikmullina
    The Types of Filtering Images with Cloudy Weather
    11384E. Nikolaev, A. Konyrkhanova, V. Zakharov
    Smart City Management System Based on Multi-purpose Deep Neural Network
    11403A. Iusupova, V. Titov
    Empirical Analysis of Visual Localization Accuracy
    11404B. Skorohod, S. Fateev, P. Zhilyakov
    Preprocessing and Future Extraction for Visual Underwater Odometry
    11405V. Bykova, A. Mashoshin, A. Smirnov
    One Approach to the Recognition of Bottom Objects Using Monitoring Systems Installed on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
    11457A. Abdrahimov, A.V. Savchenko
    Summarization of Videos from Online Events Based on Multimodal Emotion Recognition
    11475N. Lomov, O. Seredin, O. Kushnir
    Detection of the Optimal Reflection Symmetry Axis with the Jaccard Index and the Radon Transform
    11596P. Demochkina, A. Savchenko
    Efficient Algorithms for Video-Based Engagement Prediction for a MOOC Course
    11651I.I. Jumanov, S.M. Kholmonov
    Optimization of Identification of Non-Stationary Objects Based on the Regulation of Systematic Error Values
    70006I. Burnashev
    Characteristics of the Risks of Threats to the Information System with a Limited Number of Information Sources