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Секция 9. Диагностика и надежность систем автоматического управления
Diagnostics and Reliability of Automatic Control Systems

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада / Authors Name/s, papers Title
    11269A.N. Khusnutdinov, M.G. Nuriev
    The Sound Pressure Level Meter
    11277A. Tvardovskii, N. Yevtushenko
    Using Homing Traces for Simplifying Passive Testing of Discrete Event Systems
    11307L. Samoylov, N. Prokopenko, D. Denisenko
    Dynamic Errors of Butterworth Band-Pass Filters in Analog-digital Control and Monitoring Systems
    11309Z. Gizatullin, S. Lyasheva
    Research the Radiated Electromagnetic Interference from Power Converters under Operating Conditions
    11310Z. Gizatullin, R. Mubarakov
    Technique for Research of Conducted Interference from Power Converters in Operating Conditions
    11346I. Sokolov, Yu. Stepchenkov, Yu. Diachenko
    Comparison of Synchronous and Self-Timed Pipeline’s Soft Error Tolerance
    11368D. Topolsky, I. Topolskaya, Yu. Plaksina
    Power Losses Quadratic Approximation for the Electric Drive Load Condition Monitoring
    11386A. Sitskaya, V. Selifanov, M. Purgina
    Development of Weighting Coefficients for Assessing the Quality of Security Measures Implementation for Significant Objects of Critical Information Infrastructure
    11424V.A. Bogatyrev, Anh Tu Le, E.A. Abramova
    Structural Reliability of a Multipath Routing Network with Reconfigurations when Switching Routes
    11453A. Zhirabok, A. Zuev, A. Shumsky
    Robust Virtual Sensors Design
    11465L. Samoylov, D. Denisenko, V. Chumakov
    Assessment of Dynamic Errors of Input Circuits in Measuring Systems when Setting Line Interference Filters
    11494S. Levoniuk, L. Ginis, L. Gordienko
    Real-time Acquisition and Processing of Measurement Information in the Complex Technical Systems Diagnosis
    11555I. Muraviov, G. Kovalenko, A. Bogomolov
    Method for Improving the Reliability of an Ergatic Control System for an Automated Aircraft
    11564E. Lukoyanov, N. Kolesov, A. Gruzlikov
    Diagnostics of Onboard Information Processing and Control Systems of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
    11571T.H. Nguyen, B.Yu. Vasilev
    Analysis of the impact of Autonomous Inverter Control Algorithms on the Battery and Motor
    11602A.A. Nikolaev, M.V. Bulanov, I.R. Gilemov, S.A. Linkov
    Development of the Algorithm for Determining PWM Parameters of Active Rectifiers Based on Experimental Data
    11688S.M. Staroletov
    Grammar-Based Testing a Process-Oriented Extension of the IEC 61131-3 Structured Text Language
    11691A.V. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, A.V. Semennikov, D.A. Ivanov
    Automated Measuring Device for Remote Control of Dielectric Power Equipment
    11706A.J. Marques Cardoso, E. Koptjaev
    An Improved Leakage Current Sensor for Insulation Control Systems
    70005A.A. Tikhomirov, N.V. Sobolev, E.E. Fomin
    Study of the Accuracy of Signal Phase Estimation by Piecewise Overlay Method in the Emergency Mode
    70011S.N. Verzunov, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
    Intelligent Monitoring System of Underground Cable Network Faults
    70014I.V. Bochkarev, R.R. Khramshin, A.R. Sandybaeva, L.A. Usacheva
    Development of Electric Drive Control Scheme for Biogas Plant