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RusAutoCon-2020 PROGRAMM

    ¹ Authors Name/s, papers Title
    Section 1. Process Automation
    8926Yu. S. Petrov, Yu. V. Sakhanskiy, S. P. Maskov
    Electrical Firing System Optimization at High Frequency Ignition for Industrial Explosives
    8931I. E. Gagloeva, Yu. V. Sakhanskiy
    A Mathematical Model for Assessing the State of Production Assets in Intelligent Electric Power Systems with an Active Adaptive Network
    8944Dmitrii V. Efanov, Alexander S. Shilenko, Valerii V. Kho?roshev
    Digital Modeling in Railway Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Objects at all Stages Life Cycle: Features
    8955Valeriy I. Akimov, Sergey I. Polyakov, Aleksey V. Polukazakov
    Design and Development of Cascade Heating Control for a «Smart» Residential Housing
    8969Elena À. Muravyova
    Control of the Pyrolysis Fraction Cleaning Process Using a Neural Network
    8971E. À. Muravyova, A. Î. Yurasov
    A Neural Network-Based Control System Using PID Controller To Control the Deaerator
    8977Sharipov M.I.
    Development of a method for controlling the production process in oil and gas fields using neural networks
    8989Yaryukin A.A., Anisimov A.V., Pestrikov P.P.
    Control system for diagnostic apparatus of angiocoronarography
    8994V.N. Mitroshin, V.Y. Denisov
    Automated Control of the Process of Insulating the Cores of Radio-Frequency Cables with Guaranteed Ensuring the Operational Characteristics of the Products
    8997Maxim Denisov
    Development of Computerized Control System for Applying Pressure to Liquid and Crystallizing Metal
    9017Pavel V. Ilyushin, Aleksandr L. Kulikov, Sergey P. Filippov
    How the Design of Generator Sets for Distributed Generation Affects the Design of Emergency Controls
    9031Kazarinov L.S., Barbasova T.A., Rozhko E.V.
    A Method for stabilizing blast furnace process thermal state
    9036Karam Charafeddine, Sergey Tsyruk
    Automatic Sun-Tracking System
    9058Bebikhov Yu.V., Semenov A.S., Yakushev I.A.
    On the characteristic features of implementing the NET Linx open network architecture in the control logix system
    9081D. M. Shprekher, E. B. Kolesnikov , A. V. Zelenkov
    Investigation of Possibility to Stabilize Load Current of Shearer’s Cutting Electric Drive
    9105Sergey Scherbinin, Andrey Krasnov, Marina Prakhova
    Predictive Gas Air-Cooling Unit Automated Control Systems
    9129Anvar Valeev
    Method of Defect Identification of Industrial Equipment via Remote Strain Gauge Analysis
    9153 Artur Sagdatullin
    Analysis of a Discrete Object Control of Oil and Gas Pumping System under Uncertainty and Unfull Information Conditions
    9176Bikmullina I.I., Shaehov I.
    Automated analysis of test results for the power plant of an unmanned aerial vehicle
    9177Nikolay Pokryshkin, Ruslan Chkalov
    High Precision Real-Time Thermal Stabilization Device with Digital Interface
    9192Azat Akhmetshin, Dmitrii Mendeleev, George Marin
    Improvement of Electricity Quality Indicators in Electric Networks with Voltage of 0.4-10 Kv
    9240Bikmullina I., Kusyumov N.
    Orienteering mobile app
    9275Kirill V. Arzhanov, Vladimir V. Arzhanov, Alla V. Arzhanova
    The Control of Highly Precise Positioning Drives for the Illumination Measurement Unit in a Thermal Vacuum Chamber
    9306Elena Ph. Jharko, Ekaterina A. Sakrutina, Kirill R. Chernyshov
    Intelligent NPP Operators Support Systems:Flexible Modeling Software Package and Digital Twins
    9318Leonid À. Gladkov, Nadezhda V. Gladkova
    Hybrid Algorithm for Solving a Design Optimization Problems
    9355Ezhova P.A., Vasilev D.D., Sidorova S.V., Moiseev K.M.
    Automatic control system for the plasma processing unit Multi Plasma Cleaner One
    9358Alexey V. Korzhakov, Svetlana A. Korzhakova, Valery E. Korzhakov
    Research of the Possibility of Automation of Geothermal Heat Supply of Greenhouses with a Surface Heat Exchanger
    9360M. A. Urakseev, K. V. Vazhdaev, A. R. Sagadeev
    Sensor Based on Fiber Bragg Grating with Acousto-Optic Filter
    9362M. A. Urakseev, K. V. Vazhdaev, A. R. Sagadeev
    Analysis of the Main Components of the Error of Measuring Systems Based on Acousto-Optical Converters in an Interferometer
    9390Boris Parsunkin, Sergey Andreev, Ilya Nazarov
    The Results of a Study on the Implementation of Energy-Saving Control of Heating Billets in Heating Furnaces of Rolling Mills
    9405Zapolskaya I.N., Vankov Yu.V., Zvonareva Yu.N.
    The impact of the transition of hot water “preparation” by means of automated individual heating points on the efficiency of heat supply sources in Kazan
    9429Denis D. Vasilev, Konstantin M. Moiseev, Svetlana V. Sidorova
    Automation of the Process of Ultrathin Two-Component Films Deposition from Two Sputtering Sources
    9443Manzhieva A., Gadasina L.V.
    Development of a decision-making system for choosing software in the field of data management
    9453Liliya Martinova, Aleksandr Obukhov, Sergey Sokolov
    Practical Aspects of Ensuring Accuracy of Machining on CNC Machine Tools within Framework of "Smart Manufacturing"
    9480Viktor P. Lapshin, Ilia A. Turkin, Yaroslav D. Koba
    Automation of Diagnostics of Defects in the Outer Ring of a Rolling Bearing
    9512Mikhail V. Vartanov, Nguyen Van Dung, Tran Dinh Van
    Determination of Changing Friction Coefficient Using Force Torque Sensor During Robotiñ Assembly of Cylindrical Connection with Clearance
    9519Vladislav Bashev, Igor Anureev, Vladimir Zyubin
    The Post Language: Process-Oriented Extension for IEC 61131-3 Structured Text
    9520Rustam R. Gaynutdinov, Ilya V. Suzdaltsev, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev
    Optimization Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Onboard Equipment Placement
    9522Jharko E.F.
    Systems important for NPP safety: software verification and cybersecurity
    Section 2. Modeling and Simulation
    8927Korolkova L.I., Mashrabov N., Hereinstein E.A.
    Non-stationary characteristics of a two-phase queueing system
    8928Tanygin M.O., Dobritsa V.P., Hyder Ya.A.
    Study of the influence of the unauthorized blocks number on the collision probability
    8934Mokeev V.V.
    On application of machine learning models for prediction of failures in production lines
    8964Vlasov S.E., Starostin N.V., Timofeev A.E.
    Planning algorithms in the decision-making support system for logistic problems
    8968Oleg Krol, Volodymyr Sokolov
    Optimization of Processing Modes on Multioperational Machines Using Two-parameter D-partitions
    8972V. I. Domanov, S. V. Gavrilova, I. A. Meshchaninov
    Analysis Work Electric Drive Slipway with Passive Control
    8974Sergey Gushanskiy, Viktor Potapov, Valery Pukhovskiy
    Method of Modeling Quantum Computations Using a Hardware Accelerator
    8981V. I. Domanov, A. V. Domanov, I. A. Meshchaninov
    Electric Power Steering (EPS) Operation Analysis
    9015Maksim Shkinderov, Zinnur Gizatullin
    Technique for Noise Immunity Analysis of Access Control Systems Using Electromagnetic Topology Method
    9020Yuri N. Bulatov, Andrey V. Kryukov, Nguyen Van Huan
    Simulation of Gas Turbine Power Plants with Voltage and Speed Prognostic Regulators
    9025S. Kurilin, V. Denisov, M. Dli
    Simulating the Operation States of Inhomogeneous Electromechanical Systems
    9029Darya Vasilchenkova
    Computational Models of Vehicle Collision Prediction by Means of DSRC Technology
    9030D. S. Zolin, E. N. Ryzhkova
    Digital Twins for Electric Grids
    9035Oleg V. Prokofiev, Alexander E. Savochkin
    On How Harmonic Interference Does Influence the Forming of Pulse-Width Modulation Signal
    9056Oskin S.V., Tsokur D.S.
    Improving the efficiency of a non-flowing diaphragm electrolyzer
    9059Al Kadhimi Ali Noori Mohammed, Drejzin V.E.
    The ionization processes occurring in the work area of the inverse magnetron vacuum gauge converter to study the density and composition of upper atmosphere
    9072Sergey A. Zagolilo, Alexander S. Semenov, Mariya N. Semenova
    Computer Modeling of a Multimotor Electric Drive System in the MatLab Suite
    9074Dmitry Antipin, Denis Bondarenko, Vladimir Vorobiev
    Possibilities of Simulating Magnetic Fields in a Wheel-Rail System
    9080Nazarova O.Yu., Burnashev I., Baldin O.
    Calculation of error possibility on components of telecommunications systems
    9082Andrey Chernenkii
    Modeling of Multifunctional Mobile Extracting-Processing Complex
    9085Valery I. Akimov, Sergey I. Polyakov, Aleksey V. Polukazakov
    Software Life Management Systems for «Smart» Residential Houses
    9087A. L. Ushakov
    Investigation of a Mixed Boundary Value Problem for the Poisson Equation
    9092M. A. Novoseltseva, S. G. Gutova, E. S. Kagan
    Selective Properties of Structural Transformations in Multisinusoidal Signals Analysis
    9102Deniskina G.Yu., Deniskin Yu.I., Bityukov Yu.I.
    About biortogonal wavelets, created on the basis of scheme of increasing of lazy wavelets
    9103Deniskin G.Yu., Deniskin Yu.I., Bityukov Yu.I.
    About some computational algorithms for locally approximation splines, based on the wavelet transformation and convolution
    9106I. N. Mymrin, A. N. Krasnov , M. Y. Prakhova
    Improving the Crude Oil Metering Accuracy
    9107Kirill Semenkov, Vitaly Promyslov, AlexeyPoletykin
    Verification of Large Scale Control Systems with Hybrid Digital Models and Digital Twins
    9112Aleksandra A. Fedorova, Viktor A. Beliautsou, Aliaksei N. Barysevich
    Determining the Composition of the Group of Drones and the Basing Method for Oil Pipeline Monitoring
    9113Gladkov L.A., Gladkova N.V., Gromov S.A.
    Construction of evolving multi-agent systems based on the principles of evolutionary design
    9117A. N. Scoba, V. K. Mikhaylov, A. N. Panfilov
    Mathematical Models for Determining the Reliability Characteristics of Distributed Information Processing Systems in the Electric Power Industry
    9118Prokofiev O.V., Savochkin A.E., Linkova M.A.
    Analysis of the structural inhomogeneity of a short time series as a factor in predicting a emergency
    9120Evsin V.A., Shirobokova S.N., Vorobyev S.P.
    On the issue of mathematical and simulation modeling of a distributed registry based on the RAFT architecture
    9121S. K. Ulybyshev, B. A. Staroverov
    Imitation Model of Heat Flows Redistribution in the System of Dynamic Heating Control in a Building
    9131S. P. Malyukov, A. V. Sayenko, S. S. Zinovev
    Mathematical Modelling of Magnetron Sputtering Process During Thin Films Formation
    9134Zinnur Gizatullin, Eduard Konstantinov
    Technique for Research Spurious Electromagnetic Emission from Electronic Means
    9138Nikolai S. Barakin, Alexander V. Bogdan, Andrey A. Kumeyko
    Determination of Currents in an Autotransformer Stator Winding of an Autonomous Asynchronous Generator Connected as a Double Star
    9141E. V .Zubkov
    Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling of Diesel Fuel Consumption Under Dynamic Loads
    9147Artem S. Khoroshev, Andrey V. Zhivodernikov, Andrey S. Kosarev
    Performance Evaluation of the Magnetic Sensored System of Electrical Communications Advanced Probing for a Micro-Tunnel-Boring Shield in a Weakened Electromagnetic Field
    9163Alexander Krasovsky, Sergey Vasyukov, Alexander Mañovey
    Measurement and Analysis of Impulsive Noise in Vehicular Power Lines
    9166Voloshko A., Ivutin A., Kryukov O.
    Petri nets based digital adaptive models for simulation of manufacturing processes
    9174I. A. Danilushkin, S. A. Kolpashchikov, A. G. Mandra
    Structural Modeling of Controllable Diffusion in Case of Inter-Component Chemical Reaction
    9175Groppen V.O.
    Analysis of the effectiveness of composite versions of backtracking algorithms
    9181Shilin D., Shestov D.
    Continuous weighing technology with increased energy efficiency of bulk materials with various physical and mechanical properties
    9200Shakhnoza R. Ubaydullayeva, Delovar R. Kadirova, Dilorom R. Ubaydullayeva
    Graph Modeling and Automated Control of Complex Irrigation Systems
    9204Ekaterina Sakrutina
    Assessing Risk Potential of Critical Infrastructure of NPP: Fractal Analysis and Multiple-Scale Wavelet Transform
    9214Natalya V. Buyakova, Andrey V. Kryukov, Tu Nguyen
    Simulation of Induced Voltages Created by High-Tension Cable with Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulation
    9223A. I. Andriyanov
    Nonlinear Dynamics Control of Single-phase Power Factor Correctors
    9225Varganova A.V., Anisimova N.A., Nazarova O.B.
    Feasibility study and determination of the optimal installation location for distributed generation sources
    9233Grigorij Rego, Roman Voronov
    On Algorithms for the Minimum Link Disjoint Paths Problem
    9247Igor V. Levashov, Dmitry A. Chimachenko, Andrey N. Serov
    The Ways of Reducing of the Active Power Measurement Error for the Method of Averaging of the Instantaneous Power
    9251Dmitry Lusenko, Ivan Danilushkin
    Development of a Waste-Heat Boiler Model Based on Recurrent Neural Networks
    9258Katerina A. Suhanova, Andrey N. Serov
    Application of Simulink for Simulation of the RMS Measurement Method Based on Low-pass Filtration
    9272Olga V. Minakova, Oksana V. Kuripta
    Automation of the Reliability Modelling Using GSDFD Framework
    9280Kostarev N., Trufanova N.
    Modeling and control of the temperature field of oil well equipped with a heating cable
    9281Baranov A.S., Poddubnyi V.I., Pavlyuk A.S.
    Mechatronic model of tracked vehicle for controlled motion simulation
    9294Elmar Kuliev, Dmitry Zaporozhets, Daria Zaruba
    Intelligent Decision-Making Based on Self-Organization
    9295Mohie M. Alqezweeni, Vladimir Gorbachenko
    The Solution of Approximation Problems on RBF Networks Learned by The Levenberg Marquardt Method
    9298Sergey Rudometov, Olga Sokolova, Andrei Materukhin
    Optimization of Mobile Sink Movement in the Gathering Spatio-temporal Data Process from Air Pollution Sensors
    9304Larisa Gordienko, Larisa Ginis
    Geoinformation Project as Complex Object Forecasting and Decision Making Tool in Intelligent Information and Management Systems
    9308Kirill V. Cherkasov, Sergey A. Meshkov, Mstislav O. Makeev
    The Software Package for Modeling and Optimizing the Electrical Characteristics of Non-Linear Frequency Converters of Radio Signals Based on Resonant Tunneling Diodes
    9334Yu. N. Slesarev, A. A. Vorontsov
    Simulation of Process of Reproducing the Measuring Signal of a Magnetostrictive Displacement Transducer on Ultrasonic Torsion Waves for a Triangular Excitation Pulse
    9359A. A. Vorontsov, Yu. N. Slesarev
    Research of Output Signal of a Magnetostriction Converter of Movements under the Influence of Paired Current Pulse Currents
    9364Sidorova S.V., Andreasyan O.G., Zhuravleva V.S.
    Modeling and visualization electrical conductivity of Islet thin films
    9368Behruz Saidov, Vladimir Telezhkin
    Transformation of the Amplitude-Modulated Spectrum of a Signal on a Nonlinear Element
    9372Vasily Desnitsky
    Approach to Machine Learning based Attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
    9380Nikolay Kinsht Natalia Petrunko
    Multiple Partial Discharge Diagnostics as a Set Covering Problem
    9398George Palkin, Ivan Suvorov
    Development of a Simulation Model of the First Rise Area of a Water Supply System with a Storage Reservoir
    9408L. Vaytelenok, V. Kovzhenkin
    The Study of the Mathematical Model of the H-Shaped Small-Sized Current Transducer
    9419D. V. Pashchenko, A. I. Martyshkin, D. A. Trokoz
    Decomposition of Process Control Algorithms for Parallel Computing Systems Using Automata Models
    9423Pham Xuan Truong, B. I. Shachtarin, T. Yu. Tsibizova
    The Correction Method of the Astroinertial System of the Aircraft
    9431T. Yu. Tsibizova, N. V. Lukyanova, V. V. Klychnikov
    Development of an Identification Module of a Semi-Natural Modeling Complex for the Flight Cockpit- Simulator
    9432Alexander Chugunov, Nikita Petukhov, Roman Kulikov
    ToA Positioning Algorithm for TDoA System Architecture
    9433Vankov Yu.V., Izmaylova E.V., Gilfanov Sh.E.
    Hydraulic modes of heat supply systems under weather control by automated individual heat points
    9434Sedov A.I., Kameneva G.A., Bondarenko T.A.
    About one problem of identification of delay by spectral data
    9455V. V. Rozhkov, V. V. Fedotov
    Improving the Properties and Characteristics of Avariable-Frequency Drivewith an Active Rectifier
    9465Sergey Efimov, Sergey Knyazev, Sergey Jatsun
    Simulation of the Automated Control System for Monitoring Ponds with the Aid of a Miniature Unmanned Underwater Vehicle
    9467A. A. Smagin, O. S. Dolgov, I. V. Pocebneva
    On the Issue of Increasing the Stability and Controllability of Aircraft of Non-Traditional Schemes When Moving on the Ground
    9474Ilyas Ismagilov, Andrey Kostromin, Marina Vasileva
    Algorithms for Evaluation of Polynomial Models of Digital Signal by the Weighted Least Squares Method for Solving Problems Process Control
    9481Valery Dyadichev, Sergey Stoyanchenko, Aleksandr Dyadichev
    Mathematical Model for Traffic Optimization in Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    9488Antonenkov D., Matrenin P.
    Determination of the dependence of the power consumption of drilling rigs on production indicators
    9492Andrey Yatsun, Sergey Jatsun
    Modelling of the Exoskeleton Control System with a Linear Gravity Compensator
    9496Kazak A.N., Dorofeeva A.A., Mendygulov Yu.D.
    Electrodynamics and quantum mechanics based on the tools of Cartan mechanics
    9500Sergey Susarev, Elena Bulkaeva
    Mathematical and Algorithmic Description of the Short Cycle Adsorption Plant at Computer Simulators Creation
    9515Pavel A. Zinovev, Ilyas I. Ismagilov
    Acceptability Risk Assessment for the Complex Engineering System’s Development Projects Portfolio
    9524Alexander V. Kirsha, Sergey F. Chermoshentsev
    Investigation of the Electromagnetic Environment in the Engine Nacelle of an Aircraft During the Emission of Electromagnetic Interference from the Generator Power Lines
    9550Tatyana Lapteva, Nadyr Zyatdinov, Daria Mitsai
    Chemical Process Optimal Design and Control with Account of Separate Probabilistic Constraints
    9559Rinat Galin, Roman Meshcheryakov, Anna Samoshina
    Mathematical Modelling and Simulation of Human-Robot Collaboration
    9560Irina Makarova, Polina Buyvol, Larysa Gubacheva
    Creation of a Digital Twin of a Truck Assembly Process
    9572Sergey Gerasimov, Igor Zhelbakov
    Improving Accuracy of the Arrival Time Determining of a Flowmeter Acoustic Signals by the Correlation Method
    9583S. S. Shovkoplyas
    Mathematical Models of Ice Melting Schemes on Lightning Protection Ropes of Overhead Transmission Lines
    Section 3. Control Theory
    8942Victor L. Burkovsky, Aleksandr M. Litvinenko, Denis S. Baranov
    Optimal Control of Specialized Electric Drive
    8943S. K. Danilova, A. M. Kuskov, N. N. Tarasov
    Theoretical and Applied Aspects of Use of a Filter with Integral Residuals to Control Dynamic Objects Under Disturbances
    8962E. Rosenwasser, W. Drewelow, T. Jeinsch
    Synchronous Sampled-Data Modal Control of a Linear Periodic Object with LTI Actuator
    8963Afraimovich L., Vlasov V., Prilutskii M.
    Control activities planning problem
    8993S.V. Razumnikov
    Application of the STEM Method in the Multi-Criteria Task of Linear Programming in the Designt of a Cloud Technology Development Strategy
    8999A. A. Baybulatov, V. G. Promyslov
    On a Deterministic Approach to Solving Industrial Control System Problems
    9019N.M. Mishachev, A.M. Shmyrin, E.P. Trofimov.
    Arboreous Neighborhood Structures
    9043Alexey V. Lapin, Nikolay E. Zubov
    Minimization of Control Signals at Stabilizing Spatial Motion of a Maneuverable Aircraft
    9079B. Skorohod
    Study of Mean Square Errors of Receding Horizon Unbiased FIR Filters
    9083Victor A. Utkin, Svetlana I. Gulyukina
    Block approach for CSTR Control
    9098A. A. Kolesnikov, S. I. Kolesnikova
    Synthesis Algorithm for a Continuous Robust Regulator on a Manifold for a Manipulator under Non-Random Noise Conditions
    9099A. A. Kuzmenko
    Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Sliding Control Design Procedure: a Synergistic Approach
    9125Maksim Ivanov
    Development of an Approach to Implementation of a Model Based on a Generalized Artificial Neural Network Concept
    9130Chernova E.
    Modelling the sustainable development of the regional education system in the form of optimal control problem
    9213A. B. Filimonov, N. B. Filimonov
    The Polyhedral Methodology of Formalization of Discrete Terminal Control Processes with Resource Constraints
    9309Kirill Chernyshov
    Generalized Type Projection Recursive Algorithms: Features and Consistency
    9363E. L. Eremin, L. V. Nikiforova, E. A. Shelenok
    Discrete Continuous Nonlinear Control System for Non-Affine Periodic Action Plant
    9422Zhang Lifei, Konstantin A. Neysipin
    Classification of the Qualitative Concepts of Observability, Controllability and Identifiability of Dynamical Systems
    9436Mukhin A.V.
    Optimal stabilization of the rigid rotor, rotating in electromagnetic bearings
    9452Vladimir Kodkin, Aleksandr Baldenkov
    Forcing the Dynamics of Asynchronous Electric Drives with Frequency Control, as a Nonlinear Automatic Control System (ACS)
    9456Irina Bolodurina, Lyubov Zabrodina
    Investigation of the Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms for the Neural Network Solution of the Optimal Control Problems
    9518Sergei Masaev
    Depth of Planning the State of a Dynamic Discrete System by Autocorrelation Function
    9551Sagit Valeev, Natalya Kondratyeva
    Design of Nonlinear Multi-Mode Controller for Gas Turbine Engine in State Space Based on Algorithmic Approach
    9585Alexander Shabunin. Andrey Takmazian, Alexander Esakov
    A Shift-Daily Planning of Freight Trains Composition and Transit Using Maximum Network Flow Approach
    Section 4. Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things
    8938Aleksandra A. Fedorova, Viktar A. Beliautsou, Igor V. Anikin
    Prediction Vehicle’s Speed with Using Artificial Neural Networks
    8948Shumskaya O.O.
    Method of real-time speaker identifying by voice
    8960Yass Khudheir Salal, Mushtaq Hussain, Paraskevi Theodorou
    Student next assignment submission prediction using a machine learning approach
    8992Kuzyakov O.N., Gluhih I.N., Andreeva M.A.
    Cyber-physical system for pipeline monitoring as a component of smart oil field
    9012Oleg Yu. Maryasin, Andrey I. Lukashov
    A Python Application for Hourly Electricity Prices Forecasting Using Neural Networks
    9050Oleg S. Laptev, Ilsiyar I. Bikmullina
    Sightseeing Application Based on Location Marking and Convolutional Neural Network Building Recognition
    9055Fyodor O. Fedin, Oleg V. Trubienko, Sergey V. Chiskidov
    Machine Learning Model of an Intelligent Decision Support System in the Information Security Sphere
    9069Poleshchuk O.M.
    Recognition of the state of objects under the initial Z-information
    9070Tlegenova T., Shardakov V.
    Development of an algorithm for intelligent analysis of behavioral classifiers for personalizing training
    9097Mochalov V.P., Linets G.I., Palkanov I.S.
    The Erlang model for a fragment of SDN architecture
    9135Vitkova L.A., Valieva K., Kozlov D.
    An approach to detecting the spread of false information on the Internet using data science algorithms
    9157Tagirova K.F., Gilmanova A.F.
    Intelligent decision support system for the design of the industrial lighting fixtures
    9162Sharapova E.V.
    Reducing the number of queries in the search text fuzzy duplicates
    9262Sergey Rodzin, Olga Rodzina, Lada Rodzina
    Optimization of Multi-Extreme Multidimensional Functions: Population-Based Nature-Inspired Algorithm
    9264Vitkova L.A., Goluzina D., Naumenko K.A.
    Methodology for identifying artificial mobilization of protest activity in social networks
    9273Urkaewa K.D., Babalova I.F., Zareshin S.V.
    Formation and analysis of the patent database on computer technologies
    9528Nikolai V. Smirnov, Egor I. Rybin
    Machine Learning Methods for Solving Scrap Metal Classification Task
    9542Mariia Bardina, Irina Volodchenko, Mikhail Sukhov
    Application Development for Determining the Author of a Picture Based on Neural Network Technologies
    Section 5. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    8986Olga A. Konovalova, Yury R. Nurulin, Sergei G. Redko
    Organizing Cyber-Physical Homogeneous Production Environments
    9403Bzhikhatlov I., Meshkov A., Gromov V.S.
    Flexible pancake production system
    9446Sergeev A., Serdyuk A., Sherstobitova V.
    Automation of early design stages of production systems in mechanical engineering
    Section 6. Industrial Robotics and Mechatronic Systems
    8945E. A. Fedorov
    Humanoid Bipedal Balancing and Locomotion
    8950Mikhail Yu. Medvedev, Azhar Kadhim Farhood
    Development of the Neural-based Navigation System for a Ground-based Mobile Robot
    8970Vadim Kramar, Oleg Kramar, Aleksandr Putin
    The Predicting Collision with External Obstacles of Dual-Arm Multi-Link Robot
    9006Aleksey S. Antipov, Svetlana A. Krasnova
    Stabilization of the Convey-crane Position under Parametric and External Uncontrolled Disturbances
    9037Alexander S. Novikov, Anna Voloshko, Evgeniy Dumchev
    The Method for Coordinated Movement of Intelligent Mobile Robot Group in Potentially Dangerous Territory
    9101Georgiy Pyatibratov, Lermont Altunyan, Anzhela Danshina
    Active Damping of Elastic Mechanisms Vibration of Manipulator of Robotics System with Induction Motor Power Drive System
    9133Vladimir O. Tyrva, Aleksandr V. Saushev, Olga V. Shergina
    Anthropomorphic Control over Electromechanical System Motion: Simulation and Implementation
    9201Sergey Jatsun, Andrei Malchikov, Andrey Yatsun
    Automatization of Manual Labor by Using an Industrial Exoskeleton
    9228Aleksey S. Antipov, Svetlana A. Krasnova
    Block Approach with Sigmoidal Feedbacks for Twin Rotor MIMO System Control
    9259E. Mursalimov, A. Karyshev
    The Method of Forming Motion Trajectory of Manipulator Working Tool for Processing of Flexible Deformable Parts
    9285Igor Shardyko, Maria Samorodova, Victor Titov
    Decentralized Control of Robotic Arm with Elastic Joints
    9389Vadim Zhmud, Andrey Ivoilov, Lubomir Dimitrov
    Digital Control of Balancing Robot
    9606Vadim R. Khramshin, Alexander S. Karandaev, Vadim R. Gasiyarov, Mark A. Zinchenko, Boris M. Loginov
    Limiting Dynamic Loads in the Main Line of a Rolling Mill through an Automated Drive
    9607Gorozhankin A.N., Belousov E.V., Grigoriev M.A.
    Ways of Improving Power Characteristics and Controllability of Reluctance Electric Drive
    9608Ostrouhov V., Sychev D.A., Grigoriev M.A.
    Synchronization of Auxiliary Mechanisms and the Main Electric Drive of the Pipe Cold-Rolling Mill. Complete Solution
    Section 7. Computer Vision
    9009Stella Lyasheva, Oleg Morozov, Mikhail Shleymovich
    Image Borders Detection Based on the Weight Model Analysis and the Morphological Gradient Operation
    9071V. V. Izvozchikova, V. M. Shardakov, A. V. Mezhenin
    Development of an Algorithm for Intelligent Analysis of Behavioral Classifiers for Personalizing Training
    9095Igor G. Khanykov
    Operations, Methods and Algorithm for Quasi-Optimal Clustering in the Problem of Preprocessing of Aerospace Earth Images
    9241Alisa Makhmutova, Igor V. Anikin, Maria Dagaeva
    Object Tracking Method for Videomonitoring in Intelligent Transport Systems
    9244Alan K. Alimuradov Alexander Yu. Tychkov Pyotr P. Churakov
    EMD-Based Voiced Speech Processing Method for Intelligent Recognition Systems of Stressed States in Humans
    9279Polina Demochkina, Andrey V. Savchenko
    Improving the Accuracy of One-Shot Detectors for Small Objects in X-ray Images
    9290Isroil I. Jumanov, Olimjon I. Djumanov, Rustam A. Safarov
    Optimization of Identification of Images of Micro-Objects Taking Into Account Systematic Error Based on Neural Networks
    9296Polina Noskova, Rami Al-Naim
    Adaptive Observer of Magnetic Flux for a Nonsalient-pole Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    9343Alexander Kugaevskikh
    Bio-Inspired End-Stopped Neuron Model for the Curves Segmentation
    9409Alexei Zakharov, Alexandr Bulaev, Arkady Zhiznyakov
    Detection of Material Defects Using Graph-Based Manifold Ranking and Heterogeneous Image Features
    9412A. I. Martyshkin, D. A. Trokoz, I. I. Salnikov
    Development and Investigation of a Motion Planning Algorithm for a Mobile Robot with a Smart Machine Vision System
    9491Mikhail V. Kharinov
    Superpixel Clustering
    9565Andrey N. Kokoulin , Aleksandr A. Uzhakov, Aleksandr I. Tur
    The Automated Sorting Methods Modernization of Municipal Solid Waste Processing System
    9596Yevgeniy Muratov, Mikhael Nikiforov, Olga Melnik
    Hand Gesture Recognition for Non-Contact Control of a Technical System
    Section 8. Industrial Automation Systems Cybersecurity
    1002Ivanov A.I., Gazin A.I., Zolotareva T.A.
    Use of bootstrap interface for implementation of the algorithm of a small sample increase of biometric data
    8933Zatsarinnaya Yu., Logacheva A., Grigoreva M.
    Cybersecurity of technological facilities and industries in the era of digital transformation
    8980Manzhosov A.V., Bolodurina I.P.
    Visualization of a spatio-temportal threat model
    8995Shumaylova V.A., Kalutskiy I.V., Spevakov A.G.
    Method for ensuring data privacy on the computers internal hard disk
    9111Igor Kotenko, Igor Parashchuk
    A Fuzzy Model of the Security Event and Incident Management for Technological Processes and Objects
    9137Makarova O.S., Porshnev S.V.
    Computer attack`s probability function
    9154Sharipov R., Tumbinskaya M., Safiullina A.
    User authentication modeling based on the dynamics of keystrokes in the industrial control systems
    9179Andrey Iskhakov, Roman Meshcheryakov, Elena Okhapkina
    Method of Access Subject Authentication Profile Generation
    9182Vasiliy Krundyshev, Maxim Kalinin
    The Security Risk Analysis Methodology for Smart Network Environments
    9206Stepanov L.V., Koltsov A.S., Parinov A.V.
    Evaluating the cybersecurity of an enterprise based on a genetic algorithm
    9252Denis Chernov, Alexey Sychugov
    Determining the Hazard Quotient of Destructive Actions of Automated Process Control Systems Information Security Violator
    9335Aleksander Kribel, Igor Saenko, Igor Kotenko
    Detection of Anomalies in the Traffic of Information and Telecommunication Networks Based on the Assessment of its Self-Similarity
    9416Zemtsov I.V., Astakhova L.V.
    Object-oriented situational approach to enterprise information security management
    9435Alexander Shumov
    Modeling Transformations of Information Links in the Cybersecurity Architecture of Systems Using Algorithms on Graphs and the "Take-Grant" Formal Model
    9462Golimblevskaia E., Shiriaev E., Kucherov N.
    Survey software implementations of homomorphic encryption methods
    9510O. S. Bondakova, O. V. Lukinova
    Lightweight «Mora» Hash-Function for ICS Field Devices Data Protection
    9531Konstantin I. Kostromitin, Boris N. Dokuchaev, Danila A. Kozlov
    Analysis of the Most Common Software and Hardware Vulnerabilities in Microprocessor Systems
    Section 9. Diagnostics and Reliability of Automatic Control Systems
    1000Sychugov A.A.
    Dynamic selection of variables when analyzing the state of technological processes
    1004Grabchak E.P., Grigoriev V.V., Loginov E.L.
    Ensuring observability and controllability of complex technical systems in difficult and irregular situations when commands with a large distortion component are received
    9004Sergey V. Shalobanov Sergey S. Shalobanov
    Diagnosing Continuous Dynamic Systems Using Topological Sensitivity Functions
    9018Sukhorukov S.I., Mokritskiy B.Ya., Morozova A.V.
    Development of a security subsystem of a robotic laser welding complex
    9033S. V. Oskin, A. S. Makarenko, A. V. Miroshnikov
    Improving the Efficiency of Protection Devices with Zero Sequence Voltage Filters in Rural Electrical Networks
    9073Elena Gracheva, Alexey Gorlov, Alsu Alimova
    Research Resistance Contact Connections of the Low Voltage Switching Equipment and the Network Equivalent Resistance
    9104S. V. Emets, A. A. Morozov
    System for the Diagnostics of Partial Failures in Distributed Control System Measuring Channels
    9115Yuri Kazakov, Alexey Kornaev, Roman Polyakov
    Rotary Machines Diagnosis Systems Based on Feed Forward Neural Networks
    9159Gapochkin A.V.
    Using redundant modular codes of the residual number system for error detection and correction
    9164Dmitry Topolsky, Irina Topolskaya, Yulia Plaksina
    Real-time Diagnostics of an Intelligent Electrical Drive
    9190Medvedeva L.I., Popov D.A., Efremkin S.I.
    Equipment control algorithms in dispatching systems of electrical substations
    9216Elena N. Desyatirikova, Liudmila V. Chernenkaya, Vladimir E. Mager
    Enhancing of Technical Systems Reliability by Implementing of Risk-Oriented Diagnostics
    9239Sergey V. Shalobanov, Sergey S. Shalobanov
    Diagnostics of Automatic Control Systems Using Trial Deviations of Model Parameters and Binary Diagnostic Signs
    9245Evgenij Koptjaev, Antonio J. Marques Cardoso, Evgenij Popkov
    Improving the Reliability of a Microprocessor-Controlled Electric Drive
    9261T. A. Kuznetsova
    Diagnostics of an Aeroengine Automatic Control System under Conditions of Insufficient Apriorial Information
    9288D. N. Demyanov, L. A. Simonova, A. A. Kapitonov
    The Work Algorithm of the Truck Intelligent Predictive Diagnostics System
    9402Losevskaya E.G., Zareshin S.V., Firer A.M.
    Vulnerability analysis of unmanned aerial vehicles with no fly zones
    9525Sofia E. Belenkaia, Vladimir E. Zyubin, Andrei S. Rozov
    Generating Process Diagrams for Control Software in the Reflex Language
    9537Tatiana Liakh, Alexandra Grivtsova
    Dynamic Verification of Process-Oriented Control Software by the Case of Crossroad Control
    9563Mark Mamchenko, Mariya Romanova, Petr Trefilov
    An Algorithm for Evaluating the Measured Values of Dynamic Objects under the Influence of External Factors
    Section 10. Communication Engineering, Information Theory and Networks
    1001Veremchuk A., Panishchev V.
    Method of implementation of the universal emulator on the example of PowerPC family processors
    9045Moshkin V.S., Yarushkina N.G., Andreev I.
    The extending the knowledge base of the intelligent CAD of a design organization using semantic analysis of wiki-resources
    9066Zabelin L.Yu., Shyyrap Yu.M.
    Formation of information production space based on technologies of mixed reality and artificial intelligence
    9093Nosenko V.A., Silaev A.A, Efremkin S.I.
    Choice of wireless identification technology for multi-operation manufacture
    9194Levenets A.V, En Un Chye, Bogachev I.V.
    Algorithms for splitting telemetric data frames into strictly homogeneous areas for the compression problem
    9224Elistratova I.B., Anikeeva A.E.
    Development and research of a strategic data center management model
    9347Gibadullin R.F., Zakirov R.R.
    Mobile application for neural network analysis of human functional state
    9356Zhmud V.A., Nezvanov A.I., Trubin V.G.
    Providing communication between the microcontroller and a personal computer using the Wiznet W5500 network controller
    9371V. V. Podoltsev, I. M. Azhmuhamedov
    Modification of Majority Processing of Synchronizing Information in MAC Multiple Access Protocols
    9410Alexander Yu. Tychkov, Andrey V. Grachev, Alan K. Alimuradov
    Virtual Reality in Information Transfer
    9490Irina Bolodurina, Margarita Ushakova, Yury Ushakov
    Method of Obtaining Generalized Statical Characteristics of Network Equipment for Creation of Simulation Models
    Section 11. Control Systems
    8961Solovyev A.V.
    Human reliability assessment in control systems
    9089Trofimenko V.N.
    Fuzzy controller for angular velocities of an axisymmetric aircraft
    9132Tagirova K.F., Zinatullin I.I., Vulfin A.M.
    Intelligent virtual machine resource management system
    9197Lvovich I., Preobrazhenskiy A.P., Choporov O.N.
    Modeling of processes to increase data reliability in distributed power supply systems
    9222Sergey Kochetkov
    A Control Algorithm for Buck Converter under Inductive and Resistive Load
    9227Sedova N., Sedov V., Bazhenov R.I.
    Machine learning: neural network models of sea-craft paths
    9250Gorbenko A., Popov V.
    Prediction of changes of intentions and avoidance strategies for the way crossing scenarios
    9297Dmitry Yukhimets, Alexander Sych, Andrey Sakhnenko
    Designing a Method for Constructing Distributed Open ACS Based on the ESP-NOW Wireless Protocol
    9307Khokhlovskiy V.N., Oleinikov V., Shkodyrev V.
    Development of control automation for energy objects based on the unified process approach
    9323D. L. Vinokursky, O. S. Mezentceva, Ph. V. Samoylov
    Trajectory Planning of UAV Group: Pythagorean Hodograph and Bernstein-Bezier Composite Curves in the Plane
    9374A. A. Gusev, K. A. Andreev, V. M. Nikiforov
    End-to-end Terminal Control Design Technology
    9382G. G. Kulikov, A. I. Abdulnagimov, V. Yu. Arkov
    Gas Turbine Control: Reliable Start-up System
    9430M. S. Selezneva, V. D. Schashurin, A. V. Proletarsky
    Correction Method for Aircraft Navigation System
    9450Pushkov R.L., Ljubimov A.B., Evstafieva S.V.
    Approach to build a universal communication protocol for equipment of different manufacturers
    9451Vladimir Kodkin, Aleksandr Anikin, Aleksandr Baldenkov
    A Method for Evaluating the Frequency Control of Induction Motors as Non-Linear Structures
    9472A. A. Nikolaev, P. G. Tulupov
    Experimental Studies of Operating Modes of Electric Arc Furnaces of Various Capacity and Class at the Existing Metallurgical Plants
    9506Valery Drobotun, Andrei Rozov
    Bias-Corrected Optical Measurement of Film Thickness for Vacuum Evaporation Coating
    9527Aleksey A. Kabanov, Vadim A. Kramar
    The SDC Kalman Filter for Nonlinear System with Uncertainty in Initial Conditions
    9529O. D. Kreerenko
    Combined Synthesis of Aircraft Braking Control Systems
    9543Goryunova V.V., Goryunova T.I., Shubin I.I.
    Intellectual support of integration processes of corporate information and technological systems
    Section 12. Energy Systems, Power Electronics and Electrical Machines
    1003Limar A.V., Babushkin A.Yu., Kinash L.V.
    Study of the technological and economic parameters dependence of a 300 MW power plant on changes in the heating and electrical load
    8990Tavarov S.Sh., Sidorov A.I.
    Power consumption modeling in urban electric networks of 0.4-10 kV of the Republic of Tajikistan
    9086Basenko V., Manakhov V., Petrov T.
    Electromechanical energy storage: the prospect of use in power systems
    9142Guseva O.A., Ptashkina-Girina O.S., Volkova O.S.
    Marketing research of the market of equipment for the use energy of water
    9149N. I. Gorbatenko, A. N. Scoba, V. K. Mikhaylov
    Models of Optimal Placement Information Resources on Nodes of Distributed Information Processing Systems in the Electric Power Industry
    9165Ahmad Alzakkar, Fouad Alhajj Hassan, Mestnikov N.
    Support of frequency stability in electrical power system at voltage 400 kV in Syria
    9186Klyuev R.V., Gavrina O.A., Madaeva M.Z.
    The electrical loads modeling based on the application of the probabilistic calculation methods in industry
    9195Bondarenko S.I., Samarkina E.V., Petrova A.N.
    Analysis of the possibility of using renewable energy sources in recreational zones of the Irkutsk region
    9218R. Y. Ilimbetov, T. R. Gallyamova, T. A. Shirobokova
    Modeling LED Lighting System for Horizontal Surface
    9255Domanov V., Khaliullov D., Gavrilova S.
    Automated control system of energy parameters for autonomous generator installation
    9313V. I. Nagay, I. V. Nagay, A. V. Ukraintsev
    Selecting the Setting Values of Backup Protection of Overhead Lines with Branches with Taking into Account the Influence of Motor Load
    9314V. I. Nagay, V. V. Nagay, I. V. Nagay
    The Constructing of Backup Protections of Overhead Lines Taking into Account the Effect of the Magnetizing Current of the Power Transformers
    9391Evgeniya A. Panova, Aleksandra V. Varganova, Nikita S. Sorokin
    CAD Algorithm for Calculating the Constant DC Load of a Substation Battery Unit
    9441Elena Sosnina, Andrey Shalukho, Natalya Erdili
    Intelligent Control System for Distribution Electrical Network with Stochastic Generation
    9454Musaev T., Shageev S., Fedorov O.
    Intelligent measuring system’s data usage in electricity rate pricing process
    9568Dilshod Aminov, Bakhtiyor Kosimov, Olamafruz Sultonov
    Development of a Water-Submersible Hydrogenerator as a Renewable Source of Electricity for Small Rivers
    Section 13. Instrumentation Engineering
    9207Oskin S., Kuzneñov A., Grunenkov N.
    Physical modeling at experimental determination of a sensitivity area one of a passive infrared location instrument
    9260À. V. Zhivodernikov, A. V. Pavlenko, V. S. Puzin
    Electric Communications Soundig Device for the Tunneling Machine Control. Development and Research
    9321 S.N. Verzunov, I.V. Bochkarev , V.R. Khramshin
    Device for Measuring Parameters of Coils of Induction Magnetometers
    9322I.V. Bryakin , I.V. Bochkarev , R.R. Khramshin
    Two-axis Fluxgate Magnetometer with a New Principle of Excitation
    9544Zaharina E.I., Abramchuk M.V., Perepelkina S.Yu.
    Development of the hyperbaric chamber for capturing and studying deep-sea creatures
    9602P. G. Mikhailov, Zh. Ualiyev, A. Kabdoldina
    Issues of Development of Capacitive Pressure Sensors Operable under Extreme Operating Conditions
    Section 14. Signal, Image and Speech Processing
    9127M. Yu. Mikheev, Yu. S. Gusynina, T. A. Shornikova
    Building Neural Network for Pattern Recognition
    9188Darya Vasilchenkova
    Message Relay Between Short-Range Radio Devices in Traffic Flow
    9189Aung Kyaw Myo, Evgeni M. Portnov, Sergey V. Tsymbalov
    Method for Increasing High Speed of Development of Remote Web Application
    9191Anisimova E.S., Anikin I.V.
    Fuzzy sets theory approach for recognition handwritten signatures
    9198Nikolay Filatov, Natalia Maltseva, Aleksandr Bakhshiev
    Development of Hard Hat Wearing Monitoring System Using Deep Neural Networks with High Inference Speed
    9199Artemenko M.V., Krupchatnikov R.A., Kalugina N.M.
    Identification the control object by convergence of the results spectral analysis of the emitted acoustic noise
    9401Marina V. Markuleva, Mikhail S. Gerashchenko, Sergey I. Gerashchenko
    The Hydrocuff Sensor Position Analysis for Assessing Therespiration Effect in Measuring Hemodynamics and Blood Pressure
    9514A. V. Astafiev, A. L. Zhiznyakov, A. A. Demidov
    The Use of Butterworth Filter to Compensate for Noise in Signals from Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons in Autonomous Navigation Systems
    9577Zubkov A.V., Rozaliev V.L., Orlova Yu.A.
    Development of an integrated approach and automated tools for determining the emotional state of a human, using various types of digital context