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"Автоматизация' 2023"

    Фамилии авторов, название доклада
    Секция 1. Автоматизация технологических процессов
    12258M. Pilavov, V. Andriichuk, V. Sokolov
    Improvement of Control Processes for VAV Ventilation Systems Using MPC Controller
    12267L. Zhlobitskiy, M. Lankin, S. Shovkoplyas
    Method of Forecasting Icing on Overhead Power Lines Wires
    12274J. Zheng, M.S. Selezneva, K.A. Neusypin
    Auto-Landing Control for Moving-Mass Actuated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    12295V. Kamenskiy, S. Sokolov, M. Kurinenko
    Gigahertz Optical Digital-to-Analog Multiplier
    12325T.V. Basоva, Yu.S. Andreev, M.V. Basova
    The Development of the Cutting Tools and Toolholders Parameters Unified Database
    12331N. Silega, V.S. Lapshin, Yu.I. Rogozov
    Applying and MDD-Based Approach to Automatically Generate System Models to Develop Systems Involving Users
    12337B. Skorohod, S. Fateev, A. Liashko
    Positioning of AUV in the Presence of Underwater Currents with Visual Servoing
    12341L. Martinova, N. Fokin
    Development of a Universal Software Application for Programming Canned Cycles on CNC Turning and Milling Machine Tools
    12360D.V. Efanov, E.M. Mikhailiuta, V.V. Khoroshev
    Reliability Models for a Safe Train Traffic Control Systems Accounting the Railway Infrastructure States
    12380G. Martinov, E. Salamatin
    The Mechanism for Synchronizing CNC System with External Devices by Using a Part Program
    12382S. Cherniy, V. Khrulkov
    Intelligent Suspension Control System for Modular Trawl System
    12386M. Romashikhin, A. Romanov
    Hardware-Software Complex for Prototyping NoCs Using a Few FPGA Chips
    12389R. Nezhmetdinova, N. Chervonnova, A. Plaksin
    Research and Optimization of the Development Process of Control Programs for CNC Systems Using a Specialized Postprocessor
    12392D. Gryazin, O. Belova
    Spectral Methods for Estimating the Dynamic Error of Navigation Devices
    12393D. Gryazin, O. Belova
    Features of the Composition and Methods for Estimating the Characteristics of Pressure Sensors Used in Ship Systems
    12441D. Levonevskiy, A. Motienko
    A Conceptual Model of a Smart Medical Ward for Patient Care in Inpatient Facilities
    12442G. Martinov, K. Polyakov
    Collection and Storage of Technological Data in Multi-Channel CNC Processing Using a Non-Relational Database and Node-RED
    12447V. Grechushnikov, O. Kachin, S. Prokhorov
    Automated System of Knowledge Base Acquisition for Lumber Drying Processes
    12449D.V. Goncharov, O.A. Ivashchuk, V.I. Fedorov
    Approaches to Building an Automated Control System for Plant Production in the Conditions of Greenhouse Effect Dynamics
    12450Iu.E. Shishkin
    Development of Automation Approaches for Liquids Density Direct Measurement by Differential Method
    12462S. Evstafieva, V. Grublyak, M. Streshina
    Debugging Control Programs Using Interactive Models of Machine Tools
    12463I.I. Jumanov, R.A. Safarov
    Optimization of Identification of Micro-Objects with Blurring of Image Points
    12471L. Martinova, N. Martemianova
    Automation of Configuration of Slave Devices via the EtherCAT Fieldbus for the Collection of Technological Data
    12484O.D. Ivashchuk, S.V. Igrunova, E.V. Nesterova
    Automating Prediction of Roller Mills Performance in a Concentrator Using a Predictive Model by an Artificial Neural Network
    12487E. Boyko, P. Ilyushin, S. Filippov
    Building Systems for Automatic Control of Distributed Energy Resources on the Basis of Digital Platform
    12524P.A. Nikishechkin, P.D. Tonkikh
    Module for 3D Visualization of the Technological Process of Parts Automatic Sorting Controlled by SoftPLC
    12565V.P. Lapshin, I.A. Turkin, D.O. Gamaleev
    One Particular Case of Determining the Actual Rotation of the Lathe Spindle in Cutting Mode
    12567S. Evstafieva
    Methodology and Features of the Development of Control Programs for Machine Tools with Dynamically Changing Kinematics
    12579A. Morgoeva, R. Turluev, M. Madaeva
    Short-Term Electricity Consumption Forecasting for a Steel Enterprise
    12594A.A. Kuznetsov, M.A. Volchanina, A.V. Gorlov
    Comparative Analysis of Acoustic Signals and Visual Images of High-Voltage Discharge in Transformer Oil
    12641I.I. Jumanov, O.I. Djumanov, S.M. Kholmonov
    Identification of Micro-Objects Based on a Hybrid Model with a Growth Cone and Growing Axons of a Neural Network
    12642J.F. Kurbanov, N.V. Yaronova, E.G. Khujamkulov
    Improvement of the Control Relay Blocks in the Electrical Centralization and Control System Based on Modern Elements
    12643J.F. Kurbanov, N.V. Yaronova, L.A. Kodirova
    Remote Control and Monitoring of the Unguarded Railway Crossing System
    12648R.R. Galin, M.V. Mamchenko, S.B. Galina
    Task Allocation Methodology in Collaborative Robotic Systems
    12657A.R. Grigoriev, M.V. Murashov
    Development of an Automated Coloring Machine
    12666A. Filippov, Ju. Stroeva
    Search for Structurally Similar Projects of Software Systems
    12672M. Lemeshko, A. Iliev, V. Dmitritnro
    Theoretical Foundations of Adaptive Rotary Drilling Control
    12675A.F. Tavaeva, A.A. Petunin
    Algorithm for Solving the Integrated Problem of the Rectangular Parts Nesting and Tool Routing for CNC Sheet Cutting Machines
    12689I.D. Morgoev, A.E. Dzgoev, A.V. Kuzina
    Algorithm for Operational Detection of Abnormally Low Electricity Consumption in Distribution
    12691D. Kutovoy, M. Shustrova, V. Fafurin
    Effect of Calculation Algorithms on Accuracy of Gas Flow Measurement Result at Low Temperatures
    12705E. Sosnina, A. Shalukho, N. Erdili
    Multi-agent Control of a Virtual Power Plant in the Context of the Environmental Rating
    12710V.V. Moroz, S.S. Gavriushin, M.V. Murashov, L.V. Baulina
    Software Development Methodology of Hydrogen Generator Control System Based on User Interface
    Секция 2. Математическое моделирование технологических процессов и технических систем
    12265D.S. Osipov, A.O. Paramzin, V.A. Tkachenko
    Wavelet Transform Algorithms in Analyzing Transient Phenomena and Power Quality Parameters
    12288S. Gushanskiy, V. Potapov, N. Korobeynikova
    Development and Research of a Quantum Control System for the Computational Process and the Execution of Algorithms
    12299S. Vasyukov, A. Krasovsky, A. Maсovey
    Statistical Analysis of Accelerations in Car Movement
    12306S. Solodusha, E. Antipina
    MIMO Volterra Modeling for Linear Automatic Control Systems
    12317M.O. Tanygin, M.A. Efremov, E.A. Tanyginа
    The Control of the Metadata Processing in Anonymous Communication Network Devices
    12319A.I. Ogorodnikov, Mohammed M.A. Abdelhafiz, O.M. Ogorodnikova
    CAE/CAM Integration as a Part of Distributed Production
    12321S.V. Astanin, V.V. Zhukovsky
    Representation of the Metagraph from the Position of the Theory of Categories
    12327V. Tetter, А. Tetter, I. Denisova
    Researching the Possibility of Determining the Technical Condition of Rolling Bearings by the Kurtosis Factor
    12334V.I. Danilchenko, E.M. Gerasimenko, E.V. Danilchenko
    Decision Support for Management in Emergency Situations based on the Construction of Functional, Information and Dynamic Models
    12335R. Khazieva, M. Ivanov, R. Sattarov
    Capacitance of Multifunctional Integrated Electromagnetic Component
    12342M.A. Novoseltseva, S.G. Gutova, E.S. Kagan
    Assessment of the Functional State of Mining Equipment Based on Multisinusoidal Signal Models
    12369O.V. Zakharov, F.D. Suleimanova
    Simple Method of Stylus Radius compensation for Roughness Measurements
    12387A. Konoplin, N. Krasavin, R. Vasilenko
    Stabilization System of AUV for Implementation of Contact Manipulation Operations
    12388A.N. Serov, K.A. Ivanenko, A.A. Shatokhin
    Application of the Moving Average Filter for the Tasks of Electrical Power Parameters Measurement
    12395D.A. Grigoriev, A.A. Musaev
    Distributed Multi-Expert Forecasting System for Non-Stationary Processes
    12401K.D. Huu, T.D. Anh, T.H. Duc
    A Neural Network-Based Model to Predict Fuel Consumption and Sailing Time for Cargo Ships
    12403Dung Nguyen Thi Thu, L.V. Chernenkaya
    A High-Order Heuristic Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model Based on Hedge Algebras Approach
    12404Dung Nguyen Thi Thu, L.V. Chernenkaya
    A Forecasting Model Intuitionistic Fuzzy Time Series Using Distribution Ratio-Based
    12405K.D. Huu, T.D. Anh, T.H. Duc
    A Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulator to Design and Test Ship Motion Controllers
    12412A. Dorofeev, N. Filippova, A. Abakarov
    Digital System Dynamics Model for a Motor Transport Company
    12420N.K. Petrova, S.M. Kutsenko, E.A. Saltanaeva
    Using the Long Functional Series in Technical Systems and Increasing Their Efficiency Due to Recurrent Formulae
    12421I.A. Kalmykov, A.A. Olenev, N.K. Chistousov
    Mathematical Modeling of Signal Processing Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Non-Positional Modular Code
    12424A. Abdulov
    Cooperative Ultrasonic Odometry of Autonomous Mobile Robots for Grouping Navigation
    12427I.A. Kalmykov, D.V. Dukhovnyj, N.I. Kalmykova
    Development of a Mathematical Model for Performing the Haar Wavelet Transform in Parallel Modular Codes
    12432A. Maseevsky, V. Zyubin
    Developing Cloud PLC for poST-Specified Software
    12451D.A. Kurnosov, N.Yu. Kuleva, R.A. Zakirov
    Mathematical Modeling of the Control System of a Municipal Electric Machine
    12452A.A. Musaev, D.A. Grigoriev
    Evolutionary Software Agents for Managing Operations in Chaotic Environments
    12455K.V. Cherkasov, S.A. Meshkov, M.O. Makeev
    Study of Spacer Layers’ Influence on Current-Voltage Characteristic of Resonant-Tunneling Diode
    12456K.V. Cherkasov, S.A. Meshkov, M.O. Makeev
    Influence of Technological Errors of Resonant-Tunneling Diodes’ Design Parameters on a Subharmonic Radio Frequency Mixer’s Performance Indices
    12457V. Lebedeva, A. Erashov
    Algorithm for Interaction of UAVs and Ground-based Robotic Systems for Collaboration Operations over Vast Territory
    12458V. Borisov, V. Bobkov, O. Bulygina
    Optimization of Operation Modes of the Roasting Conveyor Machine Using the Coevolutionary Algorithm of Cuckoo Search
    12460I. Filianin, V. Bogatyrev, M. Lesonen
    Develop a Lightweight MEC Platform Simulator
    12467R.R. Gaynutdinov, S.F. Chermoshentsev
    Investigation of the UAV Electromagnetic Resistance with a Direct Lightning Discharge into the Fuselage
    12468O.V. Demidovich, Yu.Yu. Perevalov
    From Digital Models to Digital Twins of Induction Heating Systems
    12479A. Konoplin, A. Yurmanov, M. Panchuk
    Development of System for Tracking of AUV in HANS-USBL Operation Area
    12480E. Fomina, A. Mironov
    Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Co-Processors GPU-Based in Solving of Generating Sea Waves in the Operation Simulation Model of Unmanned Maritime Vehicles
    12483L. Suleiman, S. Vlasov
    Research on the Impact of Different Controllers on the Adapative Cruise Control System
    12491S. Polesskiy, P. Korolev, V. Tsvetkov
    The Research of Reliability Measures of Thin Film Resistors on an Extended Temperature Range of Operation
    12492E. Jharko
    Flexible Modeling System: Steam Generator Model
    12493R.A. Prosoedov, T.V. Tyulegenov, A.R. Khasanov
    Methods for Controlling Water Level in a Tank
    12495M.A. Gorkavyy, V.D. Voroshchenko, A.S. Gudim
    Modeling of Operator Poses in an Automated Control System for a Collaborative Robotic Process
    12512A.F. Alhaj Hasan, M.T. Nguyen, T.R. Gazizov
    Efficient Sparse Antenna Design Using MoM-WG: Comparative Study of Horn, Conical Horn, and Reflector Antennas by Advanced Approximations
    12513G. Filatova, O. Dobryagina, S. Litvinov
    Development of a 10 kV Grid Model for the Research Methodology of Digital Instrument Transformers in the Conditions of Arc Intermittent Single-Phase Earth Faults
    12516P.Yu. Grachev, A.S. Tabachinskiy, I.A. Fedulov
    Simulation of HEVs Power System with New Nonoverlapping Induction Starter-Generator
    12549K.V. Kochka, A.D. Evseev, A.A. Chugunov
    Synthesis of the Step Detection and Step Length Estimation Algorithms Based on IMU Measurements
    12550S.V. Orobchenko, A.P. Malyshev, S.V. Chernyh
    Phase Ambiguity Solution on the Base of UWB LNS Using a Dual-Element Antenna Array
    12558Si Thu Thant Sin, E.M. Portnov, A.M. Bain
    Using the Branch and Bound Method to Solve the Optimal Packaging Problem
    12561I.Y. Sagiyeva, A.S. Sekenova, T.R. Gazizov
    Simulating a Microstrip Line with an Additional Conductor on Top under Different Boundary Conditions at its Ends
    12562M.A. Gorkavyy, Y.S. Ivanov, D.M. Grabar
    Identification of the Functioning Modes of a Robotic Technological Process Based on a Discrete-Event Model
    12564N. Malysheva, E. Tretyakov, N. Fedorchuk
    Modeling a Combined Filter in the Logic of Differential-Phase Protection
    12569M.Y. Lekhmus, Z.F. Iskhakov
    Models of the Early Stage in Digital Design
    12570D.A. Mochalov, M.G. Tyagunov
    Operating Hydraulic Units Group of Hydro Power Plant Optimization by the Rigid Goal Prioritization Method
    12573A. Korzhakov, B. Malinka, D. Korzhakov
    Adaptive Control Process Automation of Acoustic-Magnetic Device Operating Parameters on the Active Experiment Basis in CoDeSys Environment
    12574Ju.S. Shevnina, L.G. Gagarina, A.R. Fedorov
    Features of the Decomposition of Nonlinear Processes and Systems Within the Framework of the System Approach
    12581M. Kolesnikov, N. Lyabakh, M. Bakalov, K. Godovany
    Development of Digital, Intelligent Technologies for Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Systems
    12599S.P. Oskin, A.V. Kuznecov, E.S. Berezin
    Two Level Full Factorial Experiments at a Regression Model of an Electronic Device Current-Voltage Characteristic Construction
    12600R. Nezhmetdinov, I. Kovalev, R. Chumak
    Modeling the Interaction of Technological Objects at Production Sites in a Virtual Reality Environment
    12608G. Vasilyev, O. Kuzichkin, D. Surzhik
    Nonlinear Control of Thermoelectric Peltier Moduls for Climate Management Systems in Agro-Industrial Complex
    12609D. Surzhik, G. Vasilyev, O. Kuzichkin
    Method of Formation of an Artificial Multiphase Field of a Specified Structure During Phase-Metric Technological Control
    12610D. Surzhik, O. Kuzichkin, G. Vasilyev
    Modeling of Spectral Characteristics of the Links of Phase Distortions Autocompensator of Direct Digital Synthesizers
    12621I. Smolyanov, E. Shmakov, A. Lapin
    Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection in the Power Transformer
    12623E. Shmakov, I. Smolyanov, I. Sokolov
    Study of Power Transformers Made of Various Electrical Steels
    12630Yu.N. Slesarev, A.A. Vorontsov
    On the Issue of Studying the Output Signal in a Magnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducer on Longitudinal Waves
    12639V.H. Le, L.V. Chernenkaya, A.V. Chernenkii
    Technique for Restoring the Parameters of the Mathematical Model of Oil Refining Processes
    12660O. Filipovich, G. Nevar, N. Balakina, N. Voloshina
    Method for Taking into Account Measurement Errors When Sorting Elements into Selective Groups
    12684K. Almaghout, A. Klimchik
    Deformable Linear Objects Modeling and Manipulation: an Energy-Based Approach
    12693N. Chilikhin, E. Karpukhina
    Combining Disparate Units of a Quasi-Intelligent Decoder
    12709A. Stulov, A. Tikhonov, A. Karzhevin
    Computer Aided Engineering System of Amorphous Transformers based on Digital Twin Technology
    63004A. Kostoglotov, V. Zekhtser
    Analysis of Application Effectiveness of Asynchronous Variation in the Identification of Dynamic Objects Parameters
    63008A. Bozhko
    Product Assembly Sequence Optimization as a Decision-Making Problem
    63010Yu.L. Tchigirinskiy, A.A. Zhdanov, R.I. Arzhukhanov
    The Concept of a Software Module for Automating the Route Design of Mechanical Processing Machine Parts for Use as Part of a Machine-Building CAD System
    63011A.A. Zhdanov, K.A. Kirakosyan, L.A. Desyaterichenko
    Investigating the Possibility of Preliminary Diagnostics of the Properties of Contact Pairs (Carbide Cutting Tool - Steel Workpiece) in Turning with the Use of Technological Lubricants and Coolants
    63015I.V. Bryakin, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
    Development of New Antenna Assembly for Georadar
    63016I.V. Bryakin, I.V. Bochkarev, V.R. Khramshin
    New Method of Radio Detection and Location for Shallow Geophysics
    63017S.M. Andreev, D.V. Nuzhin
    Mathematical Model of Temperature Distribution over the Length of the Furnace Taking into Account the Mutual Influence of its Zones
    Секция 3. Теория управления
    12256A.I. Mashoshin, I.V. Pashkevich
    Simulation of the Mooring Process of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle to an Underwater Mooring Device
    12261K. Chernyshov
    Methods for Identifying Systems by Criteria Based on the Minimum Entropy of the Identification Error
    12262K. Chernyshov
    Information Theory in the Framework of Identification and Control: Review of Some Misconceptions and Suggestions for Improvement
    12271A.V. Lapin, N.E. Zubov, V.V. Kosyanchuk
    Reconfiguration of an Aircraft’s Executive Subsystem in Case of Failures Leading to a Decrease in the Control Matrix Rank
    12297A. Gaiduk, N. Prokopenko, V. Chumakov
    Design of Output and Impacts Control Systems
    12318A. Sobol, S. Gayvoronskiy, T. Ezangina
    Robust Stability Degree Maximization Cable Vertical Stabilization Systems
    12350V.A. Oseledets, D.A. Yukhimets
    Method for Formation Control of AUV Group in Environment with Obstacles Based on Visual Information
    12440B.V. Huan, A.A. Margun, A.S. Kremlev
    Adaptive Direct Compensation of External Disturbances for Mimo Linear Systems
    12443A.A. Kabanov
    Parameterization of Nonlinear System Matrices for Implementation of State-Dependent Coefficient Control Methods
    12445E.L. Eremin, L.V. Nikiforova, E.A. Shelenok
    Combined Repetitive Control System for Manipulator in the Presence of Saturated Inputs
    12476A.V. Zuev, D.V. Kopylov, A.A. Timoshenko
    Development of Self-Tuning Control Systems for Electric Drives of Underwater Manipulators Based on Brushless DC Motors
    12482D. Konovalov, K. Zimenko, A. Kremlev
    Input-to-State Stability Analysis for Descriptor Homogeneous Systems
    12541M. Khachumov
    Solution to the Problem of Passing Over the Given Targets by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in an Unstable Environment
    12557T. Muslimov, E. Kozlov, R. Munasypov
    Drone Swarm Movement without Collisions with Fixed Obstacles Using a Hybrid Algorithm Based on Potential Functions
    12563I. Lipko
    PID Based Path Follower for the MiddleAUV on the Test Polygon
    12586D. Lavrinenko, A. Glushchenko, K. Lastochkin
    Comparison of Methods to Design Parametric Uncertainty Compensator for Adaptive Control System of Quadrotor Euler Angles
    12596D. Rogachev, I. Yurchenco, A. Rogachev
    Management and Optimization of Sistematic Water Adjustment by Economic-Mathematic Modeling Methods and AI
    12616A. Dyudyakov, S. Yanchenko
    A Robust Control Algorithm for the Hybrid Power Filter Operating under Real Grid Conditions
    12617N.K. Tung, S.M. Vlasov, V.A. Zhdanov
    Adaptive Algorithm for Identification Parameters of Linear Nonstationary Systems
    12618S.M. Vlasov, V.A. Zhdanov, A.A. Pyrkinv
    Finite Time Adaptive Algorithm for Indentification Stationary Signal Generators Parameters that are Product of Sinuses
    12673R. Agaev, D. Khomutov
    On the Critical Value of Time-Delay in Multiagent Systems
    41004M.A. Masyuk, M. Dorrer
    Using PM4Py for Process Mining in an Educational Organization
    41013V. Martynov, A. Lukyanov, B. Lukyanov
    Management of Student Physical Training for Professional Activity as Part of Engineering Education in Digital Era
    45006A. Sedov, E. Shelgunova, O. Pushkareva
    Estimation of the Boundaries of Variation of the Signal Sampling Interval Based on Modeling and Constructing Aliasing-Grams
    63009R. Burnashev
    Designing a Prototype of an Adaptive Expert System Using Fuzzy Logic and a Genetic Algorithm
    Секция 4. Интеллектуальные системы
    12277Ye. Belova, A. Ismagilova
    Using Cluster of Algorithms for Biometric Authentication
    12301N. Chervonnova, R. Nezhmetdinova, D. Kvashnin
    Approach to Developing Custom Screens for Monitoring the Status of CNC Machines Using Web Components
    12312A.V. Vokhmintsev, O.I. Khristodulo, M.A. Romanov
    Semantic Classification and Segmentation of Archaeological Sites Based on a Fusion of Object Detector and 3DEF
    12324V.A. Esaulov, R.M. Sinetsky
    Tensor Steepest Descent Method
    12346A. Bozhenyuk, S. Rodzin, L. Rodzina
    Multi-Criteria Group Decision-Making: A Fuzzy Algorithm for Emergency Evacuation Tasks
    12347S. Rodzin, L. Rodzina
    Integration and Transfer of Information: Search Engine Optimizer Inspired by Memes
    12349M.E. Dimin, O.A. Kramar, T.V. Abkerimov
    The Use Orthogonal Sequences in Order to Improve the Quality of Data Transmission over an Optical Communication Channel
    12352D.P. Dimitrichenko
    Optimization of a Recurrent Neural Network Based on the Structure of Stochastic Automata
    12353R. Zhilov
    Data Clustering Using Sigma-pi Neural Network
    12354L. Lyutikova
    Logical Approach to Interpreting Neural Network Solutions
    12355M. Khachumov, Yu. Emelyanova, V. Khachumov
    Parabola-Based Artificial Neural Network Activation Functions
    12359E.S. Abramova, A.A. Orlov
    Neural Network Alternate Incremental Learning Algorithm for Intelligent Human Activity Recognition System
    12375N. Firoz, О.G. Beresteneva, S.V. Aksyonov
    Enhancing Depression Detection: Employing Autoencoders and Linguistic Feature Analysis with BERT and LSTM Model
    12396A. Mansour, J. Mohammad, Yu. Kravchenko
    Generating Conceptual Semantic Vectors Based on Key Phrase Extraction Techniques
    12398K. Zhernova, A. Chechulin
    Visual Analysis of Computer Security Data Using Artificial Neural Networks
    12413V.A. Lovtsov, M.E. Khabarov, M. Skvortsova
    Detection of Fake Data in Medical News Using Text Classification Methods
    12414V. Desnitsky, D. Levshun, I. Kotenko
    An Approach to Attack Detection on Graph-Based Modeling of States in Critical Infrastructures
    12415E.D. Biryukova, A.S. Mironov
    Development of a Decision Support System for Helpdesk-Service Based on the Processor for Natural Language Text Classification
    12419O.Yu. Maryasin, L. Tihomirov
    Analysis of Point and Collective Anomalies in Energy Consumption Data
    12425E. Jharko, E. Abdulova, M. Mamchenko
    Some Safety Issues in an Intelligent Transport Environment
    12453A. Akhmedova, I. Zhazhneva, A. Pianova
    Development of an Expert System for Selecting a Transport Route Based on Fuzzy Logic
    12465D.A. Perepelkin, D.D. Tkachev
    Development of IoT Gateway and Cloud Platform for Software Defined Mesh Network of Internet of Things Devices
    12470I. Saenko, O. Lauta, D. Iatsenko
    The Use of Dynamic Characteristics in Handwriting Recognition Tasks
    12490V. Dementiev, S. Elyagin, V. Kutuzov
    Investigation of the Possibility of Using WSN Networks for Interaction of Unmanned Vehicles
    12497D.V. Goncharov, O.A. Ivashchuk, O.O. Ivashchuk
    Comprehensive Assessment Method of Agricultural Territories Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology in Terms of Greenhouse Effect Dynamics
    12514K. Askarbek, M.R. Bahrami
    Smart Parking Systems: a Review on User Interface Features and Real World Examples
    12545V.Y. Voronin, N.D. Semenov, N.V. Smirnov
    Chatbot of a House Management Company
    12546L. Gadasina, R. Vysotskiy, N. Lovlea
    Prediction of Processing Optical Elements Results Using Machine Learning
    12551M. Kalinin, М. Poltavtseva, D. Zegzhda
    Ensuring the Big Data Traceability in Heterogeneous Data Systems
    12566Ye. Belova
    Comparison of Authentication Systems Based on a Cluster of Algorithms with Polyphonic and Monophonic Types of Biometric Images
    12571D. Larionov
    An Introduction to Graph Neural Networks for Localization and Mapping on Fixed Graph Structures
    12589A. Zaenchkovski, A. Lazarev, A. Shtempel
    Intelligent Interface for Secure Routing of TCP/IP Connections to the KVM Hypervisor
    12591D. Perepelkin, K. Anisimov
    Modified Paired Transitions Algorithm for Solving the Problem of Multi QoS-Routing in Software Defined Networks of the Internet of Things Based on Fuzzy Logic
    12607V.N. Efanov, N.S. Ivanova
    Assessment of the State of Complex Technical Objects Based on the Analysis of Time Series Anomalies
    12615V. Latypova
    Intelligent Support in Hiring Staff for Design Documentation Control
    12619V. Latypova
    Intelligent System of Approving Person Information Support Based on Association Rule Mining Between Errors in Design Documentation
    12632E.S. Basan, M.G. Shulika, M.A. Lygin
    Intelligent Control System Internet of Things in a Secure Design
    12636I. Botygin, V. Sherstnev, A. Sherstneva
    Experimental Study of Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Pattern Recognition in Images
    12637K. Tagirova, V. Mukaeva, A. Vulfi
    Neural Network Control System for the Process of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation
    12661A. Abdulnagimov, N. Klyavlin, G. Alektorov
    Traffic Object Detection System Based on YOLOv5 for V2V Communications
    12677P. Martynyuk, I. Kozlov, A. Panfilkin
    Applying the Proposed Method for Creating Structural Models to Multilingual Collections of Text Documents Using Multi- and Monolingual BERT Models
    12694A.I. Martyshkin, R.A. Biktashev, A.D. Karlyganov
    Research and Analysis of Well-Known Solutions and Development of DNS Server Software in the Infrastructure of the Digital Economy
    12699I. Kovalev, R. Nezhmetdinov, D. Kalin
    Creating of an Algorithm for Analyzing Data from Industrial Equipment
    12702A. I. Martyshkin, D.V. Pashchenko, D.A. Trokoz
    Software for Building Human Behavioral Assessment Based on Analysis of Text Tones from Social Networks
    33010Y.N. Zatsarinnaya, G.R. Valeeva, E.A. Shirobokov, М.М. Volkova, D.R. Giniyatullina
    Prospects for Renewable Energy Development until 2035
    63003A. Kostoglotov, A. Penkov, V. Zekhtser
    Synthesis of an Intelligent Algorithm for Estimating the Angular Orientation of a Multirotor UAV with an Adaptive Dynamic Model Based on a Neural Network-Identifier
    Секция 5. Гибкие производственные системы
    12268A. Alzakkar, E. Gracheva, N. Mestnikov
    The Impact of Cooling Medium Temperatures on the Nominal Power Selection at Substation Transformers
    12269N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, Yu. Samofalov
    The Impact of Introducing Solar Radiation Concentration System for Solar Power Plants Under Conditions of the Russian Far North
    12270N. Mestnikov, A. Alzakkar, Yu. Samofalov
    Study on the Method of Increasing PV Efficiency for Power Supply at Space Stations
    12592G.F. Akhmedyanova, T.A. Pishchukhina
    Metasistem Switches in a Reconfigurable Production System
    Секция 6. Промышленная робототехника и мехатроника
    12255M.V. Arkhipov, A.Yu. Malkarov, V.V. Matrosova
    Sorting System Based on Machine Vision and Manipulation Robot
    12336M. Popov, M. Shishova, A. Romanov
    Method for High-Speed Fiber Optic Data Transfer Channel Development Using Spartan-6 Transceivers
    12364S. Kurilin
    Asymmetric Modes of Operation of Linear Asynchronous Electric Motors
    12464E. Nikolaev, N. Zakharova, V. Zakharov
    Applying a Generative Adversarial Approach to Build an Intelligent Control System for Robotic Systems
    12477A. Kravchenko, A. Sychev, V. Zyubin
    Visual Monitoring of Swarms of Industrial Robots
    12522A.Ya. Krasinskiy, A. Yuldashev
    On One Method for Choosing the Planned Trajectory of Parallel Multi-Link Manipulators as Mechatronic Systems with Geometric Constraints
    12528Yu. Vasunina, D. Anikin, A. Saveliev
    Algorithm of UAV Trajectory Creation for Data Collecting from Seismological Sensors
    12645S. Sukhorukov, M. Lyamin, Yu. Ivanov
    Features of the Formation of the Movement Queue in the Implementation of External Control of a Collaborative Robotic Complex
    12665V.F. Filaretov, A.V. Zuev, A.A. Timoshenko
    A Method for Constructing Adaptive Control Systems for Electric Drives of an Underwater Multi-Link Manipulator
    12679W.K. Shaker, A. Klimchik
    Comparative Analysis of Springback Compensation for Various Profiles in Incremental Forming
    55006P.G. Mikhailov, A.U. Analyeva
    Microelectronic Vibration-Frequency Pressure Measuring Converter
    Секция 7. Системы технического зрения
    12273M. Zhang, K.A. Neusypin, M.S. Selezneva
    Research of the Information Fusion Technique for Millimeter Wave Radar and Camera
    12329A.S. Vysotskiy, A.V. Zinkevich, S.V. Sai
    FPGA-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Classifying Image Blocks
    12332A. Arhipov, I. Fomin
    Multi-Objective Fine-Grained Neural Architecture Search
    12338O.A. Kramar, V.A. Kramar, I.A. Ermakov
    An Object Recognition Procedure Based on the Image with the Specified Color Features in the Aquatic Environment
    12370O. Fadina, V. Shepelev, A. Vorobyev
    Optimizing the Speed of Traffic Flows Taking into Account the Operating Modes of Traffic Lights and Environmental Aspects
    12379V. Shepelev, N. Golenyaev, A. Vorobyev
    Analyzing the Impact of Passenger Load and Acceleration Time of Buses on their Travel Speed from the Stop to the Traffic Light
    12409N. Sushkov, A. Mironov
    Evaluation of the Quality of Compression of Acoustic Signals in the Low-Frequency and Mid-Frequency Sound Range Using a Neural Network Codec
    12411M. Nikiforov, Ye. Muratov, A. Efimov
    Automation of Statistical Quality Assessment Combining Video Sequences
    12422V.A. Fedorov
    Railway Infrastructure Instance Segmentation Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
    12426N.V. Smirnov, N.D. Semenov
    Emotion Recognition from Facial Images of People in a Mixed Reality Helmet
    12472N. Andriyanov, V. Dementiev
    Segmentation of Defects in Images of Steel Sheets Using Deep Learning
    12500S.V. Sai, E.S. Fomina
    Assessment of Feasibity of Neural Networks to Increase Image Clarity
    12506C. Gu, M. Gromov
    Differential Activation-Based Facial Attribute Editing Using Semantic Segmentation
    12580E. Berezin, E. Pikalov, K. Palaguta
    Features of Preparing a Data Set for Training a Neural Network of an Object Tracking System in a Stream
    12601A.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Ponomarev, G.V. Volchanin
    Corrosion Quantification on Reinforced Concrete Surfaces Using Image Analysis
    12620A. Konanykhin, T. Konanykhina, V. Panishchev
    Character Recognition in Images under High Noise Levels
    12690A.A. Zakharov, M.V. Zakharova, A.L. Zhiznyakov
    Particle Detection in Nanomaterial Images Based on Normalized Graph Cuts and Binary Segmentation
    12698M. Shleymovich, A. Sytnik, N. Andreyanov, T. Evdokimova
    Object Detection in Images Using Deep Learning to Build Simulation Models
    12708M. Shleymovich, A. Sytnik, N. Andreyanov, T. Evdokimova
    Analysis of the Movement of Vehicles at the Intersections of the Urban Transport Network Based on Deep Learning
    Секция 8. Информационная безопасность промышленных систем автоматизации
    12259I. Kotenko, I. Parashchuk
    Analysis of Threats to Information Security of Industrial Automation Systems Using Euclidean and Hamming Distances between Fuzzy Sets
    12373E. Iovleva, N. Filippova, A. Sidorov
    Ensuring Security of Public Transportation Control Systems
    12384M.O. Tanygin, A.A. Chesnokova
    The Method for Reducing Memory Costs for Messages Processing
    12459E. Iovleva, A. Boyarshinoy
    Information Security of Urban Electric Transport
    12474A.V. Bykasov, A.N. Sokolov, A.E. Barinov
    Trust Conditions for Active Scanning Methods for Finding Vulnerabilities in ICS Networks
    12475E. Medvedeva, I. Trubin
    Improving the Reliability of Data Transmission Embedded in Images over a Noisy Communication Channel
    12478D. Bogacheva, A. Salomatin
    The Hardware-Based User Authentication Method for Personal Emergency Rescue Systems
    12507I.I. Ismagilov, B.I. Bayanov
    Estimation of the Quality of Biometric Features in the Task of Formation a Cryptographic Key Based on Handwriting
    12510A.M. Boger, A.N. Sokolov
    Detection of Vulnerabilities in the Perimeter of the ICS Network Infrastructure Using TCP/IP Protocols
    12627S. Golubev, E. Novikova
    Transformation of Network Flow Data into Images for Intrusion Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    12628E. Novikova, E. Fedorchenko, I. Saenko
    Methodology for Dataset Generation for Research in Security of Industrial Water Treatment Facilities
    12653E.S. Basan, V.D. Mikhailova, M.V. Martynenko
    Security Assessment of Technological Process for Smart Manufacturing
    12663D. Klishin, A. Chechulin
    Methodology for Analyzing the Impact of Digital Transformation of the Information Security Management Process on the Enterprise Architecture
    Секция 9. Диагностика и надежность систем автоматического управления
    12283O. Hammoud, I.A. Tarkhanov
    Estimating the Reliability of a DApps-Based Files Storage System
    12305A.V. Solovyev
    Methodology for Reliability Assessment of Industrial Control Systems
    12343A. Kolodenkova, S. Vereshchagina
    Development of a Unified Diagnostic Complex of Electrical Equipment for Intelligent Systems
    12358A. Tvardovskii, N. Yevtushenko
    Test Derivation against Timed Finite State Machines with Output Timed Guards
    12362L. Martynova, V. Melkanovich, V. Prokopovich
    Method of Reducing the Path Bypassing a Difficult Obstacles by an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
    12363L. Martynova, V. Lantsov, K. Lantsov
    Safety Management for a Robotic Complex Based on its Power Consumption Dynamics
    12391A.V. Grigorieva, M.V. Maksimenko, P.A. Makarikhin
    A Method for Reducing the Error of Locating Acoustic Emission Signals on Cylindrical Thin-Wall Pressure Vessels
    12418V. Gvozdev, A. Davlieva, R. Galimov
    Reliability Analysis of Systems with Dynamic Structure Based on the Properties of Nodes and Channels
    12429S. Levoniuk, L. Ginis, L. Gordienko
    Analog Signals Period, Frequency and Phase Shift Measurement Based on Reconfigurable Modules in Technical Diagnostics Systems
    12485D.V. Topolsky, A.E. Belyakov, N.D. Topolsky
    Software Package for Diagnostics and Reliability of a Servo Hydraulic Drive with Hydrostatic Guides
    12494I. Topolskaia, V. Pochinskaia, Ju. Plaksina
    Use of Digital Twins for the Technological Equipment Condition Monitoring
    12577A.F. Alhaj Hasan, V.A. Semenyuk, T.R. Gazizov
    Experimental Study on after Failure Radiated Emissions of Triple Modal Reservation Circuits
    41023A.I. Nefed’ev, L.A. Isaeva
    Study of the Operating Modes of the Ultrasonic Receiving/Transmitting Channel
    41038A.V. Isaev, A.I. Nefed’ev, I.A. Isaev
    Identification of Emergency Modes of Power Asynchronous Electric Drives Using Machine Learning Methods
    63021I.М. Kirpichnikova, S.S. Shipilov
    Provision of Reliable Power Supply for the First Category of Consumers Because of Renewable Energy Sources