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Секция 8. Информационная безопасность промышленных систем автоматизации
Industrial Automation Systems Cybersecurity

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    11184I. V. Zimakov, E. S. Belashova, D. A. Gashigullin
    The Secure Information Transfer Dynamic System Based on Associative Data Protection Mechanism
    11242A.N. Ragozin, A.D. Pletenkova
    Obtaining a Highly Informative Digital Image of Information Signals of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Time-Frequency Spectral Analysis and Digital Filtering
    11253I. Kotenko, I. Parashchuk
    Description of Information Security Events of Production and Technological Systems Using Fuzzy Graphs
    11367A. Gorbenko, V. Popov
    Zero-Day Attacks Detection Using an Analysis of Mobile Robot Motor Primitives
    11390M. Grekov, A. Sychugov
    Distributed Detection of Anomalies in the Network Flow Using Generative Adversarial Networks
    11399D. Bogacheva, O. Lukinova
    The Issues of Providing Secure Information Systems Interaction Based on the Open System Environment Reference Model
    11407E. Aleksandrova, A. Fedichev, A. Yarmak
    Lattice-Based Ordered Multisignature for Industrial IoT
    11414A.V. Plugatarev, M.O. Tanygin
    Model for Determining the Message Source by Analyzing Their Arrival Time
    11474G.D. Asyaev, A.N. Sokolov
    Multiclass Classification of Attacks in APCS by Applying SW Graph
    11490V. Zubkov, E. Ryazanova, K. Anoshkin
    Proposals for the Development of the Road Information Logistics System (RILS )
    11595A.I. Martyshkin, R.A. Biktashev, E.G. Bershadskaya
    Review and Analysis of Information Security Issues in Data Exchange and Management of a Virtualized Environment of Remote Data Processing Centers
    11625A.A. Baybulatov, V.G. Promyslov
    A Metric for the IACS Availability Risk Assessment
    11636D. Chernov, A. Sychugov, A. Sovgir
    Applying a System of Automatic Threat Modeling for Apcs at Information Infrastructure Facilities
    11656L. Vitkova, M. Kolomeec, A. Chechulin
    Taxonomy and Bot Threats in Social Networks
    11666A. Salomatin, A. Iskhakov, R. Meshcheryakov
    Proactive Detection of Attacks on APCS Accounts Based on Analysis of User Identification Graphical Attributes
    46049R. Sharipov, O. Panchenko
    Problems of Developing User Identification Systems by Keyboard Handwriting
    46056N.I. Pikuleva, A.Sh. Khafizova, A.F. Sultanov
    Corporate Network for Organizing PDM and PLM Systems Using Wireless Technologies